$0.75/1 – Nasoya Tofu – (nasoyarecipecontest.com)
Accesss the coupon here.

My favorite way to hide the nutritional value of tofu:

One package firm tofu
One package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
One Oreo pie crust

Cube the tofu and throw it in the blender. Melt chocolate chips and pour over tofu, then blend until smooth.  Pour into oreo crust and refrigerate until firm.  It is SO rich and SO yummy and no one would ever guess the ingredients- I promise!

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One thought on “$0.75 off Nasoya Tofu Printable Coupon”

  1. I have always wanted to try eating some tofu, but have never worked up the nerve. This deal though, may just make it worth while. And if that pie tastes as good as it looks I don’t think I will be disappointed.