My local Target has Catalina machines!  I’ve never seen these machines at Target before, but I couldn’t be more excited!  Please share, does your Target have Catalina machines?  They were sitting on top of the cash registers at my store.  I want to know if these machines are appearing nationwide or if perhaps they are being tested in my region.

Catalina: Sometimes abbreviated as “CAT”, Catalina coupon machines located at register, dispense long receipt-like coupons that may be used on a future purpchase.  Catalinas, refer to the coupons themselves which may be manufacturer or store coupons.  Some Catalina coupons are advertised and some are generated based on consumer behavior.Coupon Lingo

In our book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, I talk about Catalinas as the ‘hot fudge’ of my brownie-coupon-Sundae!  Catalinas are awesome!  I can’t wait to watch for upcoming Catalina promos at Target!  And I’m left to wonder if Gift Card Deals will be replaced.   The two Catalinas I’ve received so far are both Target Coupons. If anyone else has received Catalinas, please share!  Hope there will be many to come!

Fine Print: This coupon is for use by original recipient only.  Limit one identical offer per transaction.  Void if copied, scanned, transferred, purchased, sold or prohibited by law.  Excludes Target Mobil Solutions purchases.  GiftCards and tax will not be included in determining purchase total.  No Cash Value.

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We are an electrical contracting firm in Augusta, GA. We are upgrading the electrical systems for the the Target store on Washington Road in Evans and the Target store on Rodert C. Daniel Parkway in Augusta in order for the Catalina Printers to be installed. This should be completed by Feb, 1, 2010!

Oh man…none in the Detroit Metro area…man…that sure would ROCK!

Our Super Target here in OK just got them the first of the year – I may have done a happy dance right there at the register 😉

no catalinas at either of my targets that i frequent, one in Seattle, Wa and one in Bonney Lake, WA :( i hope they have them soon!!

I got a Catalina in December at the Orem Super Target when we purchased Star Wars toys; came in very handy when we needed to purchase a few more for Christmas!

There are Catalina machines in Target in Yorkville, IL!! Yay!!

We have Catalina machines in Target in Omaha, NE. I LOVE IT!

We have had them in the Chicagoland area for a few months. Good Tide and baby coupons so far!

I actually just put my two rockin CAT coupons in my little coupon sorter just a couple of minutes ago! Those came from the Super Target in St. Louis Park, MN, and I know I’ve gotten them at the Super Target in Edina, MN too. I haven’t seen them at the regular Target stores though. =/

For other MN shoppers, you can also get Catalina coupons at Rainbow foods!

Question for the KCL: Do these “CAT coupons” print out based on your purchases? Because every time I get a coupon at the end of my checkout, it’s pretty reflective of the items I’ve bought. (i.e. $1.00 of a head of cauliflower, when I just bought cauliflower at Target. $1.50 off 3 Gen. Mills cereals when I just bought 5 boxes of Fiber One… 😉 )

I have rec’d some really good ($5.00 off Enfamil and gerber baby food) Manu and Target CATS for about 6 months at my stores in Dearborn and Allen Park, MI.

We have them in Lewisville TX. I have gotten some CAT on up and up diapers and meat products.

We have had the Catalinas at our Target in Plano, IL for about 6 months now. However, it only seems to trigger coupons when I pay with my Debit card and doesn’t seem to trigger them when I run my Debit card as a Credit card (to get points from my bank). Has anyone else found this to be true?

YEP!!! Inland Empire (California) has had them since early late summer! LOVE ‘EM!!!

I meant to say late summer/early fall! OOPS!!! :)

Wentzville Missouri Target has them as well!

I have two targets in my area (MA) and one has the CAT machine and one doesn’t. At Christmas I got several $10 off $75 toy purchase. I never spent that much but had a good time handing them to others with full carts!

We have had Catalina at our Target’s for a while now here in Omaha, NE.

We’ve had them in the Dallas area for about 6 months now; around Thanksgiving they were printing $5/$75 toy purchase and a $10/$150 purchase. There are also some for the Starbucks, deli cheese, bakery items and more. I love the Target Cats!!! Are you going to start posting deals that people find?

I just got my first catalina in my Sacramento Target for $0.50 off at the Target Cafe. I was pretty excited to see it.


At my Winter Garden, FL Target, they have had Catalina machines for over 2 years! We get CATs for everything like $2 off $2.99 Printworks Printer paper, Gerber baby food, Pampers, Huggies, free cheese, free deli meats and $$ off purchase coupons. Love my store!

we had them since Aug-Sept here in So. Cal.

My local Target – West Carmel Super Target (Indy Suburb) – has had Catalinas for about 4 months. I usually get better coupons from the pharmacy than the main registers, but that could be a fluke. :)

Our Target has them, got a target cataline for $1 off kotex this week when buying kotex panytliners in the travel section for $1.02, used $1 mfr Q. Guess I get to do that deal again!

We have had them in Houston for a couple months now, and I have received manu and Target ones.

We have CATALINA machines in northern CA -San Bruno.

Thanks everybody! I had no idea! Never saw them before in Idaho and not in CA either! My Target said they got them in in December, but I didn’t notice until now. Hope they’re coming to a Tar-shay near you all soon!

My Super Target in Chandler, AZ has had them for like a year. I get really good ones like $5 off $75 quite often. They have always been Target coupons that I can stack with others. I get lots of cleaning and laundry item coupons also.

Here in Jacksonville Fl my Super Target gave me a buy 2 get 1 free coupon for 2 liter bottles of coca cola. That was before Christmas. I didn’t make the connection then but I guess mine have had them for a month or so now.

Yes, they are in California. I have been to several Targets in Southern & Central CA and have got some great coupons!

Not at our stores in Portland, OR. We get target coupons that print out after the receipt for food court, etc., but no cat. Dawn

Our Target in Omaha, NE DOES have them! Aren’t they great!

My Target just upgraded from a regular Target to a “Target Plus” (not a Super Target but I don’t fully understand since they now carry meat and produce). Anyway, a few weeks ago I started getting Catalina coupons when checking out. I’m thinking this was all part of their upgrade.

Haven’t seen them yet at the Minnesota Targets and Super Target I go to. Will be on the look out for them! Love your site by the way!!!

We have had the catalina machines here in Iowa
at my Target for about 6 months. My favorite
catalina was 7 free joint juice’s coupon that printed
out after my purchase of one item which was free after a gift card!

Mesquite Texas Super Target does not have catalinas yet, but when they do, we’ll post an update.

We have them at our SuperTarget store here in Tulsa. I never knew what they were called :)

The Super Target in Smyrna installed them last summer. Recently, I got one for $1 off bagged oranges.

We have been getting those coupons for a while, but not from a catalina….just a print out from the regular receipt printer….$5 off formula, free popcorn, etc.

We’ve had them in Boca Raton & Delray Beach, FL for a few months now…. Just got an electrasol!! ($1/2) woot!!

No Catalina machine at my Target…..maybe it’s on the way.

I was just at my Target today and I didn’t see a catalina machine… I can’t wait until they get one though! Should make for some great Target deals in the future!

We have had cataline coupon machines since our Target opened in Alaska, which was like 10 months? I have gotten coupons for the snack bar $1 off popcorn and drink. I have also gotten coupons for various snacks.

Hey Joanie! We have them at the Super Target in Orem. I just found out yesterday when I was earning my $5 gift cards for buying Smart Ones with my printable coupon. I get an A for effort right 😉

A+ for effort, Cuz!

We have had catalina coupons at the Shawnee, KS Target for about two months or more. Love your site!