Here at, we talk a lot about empowering women and strutting confidently down store aisles.  Sometimes we get discouraged when we hear a lot of complaining from other coupon ladies, whom we adore!  We care about all your opinions and we want you to be able to share openly with your fellow shoppers, but we wanted to take a moment to share our opinion regarding many of the common complaints we get including, “My store is always out of stock” or “Other coupon ladies are abusing the system and ruining it for me”.

These are true facts:  stores do run out of stock and some ladies are abusing the system & overbuying, but these are not things that we can control.  Here’s our personal opinion on the matter– focus on what you CAN control.

Don’t Be Part of the Problem.

Don’t special order twenty coupons and then clear a shelf of a product.  Learn about special ordering.  Take the initiative to speak with your local store management about the option of ordering product in specifically for you.  Don’t take twenty coupon books, don’t unload the blinkie machine or pocket the tearpad of coupons.  Duh, right?

Don’t Be a Victim.

Don’t waltz into the store on the 6th day of the sale and then cry a river when the shelf is empty of the sale priced items.  In fact, even if it’s the first day of the sale and there is an empty shelf- take matters into your own hands. Find the next store and see if they have any stock. Consider calling ahead to the store to ask them about their stock, before you spend your day driving around.

Make it Work!

I know many of us live in an area with lots of coupon ladies, making it sometimes difficult to find items in stock in SOME STORE LOCATIONS.
I know many of us are working moms without the luxury of kid-free shopping time.
I know money is tight for many of us and we can sometimes get desperate to get all the deals because we need them so badly.

We’re not alone in our situations.

When you see a coupon lady buying a cartload of all the last groceries in the store, or when you feel, for whatever reason, someone is doing something in the coupon world that is adversely affecting, you have two choices.

  1. Get angry.  Complain, feel discouraged.  Maybe even quit trying.  You could even give her a dirty look and judge her from afar.
  2. Get over it and Make it Work!!
  • Even if it’s hard, shop sooner, the first day of the sale.
  • If you live in a hub of coupon activity, drive to a less popular store.  Find your niche!
  • Special Order, Special Order, Special Order!!!!!!!  If you’re buying in large quantity, ALWAYS special order.
  • Be in command of your situation!  Talk to your local store manager nicely!  Express your concern and ask if he or she has and suggestions or options for you!
  • Help others around you learn to coupon shop the right way.  Teach your friends about special ordering.
  • Remember that it’s NOT the last sale of the Century!  Cereal WILL be under $0.50 a box again, and soon!  Don’t worry about your year supply all in one shopping trip!
  • Expand your repertoire of stores.  Think outside the obvious box.

Becoming a Krazy Coupon Lady is all about climbing into the driver’s seat in life!  And being a Krazy Coupon Lady is about supporting and uplifting your friends, neighbors and fellow shoppers!  Heather and I have both stared down empty shelves more times than we could ever count!   I don’t even think twice when I see an empty shelf!  I say, darn it, my bad, and that’s it!

Stores don’t want to run out of products!  They make money when they sell products, so help your stores know what to order in!  Call your local store manager and set a time to talk with him or her!  Share your frustrations and discuss what you can do to solve the problem.  Ask about special ordering, help your manager know what’s going to sell out before it does!  Be part of the solution!

Please know that we love to hear from you and we’re only sharing our opinion on this because we hope it can help some of our readers think of ways to have more success while couponing.  We know that these bumps in the road can be REALLY discouraging and we hope you’ll stick with it and have lots of success!  But please, do not spend your time obsessing about the actions of others!  Instead focus on what you can control and MAKE IT WORK!  If you are worried about the way cashiers are being treated go out of your way to be polite. If you are worried about a shelf being cleared & special ordering isn’t an option, go early and go often to get what your family needs.

You are welcome to leave a comment, but please be respectful and encouraging. We’d love to hear what you are doing to Make It Work.  Please remember that we are a community of women who all share a common Krazy Goal… Let’s be uplifting and respectful to each other.
Negative comments will be deleted.

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72 thoughts on “Make it Work! Couponing Successfully- no matter what!”

It is sad but true. There will always be a select few who abuse whatever is going on. I have been a couponer for 30 years. But reading your website has taught me how to maximize my savings when using coupons. However, in the last few weeks, many couponers seem to be taking things to the extreme. I did not get to take advantage of the razor/$5 offer at Target or the Walgreens offer either. I went into several stores and they were all wiped out. Some store managers are getting frustrated. I am sure that in the near future, there will be even more restrictions on coupon use (restrictions created by the stores). These restrictions will have an affect on ALL couponers because a few seem to abuse the system. It is not always easy to shop at several different stores for the advertised products. No one should stand at a register and have the cashier ring up multiple orders so that a couponer can take advantage of a sale. If the couponer had to return for the specials maybe they would not try to purchase so many at one time. Couponing is getting out of control (many couponers trying to bend the rules) and these few are going to impact every one who is trying to coupon. Personally, I am beginning to be embarassed to even coupon.

If everyone would follow these guidelines life would be great! I work at a major retail store and have put up with some of the worst couponers ever. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to use your website and use coupons as well, but I think the greed really comes out when you have 20 yes 20 coupons to get every little travel size item they can get for free. We are located by a major airport and can never keep anything in stock for travelers. We have some really great regular couponers that have a good attitude and get what the coupon is for and we love to see them come back, then we have the shoppers that want you to overide the register for all there coupons because they don’t get what the coupon is intended for. I guess what I’m trying to say is to read the policy you have given them and read the coupons they are using. We are couponers also and love to stockpile when we can, so can’t we all just get along and make this work! Thank you very much Deborah you said it very well!

Thank you SO much for this post. I read it yesterday before I headed out to Wag’s, which unfortunately turned out to be a very discouraging trip. I went to a different store than I normally go to and the cashier was SO rude to me, even called the manager over to make sure I wasn’t trying to cheat them or something. She inspected every coupon and every item that went with them at least twice before scanning it. Shoe would only let me buy 1 tube of Crest, but let me buy 4 body washes, and acted as though I was trying to clear the shelf of toothpaste (which I wasn’t, I wanted to buy 6 and there were plenty on the shelves…..besides that, is 6 really an unreasonable number, especially for a family of five?). So frustrating! I just don’t like being treated like garbage!

When I first got there the super-nice lady at the cosmetics counter offered to help me whenever I was ready to check out and even asked if she could help me find anything. She has checked me out before so probably knew the lady at the front counter was rude to couponers.

So, your post was JUST what I needed to keep me happy. I mostly have great experiences but yesterday was pretty upsetting to me, so I am glad that I read your post before heading out. Thank you so much for your ideas and resources!

Thanks so much for this posting and refreshing all of us about couponing and being alert to our fellow couponers! You have given me new insight into myself and the system. Keep up the great work!

Here’s another couponing thought…a friend of mine does foster care. They are always in need of gently used clothing, toiletries, and diapers and pull ups. Most kids are leaving a meth situation where they cannot take anything at all with them to their foster home (not even a favorite toy). When you snag some great deals on toys or diapers or whatever, I know many of you already donate things, you might consider your local foster care office.

That is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!

Gr8 write up

Peter, that is so sweet! That gave me goosebumps! What a great help to your mom! And a good skill for you to have when you grow up and have your own family!

Thank you for helping me learn how to do couponing! This was the first site I went on to learn about couponing and Im glad im did! Im not a KCL though..:P im a guy thats 16 and still in highschool with about $30 in my wallet lol. I thought coupons was for poor people or old people that had nothing else to do and that why I Kinda hesitated to do coupons because I felt like I would be embarassed, But what made me actually have the guts to go out and do it was my mom.

I used to go to wal-mart every week with my mom and put anything I wanted in the cart. Spend about $60-$100 each trip..then one day my mom was so stress from all the bills and it just really made me feel bad because my mom is the only one working and supporting me and my two brothers.

I just wanted to do something to help my mom out. She would NOT let me get a job because my education should be my main priority….so I did some google on couponing, found this site and learn so much about couponing! Now it rare if i get anything without a coupon or unless it cheap! Thank you so much for all the help! Now I dont think I will ever stop couponing! It so addicting!

Good for you!!!

That is so awesome! I hope my boys are just like you some day!

Dude, that’s fantastic! I’m sure your mom is really proud of you.

Another option when a store is out of something ask the customer service desk if they are giving rain checks on the item in question, I’ve also pre-paid for items that the store was out of to take advantage of a great sale combined with a coupon.

Thanks for the positive post! You guys are the best, I love your site.
Optimism, flexibility, kindness, and consideration will take you so far! Don’t let somebody else’s bad day discourage you, but try to encourage them instead.

Thanks for the pep talk! You ladies are like our coaches or something! It’s great. It’s always fun and excited to get an amazing deal…and they always come around again so there isn’t much to get bent out of shape about, I agree.
I think if/when you begin to get upset and anxious about your deals…it’s time to take a break and relax, it’s amazing to get sweet deals and it should be a joy not a hardship! :-) Thanks again for all you do!

I have been couponing for a little over a year, up until yesterday I had always found it to be a way to be friendly or more talkative with my stores cashiers and had only really experienced minor frustrations with every changing coupon policies. Yesterday I left a particular Supercenter store offended by a mean spirited comment a checker had made to me about couponing, I was having some trouble shaking it and then I read this post, thanks for reminding me to put on my big girl pants and buck up.

Because I have been couponing for awhile and there isn’t anything right now I HAVE to get or I’ll die (oh or by full price) It is so nice to be able to just pass over a crazy sale it’s fine. Also I always price match, on the quaker sale I wanted the peanut butter chocolate covered granola bars (to pretend I am not eating a candy bar) anyway those were gone on Sunday at several of my stores so I just went to Walmart (no doublers of course) but good enough just to bring the ad into walmart and be done. So if you didn’t special order and you dont want a raincheck or just go pricematch. Yah we all could relax a little, there are not very many things that dont match up on a sale every couple of months.

So, in your opinion (referring to anyone who reads this…) what is the appropriate number of coupon books to take? I took two Safeway books one day. They have served me well. Another site (one I’m getting annoyed with btw…) tells me a stuffing deal. The deal requires you to use 5 coupons for stuffing from that coupon book. And I’m thinking, if I had taken 5, and the three people after me had taken 5 and all your readers had taken 5 wouldn’t there not be any left for the people that are just taking 1 or 2?? I just think that sites (not this one as far as I know) are really promoting taking as many and as much as you can. One in particular tells people to use 5-10 coupons from a tear pad, or from a booklet, and then do the transaction 5 times for a rebate. I was in a Target one day and two other people were doing the same deals as me, if I had done my transaction the number of times the site had suggested there wouldn’t be anything left!! So…how many is “too many”??

I think it is easily ok to take a coupon/ do a deal 1 time per day per store, unless expressly forbidden. You never know how much is in the storage room (unless you ask). If you ask and know there is a ton of stuff in the store, or its the last day of the sale, or its on clearance (meaning the store wants to get rid of it!) do more.

I usually take 2 or 3. Then I go back the next day and get another 2 or 3. Then I feel like others have had the opportunity to get some and I’m not being too greedy. :)

I think we’ve all been known to be 3 year olds a time or two!!!

–when you’ve spent time and gas to get to the store– absolutely, it’s disappointing.

I drive over an hour to use my coupons at Pubix, Kroger and Target…so like you’ve i’ve run into the the disappointment of the empty shelf a few times.

Any your right… early bird gets the worm is a great word picture. We win some, we lose some. The point I really like from KCL is that we shouldn’t complain and have a victim mentality…and work it out.

There’s a lot of overboard, “you took my stuff” hurt and assumptions thrown at women who buy lots of items with coupons.

I do think the special ordering idea is brilliant.

Well, call me a 3 year old because I did whine a little about not getting any detergent. It is frustrating though, when you’ve spent time and gas to get to the store.
However, there WILL be another sale on detergent. And the way I figure..the early bird gets the worm. I wasn’t that bird this week..but maybe I will be tomorrow, or next week!
Thanks KCL for posting the sales!

The whining about the stores being out of products or getting upset at the lady that used 20 coupons, is so 3 year old-ish.

It’s the stores responsibility to stock the shelves, not the couponers responsibility to make sure the shelves stay stocked.

I know there are many moms who use a lot of coupons, buy a lot of stuff and who genuinely are doing it out of providing for their families.

I’m glad they do! 20 or 40 packages of pasta to some families is hardly a supply, to other families that would last 2 years!

If I get to the store and the shelf is empty: I ask for a stock person to go look in the back for more or I get a rain check.

And if I still miss the deal, ohh well, there are more deals awaiting!

This was very well stated. I have been couponing for about 6 months, and have recently found your site among some others I frequent. I have found from my experience that a little kindness and friendly banter will get you a long way in life, but especially with cashiers. Yes, they earn the same amount whether I spend $20 or $200, but I know that previous experiences with demanding couponers may have jaded their point of view of anyone using coupons. I love changing their perception. There was one cashier at my local Albertsons who was a bit cranky with me once, and I then made it my mission to always go to her and be kind. She now makes it into a game when I’m at the check out and gets other people involved, trying to guess how low my total will go!

I was discouraged by some of the comments I read on a previous post yesterday. In my point of view, there is a difference between taking advantage of a bargain and taking advantage of a situation. I think there is a level of entitlement that some people feel about getting a large amount of products that are on sale. And these people will always feel that way, and that is their right, but I hope enough people can make it their mission to change grocery store employees opinions of us, and hopefully they can change some of our opinions of them!

So well said! Especially the entitlement part!


I agree totally. Very well put.

Heather & Joanie, great post as usual.

And don’t forget to get a raincheck for the item in question! I LOVE when the products are out cause I always have a back up item/s on my list to get if I was aiming for a certain amount and then I get a raincheck for the item that was out and next time its always there! Win Win!

Thanks a great point! If I am shopping a catalina deal or an “amount of total purchase” deal, I always make sure I have a few items with coupons in waiting, just in case they are out. Then my head doesn’t totally explode while my toddler is trying to “help” me figure it out. I also always bring a calculator, just in case I have to change things up at the last minute.

Optimism and ethics. I think those qualities contribute to having a happy life. Thanks for mentioning them.

On a side note, I don’t like to buy anything I will not use or donate. Every once in a while, I will pass some coupons to some unsuspecting shopper. I hope it makes their day.

I LOVE when people “pass on” coupons. It totally made my day last week when I was at the grocery store :) Thanks!

I love people’s shocked skeptic faces when I pass a coupon on. That is worth it right there…

I KNOW!! I was at a Target one day doing a razor/body wash deal. This lady had grabbed the wrong coupon. She had spent so much time trying to figure the deal out, then asked me if her coupon would work. I said “No, because the coupon you have is for deodorant, not razors.” She was really disappointed, then totally shocked when I said “Here take three of mine.” She was floored. She couldn’t believe it. I told her “I have fifteen of these, its not a big deal.” It was totally a big deal to HER though!

I shared some q’s with my checker because she had to price match over 20 items. She was so excited to get 10 boxes of oatmeal for only $4.00. She told me I made her day :) Sometimes, we KCL’s can get in a mindset of getting what we need and forgetting others. When we share our q’s or leave them on the shelf or are polite or kind, we are thinking about others and showing that KCL’s aren’t selfish, just smart, capable, kind women trying to bless our families.

Me too! I love giving my extra coupons to the elderly! I’ll be next to them in the check out lane and start dishing out the coupons for the items they have. They’re always so greatful!

Thank you! I’m new to couponing and I didn’t know what the etiquette was. I felt bad buying the last few items in our store and wasn’t sure what to do. I really wanted them. Before I purchased them I made sure another truck was coming (and I still had one more coupon to use). I’ve had the shelf cleared many times on my so now I go on the first day of the sale when the store opens. So far I’ve never been disappointed.

Is there an etiquette to how many transactions you should do? I like self check out but always have problems with the coupons scanning in and the attendant always needs to interact with me. I feel like I’m a bother when I do more than two transactions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

yes, just go to the associates! most are very friendly and know how to work with coupons. it will save you some stress, and they dont mind multiple transactions!

Oh, and this might be too philosophical or off-topic, but I happened to take a trip to the former Soviet Union in 1989, just as the whole system was collapsing.

Now, There were truly bare shelves….I’ll never forget the meat section…totally empty but for one package of greyish, gristly mystery meat!

thanks for the great article.

I’m often glad to see empty shelves, because I frequently get an even better deal by asking for a rc.

I have to confess, though, I’ve never done a special order, so there may have been a few times that I’ve come close to clearing a shelf. I will definitely try special orders in the future.

I totally agree about keeping a positive attitude. Truly….there is always another deal around the corner.

I think that I’m very ethical about my couponing, and it can be frustrating to see posts on other sites about shoppers who have gone way over the top, But I also try not to judge another mom’s shopping. Most couponers I know donate a lot of stuff to shelters and food banks; many are shopping for their whole extended family… You just never know, and if they are taking the time to work out the deal and show up….well, that’s life. I’m sure some people would find my 40 boxes of oatmeal excessive, but we will go through it in no time flat.

Truly, we all live in a land of plenty, and I, myself, am going to try and donate more to those less fortunate.

Thanks for your awesome site and great tips!

Great way to look at thing. Only problem I see with the article is it only addressed to women. Some guys love your advice, too!

Please know we love our coupon guys! Proud to have you in our ranks!

Thank you for the positive words. I am not a krazy lady. I am a krazy guy. My sister-in-laws showed me the tricks. When I saw their stores in their basements, I was intrigued. When I went to Walgreens and only paid $20 OOP for $82 worth of products, and I got $12 in rewards…I was hooked. I used to think that couponing was for people who made less money. Even though I make a good salary, it is nice to keep more of my money rather than giving it to the stores.

I am excited to learn the system (but not abuse) and build a nice store in my house!

Thanks for the help!

I couldn’t be more thankful for what you do!! We are a family of four, with one income. I started following you in November. I opened a bank account in December, and whatever I save at the store I deposit that into that account. We have 234.00 already in savings! Not to mention I have a good amount of items for my family now.
I buy 4 papers a week and try to go the day the sale starts, if I miss it or they are out, or my three month old is cranky, then I say oh well….like you say over and over there will always be another sale!
You both are amazing and help so many families!!


thank you! I get really tired of the complaining that pops up on a lot of coupon blogs’ comments. We’re all grown-ups here… and life isn’t fair. Learn to deal with it, build a bridge and get over it.

Thank you 😀 I had a rough coupon week, not managing to get a single deal and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.
Thanks again. I’m going to get the kids dressed and head out to Target one more time

Thank you for being a great place to find amazing deals and a support group at the same time! You really have changed the lives of so many households, it is just fabulous! I enjoy couponing as a hobby and as a way to take care of my family and I appreciate what you said about how we can all find ways to make it work for our situation.

Thank you for this post.

I agree about having a positive attitude – I have taught coupon classes in Pocatello for the last year and it’s exploded here – but we have 1 TINY Albertsons (no going to other stores) and the only other store in town is Smiths. No target, no RiteAid, etc. Our options are limited and we operate with what we have been given.

When I was actively couponing, I definitely showed up to the store at 6 am on the day where they stocked – and when they were out of what I wanted I shrugged my shoulders.

BUT – I do believe websites like this sometimes inadvertently encourage poor couponing behavior. What KCL CAN control is to discourage that behavior – something I have never seen done here.

I appreciate this post, thanks.

AWESOME POST!! I also wanted to add that in my Albertsons (yes I call it my own… second home!) if they run out of an item and I am in there on the last day of the sale, they will let me purchase them that night so that I can use my coupons and doublers, and then they just special order them! This works great for me!

Talk to your lead stockman and see if they are ok with this! I do it ALL the time, and it makes life easy and fair for everyone!

For example… Quaker Dipps were gone on the first day, no joke someone went into the store and bought every single box they had… after that they couldn’t keep them on the shelf. I have 24 boxes coming to me in the near future, with just ONE phone call! I love me some great Albies help!!

hi krazy couponers,
for the commissary ppl-so i am a military spouse and i learned that the best time to shop at the commissary is on off weeks(the next week after pay week) everything is stocked and i can even go close to closing time and everything is well stocked still.

other places, i usually ask for a rain check and i ask for more than one(some stores wont do this, no biggie)

or I go early in the morning, yes i have a son but he is an early riser and I load him up and go shopping when the store just opened, (early bird gets the worm) that is how i avoid the empty shelves, and like the post says i know it will be on sale again, but most times i ask for a raincheck.

Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady!!! This is why I love your site! You have an amazing moral compass!! Thank you for all you are doing to help your fellow woman!!

Thank you for all you do… I agree with everything you said…. I am new to this but I’m loving it… I don’t miss a thing you post… Thank you!

I love, love, loved this post! I have enjoyed the couponing I have been able to do and have enjoyed sharing it with my family and friends.

I go to the store with a long list and my coupons ready. If the product is gone I may try another day. But I don’t count it as a loss.

I am just grateful for the deals I am able to get. It is such a blessing to get some items at discount, at least that is how I see it!

I tried to make a large special order of quaker products the very first day of the sale at Albertsons a few weeks ago…she placed my order for me and the warehouse was already cleaned out!! Can you imagine? I ended up getting a raincheck for the items I wanted and am going to call and order tomorrow. But in the meantime, I have found coupons for $1/1 instant oatmeal AND $1/1 oatmeal squares cereal, which will make those products FREE. So, it ended up being BETTER that I’ve had to wait! I’m so excited!

Great, Great post…I have been only doing this a few months, but I have jumped in with both feet. I read a lot of blogs on couponing and yours is my favorite! Thanks for all your work and your encouagement- there have already been numerous times when I’ve been so disappointed that something was out. It’s good to know that (as a newbie who hasn’t seen a full year cycle) that there will ALWAYS been more opportunities for good deals if I miss out on one.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to update your site, i love reading it! this last post is so true, thanks for the kind reminder words to those out there abusing the system! Even i have found myself with a cart full, when perhaps i should not have. not anymore!

How do special orders work? Do you go in before the sale and hope that they get it in time, or do you go in during the sale and order it and still get it for the sale price?

I’d like to hear more about how special ordering works, too.

I agree. We have all been in these situations but there is always another sale and rain checks!!!
My only question is about special ordering. Example the Quaker sale. I called and tried at 3 stores and they all turned me down! That was speaking with the grocery manager. Do they only do it on some sales? Just wondering?
Thanks for all you do. Not having to do all the research makes my life so much easier. thanks for helping out and sharing the great deals!

I completely agree, thanks for the great post! I use to shop for every deal under the sun and get frustrated when the store was out of stock, or the price was different than posted online or I just plain couldn’t find something.

After about a year of couponing, I have finally narrowed my shopping trips down to two stores and have found the stores in my area that are the most coupon-friendly. I try to shop when my husband is off (which just happens to be Sunday) so I can go early and get what I want. If I do happen to go late in the week, I understand the free and cheap items will probably be gone. I have become friendly with all the cashiers and store managers and have gotten many perks from this, not to mention an overall more pleasant shopping experience.

I still have a huge stock pile of food and a totally full linen closet full of toiletries. Just because I stopped shopping at the stores that frustrate me, does not mean that the stores I love won’t have a sale on a particular item. My couponing life is so much simpler and happier. Thanks again for the post!

excellent article

Great article. The key thing for us all to remember is that there is always going to be another sale. You don’t have to do a years worth of stock-pile in 1 week. Cheap cereal, pasta, body wash, laundry soap, etc. happen all of the time.

I love your site and check it often! Thank you for all of the hard work you both do.

it is hard work to please the public.
but you 2 are AWESOME
your book is SO WELL WRITTEN
easy to read
you could have kept this to yourselves but from my family to yours, thank you for sharing your success!


If the stores run out I always just try and get a rain check and then go in the next week to get the item after they get a new shipment and the sale is over, you can still use your coupons with the rain check so you still get the same price. Or another way is ad match at Wal-Mart they don’t run out of stock nearly as fast.

Whenever I go to a store and they are out of stock I always ask if they are going to get truck in…I am lucky enough to have a Wags at almost every corner. I know what day they will get truck in and about the days that they unload….I always return another day to see if I can score the deal. If not then o’well there will be other times and no biggie…Its happened to me while it is annoying its ok…Sometimes these things happen. Asking one simple question could help you score the deal later on in the week.

Thanks for helping me learn to coupon and also for making it easy to do. I wouldnt have a clue what how to do it with out this web site.
I do have a question for you though can you give me an example on a time when you did a “special order”? At what point do I know I should do a special order?

One of the store managers in my area is great. During the Smiths sale a few weeks ago he was more than willing to special order items for a friend and I. It made it so nice for us, and it also was polite for the others who were trying to get the same products. Most of the items that we wanted we were fine to just get off the shelf, but we each wanted a case of solo cups and 20 boxes of the Finish dishwasher tabs. Can you imagine trying to find 40 boxes of them and another 24 packages of solo cups all together? We don’t want to clear the shelves but we also want to get the great deals. This was the first time that I special ordered items, but it won’t be the last. They were so great about it. If any of you are nervous about special ordering, don’t be! It also helped him because we were able to tell him some of the great deals that a lot of KCL’s would be looking for and he was able to order a little more than he normally would because he knew what people would be looking for. It’s a win/win situation!

Great post! Everytime I see an empty shelf, I try to remember to grab a raincheck- sometimes that RC will mean an even better deal for you. Anyone remember the tuna deal at Albies last summer? The shelves got cleared so fast, but the catalina still worked the next week (and we got free chips to go with the tuna because on the special in-store promo). Empty shelves are not always a terrible thing!

I would like to add my heartfelt “thank you” for all that you do. I would go crazy if I even attempted to find all of these deals on my own. I’ve even recruited by baby sister after one of my “amazing” shopping trips. I’m like you if the shelf I just say “dang it” and go on not everything else I want to get will be gone, Enjoy the experience, I do.

Amen to everything you just said! I love couponing; I love the challenge, the money saving tricks, the sense of accomplishment! I love that my family is proud of my success. I love that otehrs ask me for help and advice. I LOVE YOUR SITE AND THE INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU SAVE ME! It’s great when it all comes together the way I want it to! But let’s be realistic…nothing in life ever comes together exactly the way you want it to ALL of the time. What would be the challenge in that? :-)

The key is to BE FLEXIBLE! Save where you can, when you can. If you’re not enjoying it, stop for a while. It’s addictive (the savings) so I imagine the break will be short-lived, though. :-)

Also, I find that my mindset greatly influences my success. When I get into a store and start to feel that blood-boiling, sweaty under the collar, hunch my shoulders, defensive shopping mode coming into focus, I try to step back, take stock of the situation, and find someone to share a coupon with. I get a lot of perspective-and success- when I go out of my way to be nice and helpful to other shoppers. They say nice guys-or KCLs-finish last…but I disagree. Being nice makes me more successful. And the positive karma doesn’t hurt, either. :-)

Good luck ladies! Happy shopping. Anyone need an extra doubler?

Thanks for everything yall do. Because of yall…I have learned how to become a great coupon shopper and I look forward to seeing what great deals are out everyday and every week.

Thanks ladies. Yall are awesome.

Thanks for the great ideas!