Did you know that Home Depot accepts Competitor Coupons?

If you plan on shopping at Home Depot this weekend, be sure to take along this printable Ace Hardware coupon for $10 off when you spend $50.

I would call your Local Home Depot first to double check that your store will honor the competitor coupon. Make sure you write down the time you called and the name of the person who gave you the okay, just in case you run into a checker who is unaware of the policy.

I have used competitor coupons at my Home Depot several times with no trouble at all!

Have you tried this before?


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3 thoughts on “Home Depot Accepts Competitor Coupons!”

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot accept competitor’s coupons. Anytime I have a coupon, I check the prices at BOTH stores on the items I’m purchasing before deciding which store to use the coupon at. However, they tend to shy away from competitor “printable” coupons. You’ll have to ask customer service if they will accept it before going to checkout.


The Home Depot Corporate Office said they WILL NOT accept these coupons — however, Lowes will accept competitor’s coupons.


Yes…I’ve done this. Lowe’s will accept competitors’s coupons too. Same for the office supply stores.