Go HERE to sign up and you’ll get a coupon for a
FREE Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk when you buy 1 Gallon of Regular Milk!

This was available a few weeks ago,
but even if you printed then, you should be able to print again!

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

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15 thoughts on “Printable Milk Coupon!”

I sent an email to milkpromotions@draftfcb.com and mentioned that I was not able to print milk coupon. Received a response. Said sorry, and that they will mail me a coupon if I send them my address. I should receive coupon in 7 days.

Where is everyone able to use this? They wouldn’t let me use it at Winco.

This coupon printed twice for me this afternoon.

The coupon is gone now, due to “overwhelming response”.

I did this yesterday and the coupon was for a free white gallon with a $100 grocery purchase. I entered the contest again but no coupon – the fine print said you can only have the coupon with the first entry. I got 2 prints though.

This coupon did not re-set for me either…darn!

I printed this coupon and used it at Walmart fine. Then printed another and tried using it at Win Co. and was told this coupon was fraud and they could not take it. They have it hanging in their break room with a warning that says this coupon is fraud. Has anyone else had issues with this?

I’ve been told by 3 different blogging sites that this coupon was re-set. But, when I tried to print, it says I’ve already printed the allowable number of times. I printed the coupon for white milk w/ $100 purchase a few weeks ago. What’s the deal?

both times i’ve tried this the screen freezes after i enter all the information they want. very frustrating !

interested in coupons

It didn’t let me print it again.

they only allow you to print this coupon 1 time

Do they send you the chocolate milk coupon? I was only able to print the white milk coupon w 100$ purchase. Thanks!!

Mine said that too!

For this promo…do you know if you can use the Coupons for Free WHITE MILK and still use this coupon for Free Chocolate milk in the same transaction? Anyone have any insight on this one?