We are beyond excited to announce the birth of our latest project!  We’ve been working hard, all summer long to bring this to life.  We’ve poured our hearts, late night hours and souls into this project.  But hardest of all?  We’ve had to be tight lipped about the entire operation!  We can’t believe it’s finished & that we can finally tell you!  We’re bursting at the seams with anticipation & we’re so thrilled the wait is over and we can finally share the news!

Introducing Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, a brand new “How-to” book from your Krazy Coupon Ladies that will turn you from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy!


Not your grandma’s coupon book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey is your step-by-step guide to get you saving thousands in the next few months!   Find out everything you ever wanted to know about coupons and how to use them- plus listen to all our hilarious and embarrassing personal experiences along the way!

These 248 pages are packed with information, humor and great “You might be a Krazy Coupon Lady if. . . ” cartoons and quotes from many of our readers!  Pick up a copy to see if we featured you!

Why we wrote this book:

  • #1, because we enjoy teaching and watching people learn.  Now we can walk you through the entire process as if we were sitting next to you, teaching you.
  • We get so many questions from confused readers that we wished there was a place where one could go for all the answers in one place.

Who this book is for:

  • The Coupon Novice:  or as we affectionately like to call you “Coupon Virgins”.  If you’ve yet to dip your feet into the coupon waters, this book will have you ready to shop in a week!
  • The Coupon Competent:  We did not write this as a beginner only book!   Find answers to your burning questions, learn details about exactly how coupons work and enjoy learning more about the coupon process- even if you thought you already knew it all!
  • The KCL in search of a Coupon Companion:  Everyone needs a partner in ‘coupon crime’.  Do you have a skeptical BFF that you can’t get to commit to couponing?  Make a gift of this book & you’ll be sure to finally make her into your “wing-man”.

What this book’s about:

  • Learn how to Find coupons and “stack” them with a sale for huge savings.
  • Build a stockpile of food at rock-bottom prices to last you and your family up to a year.
  • Make passers-by gape at your cart full of groceries you purchased for 75% off retail price.
  • Get your cashiers to gasp and applaud as you purchase everyday items for pennies on the dollar.
  • Gain the confidence to strut down the aisles, flaunt your coupons, and maybe even wear high heels to the grocery store!

Where to get it:

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28 thoughts on “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey”

Congrats on the birth of your book! I just purchased it and can’t wait to incorporate it into my coupon classes! Keep up the great work!

Can I buy more that one book per transaction, or do I have to do it all seperatly? Kind of a pain since I would like to buy more!!

The entire “buy” function will be overhauled in the next few days. For now, we don’t have options like multiple quantities. The way we’d like you to do it for now is, purchase one copy and include a message with how many books you want to purchase. We will charge actual total shipping which works out to about $1.00 per book.
We will invoice you with the remainder due for the rest of the books.
We’ve done a couple ‘multiples’ orders this way, so far. I hope your whole family is couponing soon!

Are you going to post a couple blerbs from the book, or is there a summary on the back you can post! This is wonderful and will make a great Christmas gift for my entire jealous-of-my-savings-family! Woo-hoo!! Oh and is there going to be a book tour?? :)

Ha ha, no book tour. I can see it now, Heather and I on road tripping with four carseats. . . We’d be throwing free fish crackers and juice boxes at the kids the whole way.

We’ll get an excerpt up on PickAnotherCheckoutLaneHoney.com in the next week. That’s a good idea. There will be a blurb and a sneak peak when the book becomes available on amazon in the next few weeks too. (But you’ll always get the lowest price straight from us!)

Congratulations ladies!

Not sure where to post this or ask this, but is anyone else’s computer all of the sudden right justifying all the text on this website? It is really hard to read and I am not sure how to fix it! Yikes! Thanks :)

Kristina, WHAT?! Weird! Is it looking normal now?

Mine’s looking funny, too…..I’m glad you wrote, ’cause I always think it’s just ME!….

OMG!!!! Soooo excited, just ordered it! Couldn’t wait for xmas…. have to read, NOW! Hope it ships fast =)

Rebecca, just shipped it to you. Hope it gets there quick! Thanks!

sexy. rich. famous. smart. skinny. young AND now, freaking published authors?

seriously J & H, you are giving me a self esteem complex.

I think you two are fabulous in more ways than one and I hope you sell millions of books and move to Parma next to me in your mansions.

congratuations. blood. sweat. tears. It all paid off!

WOW…what an accomplishment!!! I am the “Coupon Virgin” and you have saved me a TON! Thank-you for all your hard work and dedication…oh and of course all your Savvy Savings!


Yay, congratulations!! This looks great!

That is AWESOME! cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs!!!!!!!!!! You do so much work for us, he’s payback time for you!
Thanks for all you do! I’m excited to see your book!

oooooohhhhhhhhh….may have to ask my hubby for this for christmas. My new years resolution is to become COUPON LADY!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your advice and for already saving me lots of money!

I was wondering why I haven’t heard of a coupon class recently:) You two are beautiful by the way! Beautiful and frugal! whew! I know two lucky husbands! Congrats!

Congratulations, Ladies! What an accomplishment! I’m so buying one for my mom and one for my sister–they’ve been asking me lots of questions about couponing lately (ok, mostly when I brag about how much I got for how little :).

CONGRATS! So exciting! For you guys and for US!

So unbelievably proud of you two! I love you to death!!

Love it congrats you guys!

Woot! Just bought a copy! Love your site!!

WOW, looks awesome! Congratulations and wishing you many sales and KrazyCouponLady converts!!

Thanks Lynn! A maven’s got to do what a maven’s got to do, right? :) Happy couponing to you too!

Wow, congrats are in order! I’m sure that was a lot of work for you both! You should be very proud! I think you definitely came up with a product that will be very useful to a LOT of people! Can’t wait to read it!

Congrats! Is there a printable coupon for this book?
This will make great Christmas gifts

Ha ha ha ha ha! If I was more computer savvy, you know there’d be a printable! Instead we just gave the price break. Retail $19.99, selling now for $11.99. You made me laugh though!

Congratulations on your new book! I wish yall much success and thanks for all the tips you share!