Offer or Coupon Cannot be Combined with any Other Offers:
This means that you cannot combine the coupon with any other discounts, such as a military discount, senior citizen discount, student discount.  Also this typically means that you cannot combine a like offer on the same product. For example, if you are using a store coupon that says “Coupon Cannot be Combined with any Other Offers” this means that you can not stack it with another store coupon.

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Okay so I just chatted with someone from Walgreens I cannot speak for other stores as I have not yet contacted them nor run into any issues elsewhere. You can use a store coupon and a manufacture coupon you just can’t use more than one of the coupon stating “Not valid with any other offer” in the same transaction. I hope this helps some.

I just had this issue today with the cashier at target. He told me I could not use the TQ with the MQ because the MQ said not to be combined with any other offer. I’m confused as to what you said above, can someone clarify?

I have a question…I have a manufacture coupon that say "cannot be redeemed with any other offer"……I have a target coupon too..this means that I can not use both coupons? 

so i just bought something online at and used one of their 20% off entire order online coupon. the product that i bought has a mail-in rebate. the mail-in rebate says, “cannot be combined with other offers.” i have to send in the upc and the RECEIPT. does the store’s 20% off coupon count as a combined offer. im so confused. should i just send in the rebate offer anyway? please help.

I had an issue with a CVS cashier who flat out told me I could not use two coupons for two different items (one was a B1G1 coupon and the other was a $1.00 off) before she attempted to scan them. I tried to nicely tell her that it’s one coupon per item and she rolled her eyes at me. I told her to at least try to scan the second coupon and if it didn’t work, I’d let it go. It worked! She was totally annoyed because she was wrong but at least I got my extra dollar off.

I have one CVS that has a checker that hates coupons. She gives me the stink eye every time I go in the store. The result? I go to a different store. I found another one where the checker cheers with me when I get a good deal.

I think what’s behind the behavior of the first one is a combination of laziness and jealousy. Laziness because she doesn’t want to have to be made to think. Jealousy because she wishes she could do what we do and save money.

Frankly “Krazy couponing” is really mysterious to people that haven’t learned about it. We know of course that anyone can do it, especially if you get good instruction (like on this site.) Some people are intrigued and curious, others are threatened by it because deep down they’re afraid they aren’t smart enough to be able to do it. IMO that’s their problem and indicates internal issues with their self esteem, etc that have nothing to do with me.

Actually the one I’m having trouble with lately is “one coupon per purchase.” Several times over the past week, a cashier has attempted to tell me that I could only use one like-item coupon even if I had three identical items and three coupons for each of those items. As we know, what that means is that only one mftg. coupon can be used per item, which makes sense. However, they often mistake “one per purchase” to mean “one per transaction.” It’s not easy to convince them that “one per purchase” means that, for each item purchased, only one coupon can be used. It’s been a battle lately. I was tempted to see if I could find a place where red plum or smart source or someone explains what “one per purchase” means in manufacturing coupon language.

The best way i found in arguing this, is write a BIG manufacturer. I have a email from P&G that gives 4 or 5 things that they explain in detail, how they view the wording on their coupons. One is that exact question. They state that one per purchase means per item. I show anyone that this is a issue with, and ive had 0 problems. Even with non P&G items, i just tell them if one of the biggest manufacturers view it this way, odds are this one will to, AND if you need me to ask them for you i will. :) again never any issues after this. i bet if you email them, they’ll send you it, you can tell its a canned response. :)

AJ – any chance you could forward that file or post it somewhere where we could print it? I too have had that problem lately and it bugs me to death. The last cashier tried with me but I asked the manager right away and she clarified…needless to say the cashier was not happy at all with ALL the coupons I had :-)

Yes you can if BOTH coupons dont have the above warning, or some variation. Even if one does, technically per the coupon wording, you cant use them.

So, if you you use a b1g1 free coupon, can you use another coupon for the same item being bought. Like if you used that coupon for the b1g1 free Tide, could you also use a $1 off coupon for the Tide being purchased at full price?

Thanks for the info.


You can only use that b1g1 free coupon for that purchase. The b1g1 coupon already applies to the two items because each item is considered a purchase. A BOGO Free promo essentially means we are getting each item at half price.