Kmart Doubles are underway.  None of the Kmart ads that I have seen have anything printed regarding double coupons.  But as long as your store is on this list, your store should be participating.  Some people are reporting that their Kmarts have been totally oblivious that double coupons are going on, but when the manager goes to “check and see” they’re usually coming back and saying “yes, we are doubling coupons”.  Some Kmarts that are on the list are refusing to double coupons, so PLEASE call your before you make the drive!  Remember you MUST scan your Shop Your Way Rewards card or your coupons won’t double.  You can sign up for the free card in store.

There is a promo going on (pictured above) “Free $10 prepaid MasterCard with purchase of any of these featured items”.  I’m not sure on whether only these items are participating or ALL P&G items.  I don’t have my physical Kmart ad yet; I’m just working with the  online ad and I can’t read all the fine print.  I created a scenario yesterday under the assumption that all P&G items are participating, but in case they’re not, here is a transaction using only items from this page.

Buy 3 Gillette Disposable Razors $6.00
Buy 2 Crest Glide Floss $3.50

Subtotal $25.00
Double 3 $2.00/1 Gillette Mach3 Disposable 3ct, from PG 3/7
Double 2 $0.75/1 Glide Floss, 35 M or more or Glide Picks, 20 ct or more from PG 4/4
Pay: $17.50, Receive $10 Mastercard via mail
Final Price: $7.50, or $1.50 per item

KCL, Rachel left a comment with more details on how to apply for the pre-paid Mastercard.  She said, “they had a card at the service desk to send in for the P & G rebate. It had listed pretty much all of the P&G products, not just what was featured on the K-Mart ad.”  If all P&G products are participating it’s a MUCH hotter promo!  Try this scenario:

Buy 3 Gillette Mens Body Wash $4.00 each
Buy 2 Tampax Pearl $4.79
Buy 2 Satin Care Shave Cream $2.50

Double 3 $2.00/1 Tampax Pearl from PG 3/7
Double 2 $2.00/1 Gillette Body Wash from PG 3/7
(won’t double) 2 $1.00/1 Satin Care coupon from PG 3/7
Subtotal: $26.58
Pay: $4.58, Receive $10 Mastercard
Final Price: $5.42 Moneymaker!

Gillette Selected Good News, Daisy, Custom Plus, Venus, Sensor3, Daisy3 or Mach3 disposables $6.00
$2.00/1 Gillette Mach3 Disposable 3ct, Sensor3 4ct, CustomPlus3 4ct, Venus Disposable 3ct or 2ct,  from PG 3/7
Final Price: $2.00

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste $3.00
$1.00/1 Crest Premium Paste, Crest Multicare, Extra Whitening, Whitening Expressions, Whitening plus Scope, Vivid White, Sensitvity , Pro-Health or Weekly Clean, 4 oz or larger from PG 4/4
Final Price: $1.00

Crest Rinse, 1.5 Liter $6.99
$2.00/1 Crest Rinse, 946 mL or larger from PG 3/7
Final Price: $2.99

Glide Floss $3.50
$0.75/1 Glide Floss, 35 M or more or Glide Picks, 20 ct or more from PG 4/4
Final Price: $2.00

Head and Shoulders Shampoo $4.50
$1.00/1 Head and Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner, any from PG 3/7
Final Price: $2.50

Pantene Shampoos or Stylers $4.50
$1.00/1 Pantene Styler or Treatment, any from PG 4/4
Final Price: $2.50

Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioner $6.00
$1.00/1 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler from RP 3/14 or PG 4/4
Final Price: $4.00

Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner $6.00
Buy Aussie Shampoo, Get $2.00 off Aussie styler
Final Price: varies

Gillette Shampoo/Conditioner $6.00
$1.00/1 Gillette Hair Care Product, any from PG 3/7
Final Price: $4.00

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49 thoughts on “Kmart Doubles: P&G prepaid Mastercard Scenario”

  1. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Head & Shoulders 2/$9 – Used $1/2 & B1G1 Free = $2.50 for both.

    Tide Detergent $9 – Used $1 off = $7.00

    Oral B Toothbrush 2/$9 – Used $2 off = $.50

    Right Guard Deodorant – 2/$5 – Used $1.50 off = Made $.50

    7Up 6 pk. Bottles 4/$11 – Used $1 off = $.75

    Paid approx. $11.00 Total!

  3. melina says:

    How do I know if KMART is doubling the coupons? (Sorry i’m new in this)

  4. linsey says:

    is this on any of the p&g products or do they specify what brands?

  5. jen says:

    I just got back from my Kmart in Western NY. I had no problems with the coupon doubles. I was so surprised and relieved. I was able to grab a bunch of the P&G rebate cards. They were on a tearpad with the crest. It reads “Participating products include: Align, Always, Aussie, Bounce, Braun, Camay, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Clairol, Clearblue Easy, CoverGirl, Dawn, Downy, Dreft, Duracell, Era, Eukanuba, Febreeze, Gain, Gillette, Gleem, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Hydrience, Iams, Infusium, Ivory, Joy, Luvs, Meamucil Clear & Natural, Mr. Clean, Natural Instincts, Nice & easy, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, Pepto_bismol, Prilosec OTC, Pringles, puffs, pur, safeguard, scope, secret, swiffer, tampax, tide, vicks, zest.” Must be made in one purchase before tax at Kmart between 4/410 and 4/11/10. I hope this helps those wondering what is included. I will be returning tomorrow to complete my purchase.

    • Ella says:

      Why would you “grab a bunch”? arent rebates limited to one per household normally? maybe this is why some people are having a hard time finding them…

  6. Heather says:

    I got 3 Soft Scrub Total on sale $2.99 used $1.50 off 1 making them FREE!
    Then the Easter Candy is 50% off they rang up $1.79 and I used the $2/3 making them $.45 each! And the milk coupons from the FREE milk from 2 weeks back expire today, well mine did

  7. I linked to your matchups

  8. Vaughn says:

    Question for Rachel Morrow or anyone who might know. I just came back from Kmart where I did the following scenerio to take advantage of both the P&G card and the $5 SC Johnson rebate:

    Proctor and Gamble Items:

    Gillette Mach3 disposables $6.00
    Double $2.00/1 Gillette Mach3 Disposable 3ct, from PG 3/7
    OOP: $2.00

    Gillette Mens Body Wash $4.49 each
    Tampax Pearl $4.59
    Double $2.00/1 Tampax Pearl from PG 3/7
    Double $2.00/1 Gillette Body Wash from PG 3/7
    OOP: $1.08

    2 Gillette Mach3 disposables $12.00
    BOGO free from PG 3/7
    OOP: $6.00

    Subtotal: $27.08
    Final Price OOP: $9.08

    S.C. Johnson Items:

    Ziploc Containers 2/$5
    Double $1.50/2
    OOP: $2

    Glade Relaxing Moments Air Freshener $2.99
    Double $1/1 from 2/28 SS
    OOP: $.99

    Total OOP: $2.99

    Grand Total: $12.07

    Which, with a $5 SC Johnson rebate and $10 MasterCard should have been a $2.93 moneymaker.

    However, my store did not even know about the P&G deal for their own store and told me that if something did not print at the bottom of my receipt (which it did not) then it must have had to be $25 after coupons.

    My question is, there was no sign up at the store like Rachel Morrow talks about, but I did buy over $25 worth of P&G merchandise. Is there any way I can get that $10 MasterCard if my store’s Customer Service has no clue about the promotion? Can I still mail the receipt somewhere?

    • Vaughn says:

      *no card at the store (what I meant to say)

    • dianna says:

      My Kmart had a tear pad for the $10 gift card. Nothing printed on my receipt. If your’s does not have one I will send you one.

      • Vaughn says:

        That makes much more sense. I just cannot believe that Customer Service would be so clueless about their own store’s promotions.

        I think I will go back and check for that tear pad. Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate you answer this for me!

      • rylynn says:

        Hi my kmart kept insisting that it prints out on the receipt. i was wondering if you can possibly send me a rebate form please :)
        my email is

    • jen says:

      P&G/KMart Rebate customer service is 866 851-3148 is number on the tear pad form I have. My husband took a chunk off. I have many extras I’d be happy to send.

      2 local grocery stores are also doing the promotion with $1 coupon doublers this week. The manager at one of them thought the form might be a catalina if you bought enough product and called some customer service number for P&G who told her it was a catalina. I have my doubts though after seeing the KMart tearpad.

      • rylynn says:

        Hi my kmart kept insisting that it prints out on the receipt. i was wondering if you can possibly send me a rebate form please :) my email is

      • CRYSTAL MORRIS says:

        if you have any more of the tear off P&G $10 mastercard slips, could you please send 4 to me. My friends and I all went in and we spend 30 in products each. My address is 4300 Arundel Ln. Chesapeake Va 23321.

  9. Mea says:

    I just got home. Bought the P&G stuff shown in the flyer with coupons and the mail-in did not print. They tried to tell me that it had to be $25 after coupons, but then they rang it up again without the coupons, and still did not print. They were not helpful at all. Going to try and find it online.

  10. Kristina says:

    I got told yesterday that they are only doubling certain coupons. D oes anyone know anything about a list of which ones?

  11. Mimi says:

    Hello yall!

    My whole family and I just came back from kmart with a whole load of deals (each of us had signed up for the rewards card).

    The rewards card definitely need to be scan first. Then when you hand them the coupons, it is AUTOMATICALLY deducted…so regardless of what the cashier say or what the manager say, the system has a mind of its own.

    Hope that helps

  12. jennifer says:

    It does not say in the ad that the prepaid mastercard is before coupons. I did 2 transactions and the girl told me it has to be 25.00 after coupons! Anyone else have that problem?

  13. Jennifer says:

    I went in today and my K-Mart allowed me to use a $2 coupons and it doubled with no issues. Did I read that someone did 2 transactions with the same Shop Your Way card and it allowed it within the same day?

  14. Jordon Braga says:

    I work at Kmart and to get the 10 dollar pre paid visa card you have to spend 25 dollars after coupons, not before.

  15. Erin says:

    My store is indeed participating, but conveniently will not have any Rewards Cards until mid week :( Since I haven’t signed up for a card yet, that will really limit my coupon loot.

    • Sophie says:

      You can sign up online and print a temporary card to use right away. I had not issues with this today when I shopped.

  16. Jill says:

    My Billings, MT store is on the list but they told me on the phone that since it wasn’t in the ad, they weren’t participating. I’m not sure if the employees on the phones know what they’re talking about or not. I’m going to call corporate in the morning and see what they say.

  17. julie says:

    I just did it and they didn’t have the rebate for for the proctor and gamble stuff do you know if you can find it on line??? i am so mad they didn’t have it i would have never bought the stuff it they didn’t!

  18. Sue says:

    I bought 10 All in 2 different transactions. Paid 55 cents for each transaction. Got to love it! On my way back to do 2 more transactions.

  19. fairyz says:

    My Kmart price for the nivea body wash is 5.99 and not 4.49 which was very disappointing.Ibought scott extra soft 12 rolls for 3.19 as the price was 7.19-4($2 DOUBLE)which was pretty awesome.

  20. teampni says:

    my Kmart tells me they are participating in the double coupon but only up to $2.00 amount. So when i have a $2.00 coupon for the vaseline, they won’t double it because they say $2.00 is the max amount they can deduct. please help

    • Joanie says:

      Doubling up to $2.00 means that a $2.00 coupon becomes $4.00 off, total. A $1.50 off coupon becomes $3.00 off.

      A $3.00/1 coupon, $2.50/1 or any other value over $2.00 will not receive any special treatment.

  21. colette says:

    Tacoma WA 72nd st Kmart is doubling! I’m on my way.

  22. Rachel Morrow says:

    Just got back from Clovis CA K-mart…they had a card at the service desk to send in for the P & G rebate. It had listed pretty much all of the P&G products, not just what was featured on the K-Mart ad. That being said, I purchased $27. worth of products but after coupons it came out to $12.70. No where on the rebate card does it say that the $25 is AFTER coupons, so I’m hoping my purchases will still qualify. I figured that even if they didn’t qualify I averaged $1.41 for each item I purchased. Not bad, but I’m hoping to bring it down to .30/item with the rebate!

    • jennifer says:

      you said you got a card from the service desk? my kmart said they don’t have them! could you mail one to me?

  23. anonymous says:

    Is the $10 free mastercard when you purchase P&G product in the paper weekly ad?

  24. Leah Christie says:

    I determined that I had to join the Rewards Program to access it. thanks!

  25. Amy says:

    p.s. How can a store say it WILL NOT double coupons when it is built right into the computer at the register?

    • Joanie Demer says:

      I don’t know. I’m not shopping today, so I can’t comment on whether all the registers are doubling automatically. I’ll have more first hand info tomorrow.

  26. Amy says:

    p.s. How can a store say it WILL NOT

  27. Amy says:

    Tampax is not on the list. It is only the very limited items that are actually shown on the page. Bummer :-(

  28. Leah Christie says:

    When I go to the link, I never see any list! can anyone tell me if Chico, CA is on there??

  29. sally says:

    scenerio from last night with tampax did not print out the rebate! still got good deals but was bummed because it would have made it a sweeter deal!

  30. BralenX says:

    Just Got back from Kmart and this is what I got.

    4 lbs. Purina Little Bites – $5.29 X 2
    4.5 lbs. Puppy Chow dog food – $5.99
    Clean & Clear Foaming facial cleanser – $4.49 X 2
    Right Guard deodorant – 2/$5.00
    Degree deodorant – $2.99 X 2
    Listerine Antiseptic 500ml – $2.79
    Windex Multi-surface cleaner w/vinegar – $3.29 X 2
    Nabisco Snack Pack 4oz. – $1.00

    Total with tax $50.66

    Used 2/$2 Purina Little Bites printable coupons
    Used 1/$2 Puppy Chow printable (Purina website)
    Used 2/$2 Clean & Clear any product printable
    Used 2/$1.50 Right Guard deodorant printable
    Used 2/$1.25 Degree deodorant printable
    Used 1/$1 Listerine printable
    Used 2/$1 Windex any Multi-Surface cleaner

    The Nabisco 4oz. Snack Pack FREE coupon printed out on my first transaction and I used it on my 2nd transaction.

    Total OOP – $11.60 with tax

    I had $5.76 on my rewards card but the register was not letting me use it… I’m still happy though.

    I did 3 different transactions with 3 different cashiers using my sister’s, my mom’s and my rewards cards. I didn’t want to make three trips because of their 5 coupon per customer limit. :)

  31. Becca Filley says:

    David Thank you! I will look again, when I looked originally it was on the list so I was really excited! Maybe I will consider Corvallis

  32. David A. says:

    I live in Albany and it is NOT on the list. Corvallis is. Not sure what list you are look at but it is wrong. Most Oregon store where excluded.

  33. Becca Filley says:

    My store was on the list in Albany, Oregon. Yet I called just to be sure as it’s a 15 mile drive. The woman on the phone said they are not doing the doubling event but they are accepting internet printables. GRR…LOL

    • Gretchan says:

      I just went and bought 5 of the $3.79 Dove Deodorant and no catalina printed? What do I do? I am already home and forgot about it till now.

  34. Amanda Preston says:

    Just got back from Kmart this morning. My store had a sign at checkout letting customers know about the double coupons.

    Here’s what I snagged:

    L’Oreal Eyeshadow Single – $4.29 x 2
    Tampax Pearl Compact – $4.59 x 2
    L.A. Hair Gel – On sale for $1.99 (normally $2.59)

    Total $19.75 +tax

    Used $2/1 L’Oreal Product Printable (from L’Oreal website)
    Used $2/1 Any Pearl Procuct from 3/7 P&G Insert
    Used $1/1 LA Gel from 3/7 SS

    TOTAL OOP – $1.75 + tax

    Definately going back for more free hair gel..only kind my husband uses.