Thanks to Karie for emailing us about this deal!


Now through December 6th, you can get an extra $10 when you take your coins to a Coin Star machine and change in $40 for a certificate.
Choose from iTunes, Amazon, and Lowe’s.
So, basically you are getting a $50 Gift Card for $40!

Go HERE for Official Rules and Participating Locations!


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6 thoughts on “Change in Your Coins, Make $10 with CoinStar”

Thank you ladies for your replies letting me know there is no fee if we take a certificate instead of cash. 🙂


Tt clearly states the offer is only good if you get a gift card or gift certificate. I use coinstar a lot and have never been charged a fee to get a gift card. Sounds like a great offer, thanks for posting it!


If anyone does this would you please let the rest of us know whether you were able to get cash back or if the options were only as specified as below?
Per the rules specified below, I’m not sure if we’ll qualify for the $10 gift certificate if we get cash for our totoal or whether we only have the extra $10 rebate option if we receive the money in gift certificate or eCertificate?


Obtain an official claim form when you convert in a single transaction at least 40 U.S. dollars (in coins only) into a <<>> at participating Coinstar Centers.


I was wondering what the charge is to use the machine as I knew it was not free. I found the below info which says the charge is 8.9%. Which means yes you get an extra $10 gift certificate if mail in the rebate, however, $8.90 of it out of each $100 was your own money to begin with.

If you don’t have the patience to count the money yourself (like me) then it is perhaps still worth. Especially if you don’t go over $100 by much. The info I found is below.

Change Counter: How much of a commission does Coinstar take?

Prepare yourself. The service fee is 8.9% for cash vouchers at United States locations. If you’ve got $100 of US change, you’ll only cash out with $91.10