It’s Friday, which means it’s time to get your search on! It’s Mega Swagbuck Friday! Use the Swagbucks search engine to get an increased chance at HIGH denomiation Swagbucks (100, 200, 500, 1000)!

If any one wins 1000 Swagbucks today, leave a comment and let us know! That’s Krazy! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “It's Mega Swagbucks Friday!”

i have yet to see anyone who won a mega swagbuck of 1,000 or even 10,000. The most I’ve won was 30 swb, which is equivalent to 3 swb (prior to the changeover). Also, the amount of swb is now worth lot less since every item increased their value by multiple of 10- so what cost 1 swb is now worth 10 swb. And since TSG (The Swagbucks Guy) only gives out 1-3 swb for installing a tool bar on your computer (daily), that is only a tenth of the value. not to mention the amount of swb you get for doing meaningless tasks that eats up 40-60 hrs of your time to accomplish only to find out that you are not entitled to the full swb b/c you have not answered all of them at 90% accuracy or greater (the questions get ridiculous towards the end and thus lower your accuracy most of the times). The best way to get swb is to:
1) install a tool bar and log in once a day;
2) get referrals, whatever they earn, you earn up to 1000 swb for each person referred;
3) check once in for TSG’s blog, sometimes he throws in a swagcode which is good for a limited time period (he is located in PST time zone); and
4) search some of the terms on the TSG or Swag Girls’s blogs, they sometimes return swbs.
When searching, search legitimate issues, that tends to return swabs. I typically earn about 40-50 swb a day. I’m saving them up for a nice christmas gift 🙂


I’ve been on SB for over a year now. It’s alright, I hit at least a 10 or 2 every day, and sometimes am lucky to score a 30. Looking back at what it use to be and comparing to now, it seems like the swagbucks are actually worth less now, compared to when you only got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and etc. You do however, get one swagbuck everyday for using the toolbar. I hit a lot of my bucks at night/early morning before I head out to work.


I’m irritated because I signed up for the free 30 day trial on the 27th (for 390 SB) and wasn’t credited.

I contacted them through the offer status page, answered all their questions, gave them a copy of the confirmation email from and now they’ve told me they’re not crediting me for the offer because the advertiser says I either didn’t complete the offer requirements completely, or I did not do it through the Gambit link, neither of which are true.


yeah, swagbucks is great WHEN it works. the problem is when you have problems with them, like this where they do not credit you the swb you should be entitled or have discrepancy between what you are entitled to and what they gave you. They are quick to respond to your initial inquiry, but after that, they typically don’t get back to you or resolve the issue. But given all of its glitches, it still is a pretty cool place where you can get free things for searching the web.


I must have been logged out six times in a row! I went to Special offers, no obligation and everytime I clicked skip this offer, they logged me out! How frustrating and not very inticing to use their search engine!