Thanks to KCL Toni for the heads up on this promo!
I went to Fred Meyer last night and found two amazing deals.
There is a store coupon for Duracell batteries 1 pkg for $1.99 no limit.  We have .50 / 1 coupons from 11/1 making them $1.49 per package.  I bought the AA & AAA that have four per package.
The best part is that I bought 6 and received back a $5 OYNO catalina.  This made it $0.66 a pkg for Batteries.  The Catalina didn’t have a date so I’m not sure how long it will last.  I know the batteries triggered it because the rest of my order was a small amount of produce and the Catalina was compliments of P & G.  My sister tried it and it worked for her too.

Also they have Del Monte Gold fresh whole Pineapple 2 /$5  There are $0.75 /1 printables that make these $1.75 Each.  I thought this was good since Albertsons price this week was $1.29 per pound. My son loves fresh pineapple and is very happy today!

Thanks Toni for the email!

And here are the details of the Duracell Promo:

Spend $10 on Duracell Batteries, Save $2 On Your Next Order
Spend $20 on Duracell Batteries, Save $5 On Your Next Order
Offer Valid 11/8/09-12/5/08

[Buy 5] Duracell Batteries 4 pack  $4.59
Use the in ad coupon making them $1.99
Use 5 $.50/1 from 11/1
Final Price: $7.45
Earn $5 Catalina, Making them $.49 each

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7 thoughts on “Duracell Catalina at Fred Meyer ( and all Kroger Affiliates)”

  1. Terri Polzin says:

    Where do you find the coupon for making the batteries 1.88……….? I did not see in my ad

  2. Micaila says:

    Worked for me at Fry’s in AZ for the past several weeks, only this is how mine went:
    $1.88 sale price(no coupon necessary)
    .50/1 coupon doubled to $1 making them .88 each, and I got a $2 catalina on a purchase of 3, making them .21 each! Fry’s will only double up to 3 of the same coupon in 1 trans, plus it took 3 to trigger the catalina, perfect reason to split transactions!

  3. Mandy says:

    This worked for me in Illinois. My Kroger had them for $1.88. I bought 6, used $1/1 Duracell Q’s I bought on ebay, and got a $5 catalina. Total was $0.04 per pack + tax. Tax was $0.14 per pack for a total price of $0.18 per pack!!! Awesome, awesome deal especially for those of us with kids (and grandmas that give battery-operated toys to them!!) :)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Worked for me at Frys (a Kroger in AZ).

  5. Lynn Magoon says:

    Hi, I tried this today–bought 5 packs of batteries using 3 coupons, and only got a $2.00 Catalina. Anybody else have better success?

    • Lynn Magoon says:

      OOPS! Just realized what I did. . .the Duracell batteries were priced at 3.99 at my Fred Meyer, which means that buying 5 packs left me a nickel short of the larger Catalina!

      • londa says:

        Yep, I did the same thing… It was a pain because I should have bought six but bought five…so the really nice manager returned them and let me rebuy six packages to get my catalina for $5 instead of the two…so i guess you need to buy six packs instead of five..