What’s your Halloween Candy Buying M.O.?
Do you:
(the picture below will give you a hint as to what I did this year!)

A. Shop Halloween Clearance the year before and save it for the following Halloween? (I actually have an aunt who does this!)

B. Shop Sales in August, and Save the Candy for October? (who has that kind of self control anyway? I would totally eat it before Halloween cam around!)

C. Use coupons and/or sales in October?

D. Go buy whatever candy is left on October 30th, regardless of the price? (this used to be me!)

E. Buy 60 coupons on eBay and hand out Full Size Reese’s?

F. Get Creative… You know, toothbrushes, fruit snacks, pencils, ect.


Leave a Comment and let us know what kind of Halloween shopper you are- and what your plans are this year!  Are you getting creative, or have you been saving your Skittles from when they were free at Target? Anyone else buy coupons on eBay?

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26 thoughts on “Halloween Candy: Whats Your M.O.”

I can’t find the reese’s coupons what paper are they in?

My husbands a dentist…so, we hand out candy AND toothbrushes 😉

We live very rurally, so don’t have to worry about trick-or-treaters. I did see at CVS today, some small boxes of stickers and tatoos. They were a bit expensive (20 for $3.99?), so maye they’ll be on sale after Halloween, or I’ll find them at the dollar store.

I am none of the above. I too, redistribute the candy my kids bring home to the trick-or-treaters that come to the door. Less candy for me to worry about eating later.

Wiping the chocolate off my face now! I always buy a couple of bags, eat them waaay before Halloween then have to buy more. I love the idea of “recycling” my kids candy like Lisa mentioned.

I would like to buy early but my husband would eat it all! (Okay, I’d eat some too!) I printed the $1 coupons for nestles and willy wonker candies and have some other coupons so hopefully I’ll be able to get some good candy and good deals!

I am a C. I try to buy what is on sale, but I sure wish I had thought about the full-size candy bars earlier with coupons. Maybe next year……

I buy a couple bags. But after my kids make the round of the first 2 cul-de-sacs on our street they come home dump the candy and go out (with Dad) to our friends neighborhood. Then I take the candy they dumped and hand it out. I know that sounds bad but we really don’t need that much candy. They really have never noticed that I do this.

I have been guilty of buying the CHEAPEST candy… like the gummy eyeballs or gummy bodyparts, as I am NOT EVEN REMOTELY TEMPTED TO SNEAK ANY!! I would advise you to do the same. LOL

If I buy Reeses (any size at any price) we just eat them and I will need more for trickortreaters or Trunk or Treat anyway.

We live by the philosphy of saving the money and turning out the lights!

I have a combination of free lifesavers from last month and tons of packs of gum (free dentyne and free trident) for older kids. I also put together small goodie bags with clearanced knick-knaks from last year (play-doh, finger puppets, and stickers) with saftey pops (one bag from the dollar store) for the littler kids.

Oh dear … I buy bulk candy at WinCo … We get so many kids at out door it’s just too crazy to do anything else … Would love to be the one who passes out full-size bars but alas, it has never happened …

My husband has always wanted to pass out full-size candy bars. It is his dream. I actually purchased some more reese coupons off ebay and everyone is getting reese. I have been buying them little by little and putting them away.

i got over 100 full size packages of skittles crazy cores when they were free at target. didn’t have to pay and it even gave me overage on each one.

I usually just pick up a big bag at Costco and then usually an extra big bag at Winco. Normally, I always hand out chocolate too. Last year however, there were some awesome clearance prices at Target and I bought the 3 huge bags of skittles and starburst. They don’t expire until well after this Halloween, so I thougt that it should still be good. This is the first year I have done this and I haven’t opened them yet. I hope they aren’t rock hard.:)

Candy never stays long in my house (my husband) :) is the biggest culprit. So I try and wait for sales and use coupons. There are always lots of candy coupons this time of year. I love October :)

I give away full size candy bars.I buy them when I see a good price. I use the coupons I have ( the Reese’s ones and the Free Mars chocolate ones from the mail), but don’t try to get any more off ebay.

I purchased Reese’s coupons and have been using to get the 8 packs for .33 or less. These are stashed in the freezer.

I stock up on wonka and nestle candy during double days at Kmart. They were only 50 cents each. Got a total of 7 bags, i think, and rec’d 2 katalina’s for $2.50 off my nexy candy purchase but it isnt good until November. Told my hubby he doesn’t dare open any of the bags or else I’d start eating them up!

i always get candy with a coupon of course but never use it because of being out with my two little ones

Our family has gotten to a point that my kids are just looking for the candy and they are too old to be doing this activity. The fun of the costume has ended (**grateful sigh**), so last year we went to the movies. This year my kids have been invited to parties where no costumes are involved. I know of a lady that gets her family Christmas photo done on this night as there is no line.
I have offered my kids 2-3 bags of clearance candy from the clearance racks. I think this is a great compromise and it is less headache and less expense in the long run.

I have also been the one to shop the clearance candy and hid it in the freezer until the next holiday. I had fun candies (like gummy fingers and eyeballs) that I wouldn’t have purchased at full price before the candy holiday. It worked out for like 3 years before we changed it up.

This year I plan on using some of those great coupons (if the deals are good enough) to feed candy desire before the candy holiday.

We have 110 full size candy bars that I paid a total of $8.00 oop for. I purchased several lots of the $1.00/2 Mars coupons on eBay and we saved a TON!

Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween so we’re sure to run out however, I think we did really well and I’m sure the kids will LOVE us this year!

I am an E. I know some sites frown on paying for coupons, but, if i can spend $2.00 on 40 coupons when i know there is going to be an outstanding or free deal? Heck yes i’m gonna do it :)

For the last 3 years I have ordered the glowing necklaces from Oriental Trading. Of course I have had a promotional code and free shipping. Kids seem to love them, keeps them safe and less candy. Win-Win.

What coupond are you talking about I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short.

They had BOGO in the stores for the Wonka candies and 1.00/2 for the Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Nestle Crunch Crisp bars. When you coupled them with the 5/$2 you only paid tax. The BOGO rang through at Maverik as 0.79. So if you bought 20 candies your total was $8. Then if you gave them 10 coupons….they took off $7.90. So on that scenario I guess you paid 0.10 +tax for 20 candies. The candy bars you just needed two coupons for every 5 you bought. 5 = $2 two coupons (-2.00)…just pay tax!!! They still had some at the Maverik at Overland and Locust Grove. Not sure about anywhere else. I think they had some candy bar ones left at the newest Maverik at Locust Grove and McMillan.