A few ways to save when printing coupons!

This is a tip for you greenies, or as we affectionately call you, “coupon virgins”.  When you print coupons from a site like coupons.com, redplum.com or smartsource.com, the best way to conserve paper is to print your coupons in threes!  I never print one coupon at a time (well, rarely).   Coupons generally print three to a page, so selecting three or six or nine, you get the picture, will use the least ink and get you the most coupons per page!  When you print one coupon at a time, often you’ll get a big ad at the bottom of the page.

  • Print in Black and White.  Your stores should ALL be excepting your coupons printed in black and white!  This will save you a lot on cost of ink!  Go to control panel, select your printer, find “printing preferences”, then “graphics” and then select grayscale.  This setting will save and all your coupons will print in black and white until you manually change it back.
  • Each coupon can be printed twice.  After you print the coupon once, click to go back to the screen where you see the coupons, (if you can’t find how to get back, just click the link from KCL again).  As an example:  Let’s say you printed a huggies coupon that you found on page 2 of coupons.com.  After printing it, you go back to page 2 and the coupon’s no longer there, so you conclude that it is gone- WRONG!  After you’ve printed the coupon once, it moves to the last page.  Go to the last page, select and print again.  Now the coupon will show “print limit reached” after your second print.

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what happens to your printouts if you run out of ink? I tried to print my coupons on a couple different sites but it just stayed in the queue. I hope it prints out when I refill my ink. =/

Do you have any suggestions for how to switch printing preferences for a mac? I can only view & change the preferences when I open a document. Please help all my coupons are printing in color!

Hello Ladies,

Im a new couponer.. Ive been doing this for a month now and I am still VERY overwhelmed. I read all the stories and ive been up and down this site many times, which helps amazingly, but I am still confused. I have been using WAY too much paper on printing the coupons even 3 to a page.. So this conversation helps me alot! Thanks! But I dont get where everyone is getting all of there coupons.. I use all the provided websites here and then a couple more I found like ShopatHome.com, but it seems to take me FOREVER to barely get an coupons searched and printed.. and I dont have all that timem to sit at my computer cuz I have two little ones crawlin around!

How do you guys do it!?! I need help! I want to be a Krazy Coupon Lady So Bad!


Can I use the coupons that I print at home in the store in my area or do I have to enter the state from where I live.

I switched to a laser printer last year (11 months ago to be exact) and have not had to change my high-yield toner cartridge yet! One trick that I learned about was that if you get the low-toner warning signal, at least with my printer, you can take a piece of tape and cover up the little window that the printer uses to determine if your toner is low. I figured if I did that I’d get a few more days out of the printer, but it’s been like 2 months! 😉 I print at least 15 pages a day too, mostly coupons. I purchased a backup toner cartridge on Amazon and got it for only $47 so if this new one lasts as long as the old one, I’ll be spending $47 this year to print instead of $47 every 55-60 days like I was before!

where is the cancel button located?

when you go to the coupon sites, most have a button that lets you select by category

then I select coupons in the order of KCL’s notebook
then print 3 coupons per page (twice) so they are all together and the limit reached

when you have reached print limit, the coupon disappears / goes to the end of the list

I always go to the last page of coupons.com first,so I can see which coupons have already reached their print limit. This saves me time so I dont have to look through 15 pages of coupons just to find the one I wanted is on the last page and no longer available to me. You can request some Bricks coupons to be mailed to you instead of printing them – click on the Help link at the bottom right and if its available by mail a request form will pop up. After I receive the coupon by mail I take the whole page to the store so they can see it wasnt printed from the internet. I’ve had fewer problems with cashiers by doing this, especially for high value and B1G1 free coupons.

I acutally will print only one off quite a bit. A lot of time it’s only one I want and don’t want to waste the ink finding another I maybe will use. So I just always cut that coupon off and have a pile of paper I’ll save to print 2 coupons out later. Works great. I also hit cancel print when I can tell a picture is going to print. Kids come home with so much paper from school like for activities etc I don’t need. I’ll use that also.

My husband brings home paper from work that I use for my coupons. It always has stuff on the back of my coupons and I’ve never had a problem with it. One time I had a few printed on hot pink paper and no problems.
Even when I change my default to grayscale, bricks still print up in color, but when I print a brick I flip the paper so when I click the back button, it prints on the bottom of the page. So 2 coupons on 1 page!
(BTW, most bricks have a disclaimer stating that the coupon can be in black & white or color.)

what do you do when a cashier wont take your B&W coupon? I had a Safeway cashier refuse my black and whites (as well as my extend-a-clean $5 off and Buy one get refill free coupons!) She spoke to her manager because I pushed it, who also said no. I came home and pulled up the Safeway coupon policy which makes no mention of MUST BE IN COLOR?

Ask the cashier if they can just try to scan it. I have had cashiers question my coupons but then they say that if it won’t scan then they won’t take it. Only a couple of times they haven’t scanned but the majority of the time they will. Also, ask them to show you where it says in their company literature that they are not supposed to take black & White coupons. Maybe if you have a copy of their policy with you then you can prove it to them??!!!

What do you do when you change the printer to default in black and white and it still prints in color?

I have the same problem! Any Bricks/coupons.com still print in color, eventhough my defaults are cemented in black an white… I don;t get it but smart soure prints black and white… What am I missing?

Shelly & Sheena, I have the same problem. My laptop is set to B&W draft usage. Smart source and red plum print fine, but bricks & coupons.com print in full bleed color. drives me crazy. My desktop is Win XP, no problems with it.

I also can’t print target.com qs from my laptop. Their help desk said that they don’t support Win 7 yet.

HELP!!!!Has anyone found the resolution to the bricks.coupons.com only printing in color?

I have changed all my printer settings to black and white. I have PC Windows7. All other coupons will print in B&W but the bricks.coupons.
email me if you have found the solution stacielynn78@yahoo.com.

Yes! I have this problem too! I have set the defaults and they still come out in color. Oddly, it only happens when I print on my computers running Vista and Windows 7. They come out B&W on my old computer that runs XP. I cannot figure out why this does this.

I’m totally pulling out my hair on this one! Everything else from my comp prints in b/w when the setting is correct EXCEPT my coupons! I don’t get it! Any help…anyone?

There are multiple ways to change the color setting for a printer. If you change the settings within the software for the printer itself to B&W and your browser is still printing in color then you need to change the settings within the browser. This holds true with other programs like the Office Suite. If there are still issues you may need to either check for driver updates for the printer or uninstall/reinstall the drivers. Hope this helps.

i am having the same problem- i just got a new mac and installed the coupon printer to my old printer that was printing in B&W- now with the mac i can’t quite figure out how to get my coupons in B&W -when everything else i print is. AHH! do i need to uninstall and reinstall the coupon printing software? thanks. desperately want coupons but not in color since it is sucking it away quickly!

Anyone know how to change the printer to grayscale on a Mac? I have followed the instructions to change it on my PC but cannot get my Mac to print B&W

Thanks for this advice! I read that Albertson’s won’t accept black and white coupons. Is that no longer true? Thanks so much for the help.

Where did you read that? As of a few months ago, they have to accept black and white internet coupons unless they have recently changed their corporate policy.

Walgreen’s always takes my B&W! (Thankfully, since I have a laser printer, which, btw, is another way to cut costs–in three years, I’ve only had to replace the toner ONCE)

what kind of printer is it, where did u buy it and how much did it cost?

Great tips. I print in black and white though, not grayscale, because grayscale uses slightly more ink. I also do what stephanie says where I hit cancel on the printer just after the coupon prints so the ad doesn’t come out with it. Then I turn the page around, put it back in the printer, and print another coupon on the same page.

The only store that I know of that isn’t accepting black and white coupons now is Walgreens. Everytime I have gone in there with a black and white one they refuse to take them.

Some Albertson’s won’t take them either … I had one checker accuse me of photocopying. So embarrassing and frustrating.

Safeway made the comment to me yesterday, that they were checking to make sure I didn’t have any black & white-I didn’t so don’t know what would have happened. He did ask if any were photocopied & I said no-they are all legit!

I had this happen to me at one of our local Albertsons, and it is absolutely wrong! There is NO CORPORATE policy for Albertsons stating that if the coupon is black and white they can’t take it. If you call corporate and complain your store will absolutely HAVE to take your coupons. Don’t let them make you feel this way, fight back!

I have not had problems anywhere with my black and white only coupons. I have used them everywhere. Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreens, FM, and Target. Must be store specific in certain areas…

As always, these are great tips. I will add that I use the backs of old papers (as long it isn’t something with personal information on it) to save on buying paper. And, if I have to print only 1 or 2 of a coupon I cut the blank part of the paper off straight across and use it again for when I have to print only one coupon. As long as I load it from the straight edge of the paper and not the hand-cut, crooked edge, it won’t get stuck in my printer. I also set my printer on preview as a default. Then I can see if there’s a full page ad printed below the coupon. As soon as just the coupon prints I hit “cancel” so it doesn’t print the rest of the ad. These and the tips you mentioned have saved me TONS of paper and ink! Thanks KC ladies!

I’m bit of a newbie for printing out coupons. I have an brothers laser printer hl 2140. How can I set my printer on preview as a default? I’ve notice after I print many coupons, ads will print out as well. Where is the cancel button located? I also tried to cut off a blank part of the paper but for some odd reason my printer won’t accept it. Any advice? Thanks

Another way to use the blank part is to turn it around & upside down-so it prints on the back of the blank bottom part. This is also a safeguard too, as a few times when I printed on the bottom & there was an ad down the rest of the paper & I didn’t catch it to cancel-it printed over a good coupon! Very sad when this happens, I am trying to pay more attention.

Hi, My name is Debbie. I’m new to coupons. I have alot of recycle paper, I mean one side of paper already printed, but we not long need that, the backside not print. Can I print the coupons on the backside of this paper to save paper?? Does that work??

I do this all the time. At my son’s school I check the recycle box by the printer & there is often paper which is barely used-had an error & was tossed. Also my junk mail-I save paper from also. If the print is too dark & goes through on the other side, I don’t use that, but otherwise it works great.