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Why Do You Coupon?


We had a fun discussion on facebook that I wanted to bring to the blog…

What’s Your Motivation to Coupon?

I started couponing in 2008 after my husband and I had cut back on many of our expenses. We bought a new house and cut our house payment almost in half. We got rid of an extra car, cut cable tv, & were ferociously paying down credit card debt. When it wasn’t enough I started to cut coupons. When that wasn’t enough Joanie and I got into Extreme Couponing after hearing some pretty unreal stories from my coupon clipping aunt! Pretty soon we were saving $700 in one day & I haven’t paid full price for cereal since!

Thats my story, and here are some reasons we heard on facebook:

I love to save money and I like to have a stocked pantry and linen closet … It’s like I have a mini Walmart. Proud to see my goods that was purchase very cheap or free. - Queenie

I’m using my “savings” each month to pay down our house payment. Little bit here and a little bit there really add up! - Christine

I think it is fun and addicting! Plus the money I save allows us to do the extras like vacation, movies etc. - Angela
To pay for graduate school without student loans! – Amanda
Hair and spa treatments – Kim
So, tell me- Why Do You Coupon?

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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