$1.00/2 – Honest Tea or Honest Ade, 16.9 oz – (honesttea.com)

There is a Catalina going on for Honest Tea, but it isn’t printing for KCL readers.  Will update as soon as we have more info!

Buy Honest Ice Tea or Honest Ade (16.9 fl oz) between 5/8 – 5/30 and save up to $3 on your next order

Buy 1, Receive $0.75 Catalina ($0.75 savings per item)
Buy 2, Receive $1.50 Catalina ($0.75 savings per item)
Buy 4, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($0.75 savings per item)

Safeway Scenario:

Buy 4 Honest Tea, 16.9 oz $1.25 each
Buy 4, Receive $3 Catalina
Use 2: $1.00/2 – Honest Tea or Honest Ade, 16.9 oz – (honesttea.com)
Pay $0.75 each after coupon, FREE after Catalina!

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55 thoughts on “Honest Tea Coupon!”

I did not get a cat today with the tea. I bought the honey green tea today. Ilive in southern Calif.

Probably cuz it ended on 5/30. :(

I have rolled this deal 4 times at my local fred myers in portland, or.

Some of the flavors are triggering the cat and some are not. this is what worked for me:
pomegranate blue- honet ade
pomegranate white tea- honest tea

This is what didn’t trigger it at my store:

Superfruit punch- honest ade
half tea & half lemonade- honest tea

Hope that helps someone. Happy rolling ladies :) If anyone in my area has tried other flavors I’d love to hear about it. Thanks

I went to Fred Meyer in Pocatello today to try the Honest Tea/Juice cat and they had BOGO coupons on the shelf with the bottles. Ends up being a $1 moneymaker when you buy 4.

has anyone had a problem with this coupon not scanning?
Mine wouldn’t even scan the cshier tryed a few time, when it wouldn’t go thru she said she couldn’t take it.
Does anyone know how long this deal will be going on at Raley’s?

Pdf’s have a hard time scanning… mine never scan. If the cashier won’t take it, ask nicely for them to check with their manger. That works 99% of the time. :)

Vons in central California, didn’t register the honest tea when it was scanned, prob why there was not a CAT printed. not in system yet


I am in the Seattle area, Kirkland to be specific. Can anyone recommend a coupon-friendly Safeway? Mine is definitely not!! Thanks for any tips.

I bought them at Raleys for $.99each and got the $3 CAt, Did that a few times. Was able to get some other things I needed with it.

I just posted above… but I haven’t had any problems in Burien or Seatac (McMicken/Riverton Heights location). Maybe a bit of a drive from Kirkland, but if you’re over there anyway…

I haven’t had any problems with Fred Meyer (Burien) taking the coupon. Their catalinas weren’t printing right, though (would only print $1.50 when I bought 4)

Thanks. I am rarely, if ever, down that way, but I have discovered a couple of Safeways in Bellevue and one on Bothell Way that I am going to try.

When I bought 4 the CAT only printed for $1.50 also..dont know what is up..I think it is the coupons for B1G1..the next transaction I bought 8 and the CAT printed for $3.00

I was able to get this deal today at my Fred Meyer (Kroger owned). The Tea was $1.00 each. I bought 4, used 2 coupons, and got a $3.00 CAT. I have had no problem using this coupon at our local Safeway.


They were in the organic section at my Fred Meyer. Not in the refrigerated area, but on the shelf (the cold section only had the more expensive glass bottles).

My Safeway would not take the coupon at all. They stated that about 1 year ago they adopted a policy to only take internet coupons that came through the Safeway site and that they had a problem with web site administrators listing coupons that the manufacturer would then not pay. They also refused to take Chobani yogurt coupons that were for B2G1 that I printed directly from the Chobani site. I am having ongoing problems at that Safeway. Anyone else have this issue?

They wouldn’t take mine at Safeway in Seattle either….they said they couldn’t take anything that was a PDF :(

When something comes up again I am going to try a different Safeway on the Eastside and see if I have better luck. I called the store director and he was ABSOLUTELY no help whatsoever.

Try Safeway in Burien or Seatac (near the light rail station). I had no problems at either one. They only have two flavors, though… honey green tea and pomegranate.

Fred Meyer in Burien has a wide variety of flavors (in their organic section) but they cats aren’t printing right! They only printed a $1.50 when I bought 4. I don’t know what to do about it :(

*their* cats… not “they” cats… sorry :)

That’s strange. I haven’t tried the tea coupons b/c it appears my store doesn’t carry them, but have never had any trouble with printed coupons from any website at Safeway.

Tried to buy at woodland safeway today and couldn’t find them anywhere in the store! Help!!! Looked in the juice and pop aisles with no luck :-(

I always find them with the sports drinks which are usually in a different aisle than the pop and juice, which seems kinda weird. Hope that helps! :)

I couldn’t find them at my Safeway either, so I asked the manager. When he couldn’t find them he took my name and number so he could make some calls and let me know. 15 minutes later he called and said nobody knew anything about it, but they would look into it..weird..but what awesome customer service!!

I found only two flavors on the very top shelf with all the other non-refrigerated drinks. And by top shelf, I mean someone had to climb up to get them for me!


the cats printing fine for me at fred meyer and their on sale for $1.00, so pay $2 after coupon savings and get $3cat!!!! 😀 great deal!!!! on organic drinks!!! we are stocked for the summer camping trips!!! (i’m in idaho)

THANK YOU so much for this comment!!!! I’m in WA, but I’m definitely going to go check this out tonight. As I mentioned below, my Safeway only had two flavors available and only had about 4 in stock. Trip to freddy’s is a must now!

Did the deal today and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

If you’re an Honest Tea fan now’s the time to stock up!!

CAT printed brilliantly for me at the Liberty Lake Safeway in WA! Yay!!! Thanks KCL! :)

Catalina did funny things at Safeway – maybe related to multiple vs single flavor purchase? I bought two flavors, one and three bottles. The first time through checkout, it printed a .75 coupon, as tho I had purchased only one. I took the bottles to customer service, and they handled it as a return and then let me purchase just the four bottles as a separate order. The new cashier rang them up as 2 bottles of each flavor (don’t ask me why ;-), and the resulting catalina was for $1.50, as though I had only bought two. Who knows- I’ll try following “what to do if your catalina doesn’t print” and see where that leads me.

no cat for me either – Im in Oregon.

The cat is printing in Western WA Safeways. I went to two Safeways today (looking for a different deal). The PDF coupons didn’t scan at one of them, so the cashier manually entered them. They scanned just fine at the second one. Strange, but it worked! Hooray!

The cat printed at Safeway this evening. In addition to the $3 cat, I got a coupon for a free bottle of sobe. It’s nice when a competitor gives you free stuff!

my coupon wouldn’t scan and the cashier said that the store is no longer taking coupons that don’t scan due to fraud, also the cat only printed for the first 4 , I bought 8 in one transaction. Has anyone else had a problem with this Q?

No idea on the other stores, but I shopped at a Bel Air in Northern CA today and the cat worked there, too.

NONE of the Honest Tea coupons I’ve used in the past will scan! Really frustrating. Or to be precise, they scan but say “no matching items found.” No matter what varieties I’ve purchased. When I was at Bel Air, there was also a huge tearpad of 0.50/1 coupons and I used those today to see if they went through easily and THEY DON’T EITHER. Perhaps I will write the company to see if someone can trouble-shoot? Even the coupons printed and coming straight from the company have this issue for me!

I’ve never had a problem at Raley’s with them accepting coupons (IP or otherwise) if they don’t scan properly. They double check to make sure the items purchased are correct, but then they manually override the error.

Cat is not printing at Randall’s in Texas.

Thanks everyone for reporting the non-printing! We’re going to try to figure out what the deal is. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

No cat today in Illinois

Catalina is not printing at Dominick’s in Illinois.

Catalina is not printing at Vons in California.

Boght 4 at safeway and no catalina printed??

A PDF?? Woohooo!!!! Going to go get 4 for myself and another batch for my sis. Yes, I’m unnaturally excited about this deal :)

there is a $.50/1 coupon on theire website, if your store doubles up to $.50 then you can use 1 $1/2 and 2 $.50/1 – my store doubles only one coupon of the same kind, so I could make this deal be a $.50 MM

what are peoples thougths on printing more than 2 pdf file coupons? I am not sure how many is ethical to print? 2 or more? only one? as many as you want? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks –

You are directed to the PDF on their website, so I don’t see it as an issue.

It is working at Raley’s stores, too! (California). PLUS, the Teas are only $1 this week (until 5/25/10). So, if you buy 4, use 2 coupons, you pay $2 OOP and get a $3 catalina. I’ve tried this several times.

The catalina DOES NOT roll and multiple cats will not print. So, you have to buy either 1, 2, or 4 drinks to get the deal.

Bummer, I bought 4 honest tea at safeway today in 1 transaction and I only got 1 $1.5 catalina!

sounds like a great deal to me

I will try out this CAT at Fry’s (AZ area) since Honest Tea is on sale, 10 for 10, and let you guys know if it works!

Last night a Fred Meyer I got $4 CATS for purchasing 15 Gerber baby food products. I was super happy! I purchased 15 jars that were on sale, and my total was $8.48 and I got a $4 cat good on my next purchase! Its good on any Gerber food product, so rice cereal, organics and snacks/meals are also included! Im in Wa State fyi!

Can I print more than one coupon? I noticed it’s PDF.

Cat is printing at Fred Meyer, but the bottles are $1.79 (waiting for them to go 10/$10)