While buying Reese’s and Canned Corn at
Fred Meyer yesterday, I received this Catalina Preview:

Betty Crocker

Save up to $3.50 When You Buy BETTY CROCKER
Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit Roll Up Stickerz
Between 10/9 and 11/1

Buy 3 and Save $1.50 On Your Next Order
Buy 4 and Save $2.00 On Your Next Order
Buy 5 (or more) and Save $3.50 On Your Next Order

Typically, if a Catalina Promotion is running at Fred Meyer- then we’ll see it at Smith’s and sometimes Albertsons.  Has anyone received a preview at any other stores?

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9 thoughts on “Betty Crocker (GM) Catalina at Fred Meyer”

I got the $3.50 catalina at Albertsons when I bought 6 boxes of the fruit roll ups as part of the buy $25 worth of participating products and get $10 catalina. Makes the $25 promo even better!

I got that printout at Safeway this week too!

My husband got the 3.50 catalina at Fred Meyers when he purchased 5 betty crocker fruit snacks.

I got a catalina for this at Safeway today.

I got a catalina for the same promo at Albertsons today. Yeah! This will tie in well with next weeks ad.

Tommorrows Albertsons ad has a $10 catalina on $25 purchase of select Betty Crocker and pillsbury stuff. you will get the ad tommorrow.

All I know is that I have twice been ahut out of a catalina on Pillsbury stuff at Freddy’s. When I asked, they said that they have nothing to do with Catalina, and couldn’t do anything. I’m not thrilled.

I got it at Albertsons yesterday!!

I recieved the promo cat at my Smith’s last night.