Bic Soleil Bella 4 blade Disposable Razors, 3 pack $5.99
Double $2.00/1 – Bic Soleil Bella Razors – (
Final Price: $1.99

Thanks CommonSenseWithMoney for this next scenario!

Spend $15 in Dove Beauty Products, Receive $5 checkout coupon, off your next shopping order

5 Dove Ultimate Clear $3.79
Use up to 5 $2.00/1 (IE) – Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant – (
or $2.00/1 (FF) – Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant – (
or $1.25/1 Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant from RP 3/7
Pay: nothing, Receive $5.00 checkout coupon
Final Price: $5.00 Moneymaker!

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51 thoughts on “2 more Kmart Deals: Bic Soleil & Dove Deodorant Moneymaker!”

  1. Christine says:

    I have a 10 yr. old son. I was considering sending him through with a transaction (and exact cash of what I calculate so he can’t pay a penny more or I would know about it). Has anybody else had any experience with kids going through? I don’t want them to give him a hard time.

  2. Michelle says:

    I went this morning and got 3 gilette body washes, a gilette shampoo and a pack of pampers all for 7.55 and I am able to submit it for the rebate from P&G!

  3. Celeste says:

    Well I went in today to K-mart for the dove promo to find that in the Spokane area it is priced at $4.79 instead of 3.79:(But I did get 8 total for $4.13 since they had some packaged two together for the same price and they took all four of my printable coupons for the same item. In all I am pretty happy with K-mart so far!

  4. vicki says:’s not a limit of 5 coupons per day? i can go multiple times, using my card for 5 dopuble coupons per time? “One more thing: The computer doesn’t limit you to one transaction per 24 hours. I used my same card 5 times yesterday?”

  5. kelsey says:

    The Kmart in Corvallis, OR did not allow me to use more than one IP $2/1 dove coupon. I had 4 dove deodorants and i used one $2/1 coupon and two $1.25/1 coupons. I sent my husband to return the extra deodorant that i paid full price for and the customer service wouldn’t give him full price! they said that the coupons spread out evenly and only gave a prorated price. The customer service girl called the manager over to “deal with this” and she came over and stated the same thing! that is NOT the way the coupons work!

  6. Ruth Jenkins says:

    You can buy 5 of the same things and use a coupon for each. The caption of “limit one purchase” means that you can’t use two coupons for the same item. If you buy 5 Dove deodorant and use 5 $2.00 Dove coupon, it will work. Some cashiers don’t understand the purpose of the caption.

    Also, the computers that controls the cash registers are programmed to accept one coupon per item, so if the cashier give you any trouble, just tell them, scan the coupons if it can’t be used, the cash register won’t let it go through. It is not the cashiers decision to make, you have the right to use the coupon. One sometimes needs to have attitude to deal with uneducated cashier and sometimes manager. Also, if anyone waiting in line heckles you, give it right back to them, if you embarrass them just like they tried to embarrass you, they will shut up.

    I’m usually very patient and sweet to the cashiers, I only lost my temper once in all these years using coupons which was at an Acme and the cashier got fired so as an educated shopper, you need to stand up for yourself.

  7. Ruth Jenkins says:

    I have many horror stores about Kmart Coupon Doubling, too many to share but I had no issues during this Double Coupon event.

  8. Ruth Jenkins says:

    An answer to Kristen, when you do the catalina deals, observe the cashiers and see which Catalina machine is working. Sometimes, some of the machines are not working and sometimes they “purposely” have no paper. When paper is installed, all the catalinas will print and they can be used by anyone. On one occasion during the last Coupon Doubling, my $5.00 Catalina was conveniently stashed aside but I got it back. Most cashiers are wonderful and honest but they are a few that are not honest so be on the lookout of those ones.

    An advice to anyone who has trouble at Kmart, program the regional office customer service number and have your cell phone ready when you talk to the manager. Kmart is very serios about customer service issues and they will address it promptly. I had problem at one store and my issue was address within hours by just sending an email to the customer service online. I got two phone calls, one from the customer service person and one from the store manager apologizing and I got a gift card also. The only way to address the issue of bad attitude by a lot of Kmart employees is by obtaining names, calling right away or going online and emailing customer relations. All the Kmart in my area know who I am but I never had trouble now.

  9. Kristin says:

    I bought $15 dollars worth of dove shampoo and body wash today at my Shreveport store and the Catalina wouldn’t print. The manager insisted it was because the after coupon price has to be over 15 dollars. Any suggestions?

  10. Melanie says:

    One more thing: The computer doesn’t limit you to one transaction per 24 hours. I used my same card 5 times yesterday! I spent a total of $58, I have $30 worth of rebates to send in bringing my total to $28, and my product total before coupons was $197!

  11. Melanie says:

    The $5 catalina won’t print off of all registers for some reason. One of mine didn’t print out, but the manager was able to force one for me. Here’s the trick to using them, though: you have to run them AFTER your doubled coupons, and you have to add something cheap in (I added in 3 $0.50 suckers that my kids were begging for to cover my 3 catalinas), because the register only allows one coupon per item, and, so if you try to assign it to one of your other items, it won’t let you put the coupon. Shannon and I had a GREAT checker yesterday who ran one transaction 5 TIMES until we figured out the right order.

  12. Nancy says:

    I’ve had no problems at all at my Kmart and I went every day (today twice – 2 cards) and got sooo much for 33 cents on one order, 1.26 on another. I’m going to get as much as I can for as little as I can. Nothing here has been advertised, but thanks to the head’s up a week or so ago, I knew it was coming and prepped for it. Anyway, my CATs are 5% discount on future purchases, 4/11 and after until 4/24. I don’t think I’ll be using it as the deals (besides this double offer) are better at Target and Walmart.

    And does anyone want Skippy peanut butter coupons – $1/2 exp 4/25? I have three and I’ll mail them to you. I don’t want anything in return; just want you to put them to good use. Husband will ONLY eat Jif, and believe it or not, that’s the only thing he’s picky about – go figure. LOL Just email me ( and I’ll get them right out to you.


  13. genese says:

    You can double up to five a day, but you can still use other coupons in your transaction. I doubled five coupons and I also used three buy one get one free coupons on top of that in the same transaction. Worked fine!! Just use the coupons that you want to double first and the rest will go through without doubling. :)
    They just don’t train their cashiers :(

  14. Annalee says:

    I went yesterday and got the $5 Catalina that I was going to turn around and use today–only to have a manager tell me that the computer would only LET her take 5 coupons total, doubled or not! Since the Cat is marked as a “manufacturer’s coupon,” she wouldn’t allow it. Sounded fishy to me!

  15. Lisa says:

    I did get to use all my coupons but only had 4 2.oo off and 1 1.25 off great deal still 2.17 for 5 deodarant but I DID NOT get my 5.oo checkout coupon and I asked about it. What should I do?

  16. Debbie says:

    so, i guess what everyone should look for is the store placard that details the 5 double coupons, etc. and then you can see in clear print that it says “no more than 4 coupons of the exact, identical item” or something of the sort. that way you could show the rule to the cashier if they are refusing to take more than one coupon for identical items.

  17. Debbie says:

    i went today for the dove deal. they would only let me use 4 coupons for the 5 doves. the cashier showed me the small print on the placard at the register (the placard that was advertising the double coupon deal and stating a limit of 5). it clearly said (in very small print) that they would only allow 4 coupons of the same kind. however, the four printed the $5/$25 off of beauty items for your next purchase. my store was not on the master list but when i called this morning, they told me they were participating and quickly told me all of the rules. i am in burbank, ca.

  18. Karli says:

    4 Dove’s does print the $5! My store didn’t know about the doubles, so I had to tell them how it worked!

    Also, the Mach 3/Sensor3 razors that are in the $10 MC ad that are 2 for $12 have $15 worth of coupons in them! (marked with a yellow tab in the corner!) I got 4 and used 2 BOGO coupons, and also purchased 2 Gillette bodywashes at $4 each, with the $2 coupons doubled to get over $25 for the rebate. Coupons included in the razors:
    $5 off Gillette Fusion Razor
    $4 off Fusion cartridge
    $2 off Gillette bodywash
    $2 off Clinical strength deodorant or 2 reg deodorant
    $2 off Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler

    Hope that helps someone! :)

  19. stephanie says:

    in st. louis I bought 4 dove & used 4 2/1 coupons, and got the $5 cat…pleasent surprise for me b/c there was no signage at my store & I had not read this…

  20. jennie says:

    I did the dove deodorant in Lancaster CA Kmart. I bought (5)@3.79 used (4)$2/1 & (1)$1.25/1
    OOP including CA sales tax 2.32 got back the $5 Cat.
    I think the deal would have worked with only 4 deodorants giving a total of $15.16 but I wasn’t sure so I did 5. All 5 coupons doubled. Hope this helps.

  21. JoDee says:

    there was a sign right next to the dove products that had the promotion details on it.

  22. tanya says:

    does anyone know in writing where the $5 promotion is for any Dove product? I did the 5 deoderant deal today, but no catalina. I didn’t see anything in the weekly ad and the store seemed to know nothing about it. Suggestions??

  23. Celeste says:

    My K-mart in Spokane Valley worked okay, they said that they wouldn’t double a coupon that would make an item free but I did get 3 body washes for only $.45 each, try your luck you never know

  24. chrisitne says:

    I went this a.m. and asked an associate if they were doubling. She said yes, gave me the rundown, and said to use my 5 best coupons first. I was able to use internet printables, and they were doubled. Every register had a placard with info on the doubling. The only difference from what I’m reading here is one line that said they would only double 4 identical coupons. My K-mart is in Kingsland Georgia.

    • SL says:

      Hi wondering why I was only able to print 2 of the dove coupons? Anyone else have this problem? :(

      • Amy says:

        Most printable coupons are set up with a limit of two prints per computer. That’s just how it works.

  25. Rosie says:

    the 5 different coupons is a manager’s made up rule. I used 5 identical coupons to get 5 free soft scrub total’s.

    My question… couldn’t I just get 4 of the dove deoderants to qualify for the $5 cat? 4 of them at $3.79 is $15.16.

    • Amy says:

      I was wondering the same thing… seems like you could buy 4 instead of 5 Dove deodorants.

      • Lesli says:

        I was wondering the same thing…has anyone done this deal with 4 Dove’s?? I think I might try it tonight, if the dove’s are at my store with that price, if I don’t get $5 back, then at least I will get the deodarant for free.

        • Shannon says:

          I just got back from my K-mart and only bought 4 Doves and got the $5 off my next order so it worked for me.

      • jen says:

        I just got back too. It was a breeze – for KMart. My catalina didn’t print out a $4 off coupon. I got a 5% off next purchase in Health & Beauty or Food starting 4/11. I was bummed (5 free deo’s and I was bummed) but I did get 2 deo’s with free body mist attached so that’s a bit of a bonus.

  26. Heather says:

    I thought that you had to double 5 different coupons at checkout?

  27. barbara says:

    I had no problen at Nampa, ID store yesterday. Used IP and other coupons. System automatically adjusts down if price is under ther amount after doubling.

  28. Liz G. says:

    Boy I hope all my deals work out today…all these horror stories are making me nervous.

  29. kim says:

    My Kmart had signs on every shelf in food and health and beauty stating they take internet printatble coupons, but when you get to the register they freaked out. They finally agreed to accept them, but refused to double them. I walked away from the transaction. Not worth it.

  30. Taylor says:

    I’m missing the math here. If the item is 3.79 each, and I’m using a $2 off coupon each, how does it say pay nothing, instead of 1.79?

    • Beth says:

      Because the coupons are being doubled. So $2 off becomes $4 off.

      • Sarah says:

        My store, in VA, told me that they will double the coupons but if the price of the item is less than the double amount they will only give you the item for free. For ex., the Dove. I have only $1.25 off and since they are only $3.79 I will get the full double, but if you have the $2/1 you will only get $1.79. At my store at least. Still a great deal though.

  31. maria says:

    I was able to grab 4 free ALL detergents- they were nice, and they took the newspaper coups. When I asked about the internet coups they said NO. Bummer. I will have to find good deals like the ALL detergent with regular coupons I guess

  32. Anissa says:

    It worked well in Boise. They have signs up and seemed to know how to do it. They had no problems with internet coupons either. The only problem is finding a good deal due to their high prices. I have not shopped there for some time and I was shocked to see that their prices are higher than all the other stores I frequent.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I went in today and had luck with this deal. My store was well prepared and even coached me on how to get the best deal (make sure the first five coupons you had the casher are the coupons you want to double). I had no problems with multiple coupons for the same item either. Very pleasantly surprised as I’ve heard so many horror stories at K-Mart… I plan to visit every day this week!

  34. Carole says:

    I went today and there were no signs anywhere in the store so I asked a manager and she said she had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to try it anyway to see what would happen. The cashier had to double check with Customer Service to verify my IPs because they had some fraudulent ones. They ended up working and I got 5 Right Guard Total Defense 5 deodorants for free and a Visine for contacts free.

    If KMart wasn’t within walking distance of my apartment, I wouldn’t even bother because I hate going there. But, since I’ll be getting free stuff I guess I’ll be stopping by every day. I’m also taking a new friend that wants me to show her how to coupon so she’ll be going with me on all my shopping trips to learn the ropes.

    I really wish KMart would educate the cashiers better. That, combined with their ridiculously high prices keep me out of KMart even though it’s so close.

    Oh, and on a fun note, the cashier was so impressed I stood there for about 5 minutes (since the store was dead) and gave her a quick rundown on saving money :)

  35. Yami says:

    I went to a Kmart in Miami and they were well prepared, they even posted the doble coupon deal in each register/cashier in a piece of paper…. So I was able to get few free stuff. I don’t thing it works when you buy 2 of the same item, I got one dove deodorant and one suave deodorant and the machine would not take another deadorant coupon. The items need to be different for this deal :) God Luck!!

  36. Jessica says:

    I was told today by a store manager that K-Mart is no longer accepting internet printable coupons. His exact words were “I’m sorry but this is company policy.” However, I know someone who visited another store very close to the one I went to and had no issues with internet coupons. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Rosie says:

      that manager is ridiculous. If you’re in the store long enough and listen to the store radio, it says on the store radio “Good news: Kmart now accepts printable coupons!” and they tell you to go to to print some… but they’re just regular printable. I used several printables at my store today.

  37. Lonie says:

    I can’t believe that! I hate it when cashiers don’t want you to get a good deal or are completely wrong and rude about it. I called my k-mart today and they said they have no idea when the doubles star this week (seems to me no one knows anything). I figure I’ll go tomorrow and try my luck. Scan my rewards card first, then hand over the coupons (I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to work). We’ll see!

  38. Sabrina says:

    Well my husband went in today with 5 coupons and were told they have told everyone all day that they are not doing it! Our store is on the list. She basically told my husband that people were making it all up and lying. Then they tried keeping the coupons and he said no way and made them give them back! He got the regional’s phone number and is calling them tomorrow.

    • Sophie says:

      Im sorry :( That is too bad. My store was actually really well prepared and educated and I had a great experience. My biggest wish as a couponer is that stores would just be consistent!!