What are Swagbucks?

In a nutshell, swagbucks is a search engine like google (it’s actually powered by google and ask.com) that pays you for doing web searches.

  • You will likely accumulate 200-300 Swagbucks per week for performing as few as  an average five searches per day.
  • 450 Swagbucks = $5 Amazon credit.
  • With average searches, you can make $15 in amazon credit each month just by searching with a SwagBucks!

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Plus, you can get up to 1000 Swagbucks for every friend you refer!

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The Full Story:

Step OneRegister with Swagbucks.  Anyone can search with swagbucks, but if you want to begin accumulating your bucks, you’ll need to register.

Step Two: Search

The search.  Instead of google, you’ll now use www.Search.Swagbucks.com. There are a few ways to make it easy to remember to use your swagbucks search.

Download Swagbucks Toolbar.  I thought this was a mandatory download and I knew my husband hates me downloading things like this to our computer, so it kept me away from Swagbucks.  But the toolbar is totally optional and not mandatory; still you may want to check it out!

Set Swagbucks as home page. Again, optional.

Bookmark Swagbucks:  Go to the “bookmarks” tab on your browser, select “Bookmark this Page”, then under folder, select bookmarks toolbar.  This will save swagbucks link in your toolbar for easy access.

Step Three: Stockpile Swagbucks!

Swagbucks do NOT expire.  You can hoard them as you like!  Redeem them for electronics or gift cards!

What questions do you have?  I’m sure many of you are already using swagbucks!  What have you got with your redeemed bucks?

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24 thoughts on “What are Swagbucks?”

I downloaded the tool bar the other day, and it totally screwed up my Mac. :o(

I’ll try it again on the PC.

No idea if it would make a diff.

But… I love GOOGLE.

In what way did it screw up your Mac? I have a Mac and this makes me nervous about loading this on my system. Anyone else have Mac issues?

I joined about 1-1/2 weeks ago and I referred my mom and a friend and I am already at 34. I have earned more than half because they are searching and I am earning from them as well as myself. I wish I had signed up sooner when I saw the postings about it. I am learning really quick to pay attention to the KCL ladies and what they say. Also just tried Snapfish finally after just skipping over that numerous times and now I love that as well!! Love this site, just love it.

I have been “swaggin'” for about a month and i am just about to get my 3rd gift card…It REALLY helped me to read the FAQ and other information on the swagbucks site…they want you to love swagbucks…and they give you alot of tips.

I was told by someone that downloading the toolbar will put adware/spyware on your computer. Not sure if this is true, but please beware and think about what you are downloading. Obviously, Swagbucks is legit but any adware will slow your computer down.

I am a Swagbucks freak. I’ve gotten all sorts of free goodies since joining. And to answer some of the other comments about not accumulating as much as 20-30 per week, or not getting up to a $15 amazon credit in a month, (I’ve been able to do $25 in a month) the trick is getting people to sign up under you. The more people you refer, the more effortless swagbucks you earn. It’s easy once you make it part of your online routine.

How do you get 20-30 swagbucks a week on average? I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and only have 40 and use it all day everyday.

Scout, yes you can have multiple computers setup for one account. However, swagbucks only allows one account per household, so your husband or kids can’t have a separate account.

Signed up and used the KCL referral. Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I remember to use it.
Does anyone know if you can put a toolbar on several computers for one account? Meaning, I have three computers, so can they all use it to get me credit?

To give them the referral credit, click on any of the signup links in the above article. The referral is embedded in their links. Or, you can go directly to http://swagbucks.com/refer/krazycouponlady

Thanks! Already got 3 for signing up and 2 for looking you up!

Woot Woot!

Joanie how do I put you as a referral?

i believe that by simply using the link she has in this post it will automatically know you were referred by her.
Also, I have to say I don’t necessarily agree with her statement that by doing an average amount of searching you can earn $15 in amazon giftcards each month. I think that is inflated. I am on the internet more than the average person and use swagbucks for searching. I usually earn $10 in amazon giftcards each month. Just wanted to share that. I am a huge fan of swagbucks and recommend it for sure!

Amanda, Darcy is correct, the links above contain a referral link to krazy coupon lady.

Could all us new users sign up and say we were referred by Joanie… It’s the least we could do after what you do for us! Seriously. I went to register but didn’t see the option for referrals??

Alicia, if you use the links from my post or click the swagbucks button on the right sidebar, you’ll be signing up as a referral of Krazy Coupon Lady. Thank you so much for your comment. Very kind of you!

I just signed up and already have 4, so not a bad start.
From what I can see you don’t have to download the toolbar, but I might anyway since my brain is wired to google.
I’m GUESSING the gift cards are mailed to you just because they have options for amazon gift cards AND amazon e-gift cards. Then again, I can’t tell you for sure.

Do you have to down load a tool bar? Are your gift cards mailed to you or online cards? I’m thinking about trying it. I’m new to couponing so I not sure how all this works. thanks

You do not have to download the toolbar. And the gift cards take a few days to show in your account after you “redeem” them, but they do not come via mail.

The search results are decent, but I still use Google at times, because I feel the results are better. Not every search counts – you just have to search like you normally do, and every few searches you may obtain a swag dollar. I don’t usually download toolbars, but I did with this one because occasionally they will send an email with a swag code. I like swagbucks, but I need to ramp up my searches so I can start collecting more. It took me about 3-4 weeks to get enough for a $5 Amazon GC, but that’s only because I don’t always use the swagbucks search engine. I say it’s well worth it! :)

If I go to http://www.search.swagbucks.com how does it know it is me if I am not logged into swagbucks? How will I earn credit. I do have an account.

Are the search results as good as using Google? Do ALL searches count or only certain ones or specific topics? Can I use the same account at work & at home?

Thanks for any/all answers!

I’ve been using swagbucks for quite awhile and I use it instead of google. I’ve acquired many Starbucks gift cards, Target gift cards, and macy’s :) It’s AWESOME!