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Coupon Binder Supplement: Calendar Download

I re-did my whole coupon binder over the weekend!  NO more busting at the seams!  The new coupon binder download is pretty & I’m loving the additional categories that you readers helped me come up with!

But my binder needed something else!  I’m so sick of forgetting about coupons and then finding them a week after they’ve expired, or worse misplacing a Register Reward and [gasp!] letting it expire!  I drew up a quick and plain calendar on Word & I’ll now keep it at the front of my binder.  I wrote down all my important coupons dates:  when my favorite coupons expire, when Catalina deals end and when my Catalinas expire!  I love it!  I feel like I’ll never forget anything again- knock on wood!

I’m sure many of you smart ladies already keep a calendar in your binder, but if you dont and you’d like to print out my Calendar supplement for the front of your binder, you can check out my download here:

The Krazy Coupon Lady Binder: Calendar Supplement

And for the entire binder Table of Contents and categories download, click below!  I’m organizing clipped coupons in baseball card holders by category.

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16 thoughts on “Coupon Binder Supplement: Calendar Download”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just got done with your book "Pick another checkout lane honey" and was excited to download your binder categories and then had to really search your site to find it.  And now I see it no longer exists.  Is there an alternative?

  2. edithj says:

    hey guys, the link does not work. Help!

  3. Amber says:

    I love the new binder format! Thank you! Is there anyway I can get an editable copy?? There are a few items I would like to modify to fit my needs. Thanks again!!!

  4. Mary Ann says:

    I can’t get it to download either. :(

  5. ann says:

    Where do your plastic holders for the coupons?

  6. Danaë says:

    Nice! I just love that font.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I have a coupon binder now but I LOVE what you have added to it. The calendar is an awesome idea!!! I have posted your button on my blog and I hope others can see the awesome binder that you put together for us. A million times “Thank you!!!!!”

  8. Amanda says:

    wow I didn’t realize there was a new download! I am so excited! I am printing now. I was actually going to write and say can we have a pet catagory! I love it! THANKS!

  9. Amanda says:

    I keep just an empty plastic sheet in there per store so that just my Walgreens coupons are there and RR or Rite aid and their ad perks, ad coupons etc. That way when I go in they are always there and I am not searching for them. Most of the time my Catalina’s, like albs I put with my preferred card so I don’t forget I have them. Others I put with my form of payment so I don’t forget them either. this has worked well for me!

  10. Kit says:

    How big is this binder you use? Do you really take it with you when you go to the stores? I’m just asking – I usually have 2 young boys in tow at the store and can’t imagine having a binder to sort through and deal with kids. I use a small coupon folder – and just sorting through that can drive me nuts at the store?? Please let me know how you manage! Thanks:)

    • Sara D. says:

      I have a zipper binder with a mesh pocket on the front. Before going to the store I have an envelope with everything written on the outside of what I want to get and the coupons inside to use. But I also take the binder in with me just in case I run across something that I want to see if I have a coupon for. I do this with 2 younger kids (5 & 7) in tow.

    • Joanie says:

      My binder is currently a 4″, but it’s a little bigger than what I need. My last binder (may it rest in peace) was a 3″, but sometimes it bulged. I think my third binder. . . will be another 3″.

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m confused. It clicked on the link for the “new coupon binder download” and it looks like the same 36 categories that I downloaded a couple of months ago. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!

    • Joanie says:


      The New Coupon Binder was first released on Jan 2nd. I just got around to re-vamping it myself this past weekend. And the calendar supplement is new today. Our old binder download had just 32(?) categories, but it just wasn’t enough! :)

  12. sue says:

    wow. thank you so very much. i really appreciate this site and the downloads are super!!! thanks for all your hard work!!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, thank you! I, too, have been frustrated with myself regarding forgetting important items, losing coupons and letting things expire. I, just in the last week, have started to resent my coupon binder with all it’s busting plastic pockets. It felt like my binder would yell at me every time I opened it. With these new .pdfs you have given me the fire I need to reorganize-rethink, and calm the beast. Must go….I have work to do. Thank you!