Okay, so I don’t even know what else is in our inserts this week, because I couldn’t get past the front page of the Smartsource Insert,
where there is a big coupon for
$1.00/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s 18 oz or 1 Sweet Baby Rays 28 oz

With the help of this coupon I was able to stockpile the BEST BBQ Sauce last year which lasted me the entire year! This coupon will get us FREE Sweet Baby Rays with the right sale at Albertsons and with Doublers. And even without doublers we’ll see lots of stockup worthy prices until this coupon expires on 6/30/2010!

Here is one this week at Fred Meyer:

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, 18 oz $1.00 with in ad coupon (limit 5)
Use $1.00/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s from SS 5/23
Final price: $0.50!

Anyone else as excited as I am?

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38 thoughts on “Sunday Coupon Roundup: SWEET BABY RAY’S!!!!”

Two of our local stores had Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce on sale this week, so it made it particularly easy to buy. To the person who did not want to try the sauce because of the corn syrup, you would have to eat a lot of sauce to have this be a problem for the average food consumer. You are missing out on a great BBQ sauce. My husband was given a bottle of this by my niece a few years ago as a joke. My husbands name is Ray and Sweet Baby Ray is his nickname, this makes it a doubly sweet deal!

At Farm Fresh in Va, used coupon to get two 18oz bottles for free. They are on sale for $1 a bottle and Farm Fresh doubles coupons up to a dollar. Also used 2 Lance coupons at same time to get two eight pack of crackers free. Again $1 coupon doubled. Then I got $.05 cents off for bringing my own bag. So my $6.00+tax total came to $.03. That was fun.

You really should just sign up for the newspaper~ It is so much cheaper and it comes to your doorstep. Check out the Press Tribune deal that KCL can get you!

Just bought 20 coupons on ebay for $2.83 free shipping, woohoo, (hopefully they get here in time)

I am totally excited!!! I did the same thing…..couldn’t believe there’s a coupon!!! I just bought a two pack at costco cuz i finally got down to my last two bottles from last years deal 😛 Woohoo!!!!

ok, so of course, i forget to get the paper one weekend, and the coupons are good this time around!

I live in OH. My SS has 3 different Sweet Baby Ray coupons. $1 off any Marinade, $1 off any Dipping sauce, and $1 off any Grilling sauce. All of these at the Meijer I go to ring up at the .99 sale price! Making them all free. I bought 4 papers this week plus having coupons for these from a previous month. I will get 20 bottles free with all the coupons I have from this week plus pass weeks. YAY!(not sure if sales tax is applied to this) YAY!!!

The 40 oz at Walmart is on rollback for only $2, so only $1 for a huge bottle! That’s stock up price for me.

my smart source insert didn’t have this coupon! Bummer!!

I went to go buy some today and I saw that the first ingredient is HFCS.Bummer! Even if it was free, its just not worth eating high fructose corn syrup!

it is the same price at albies no limi, no coupons…..50 cents each after 1.00/2 coupon, as far as I know there are no doublers this weekend but look for them the holiday weekend…at least that is the word from my good source

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s on sale at Safeway (Randalls) for $1? I didn’t see it in the flyer. Can anyone else confirm? I live in Austin, TX.

The West Linn Safeway had it for $1.50 each today — use a double coupon and freeeeeee!

For once I am hoping for a rain check so I can order coupons and get a better price since there were none for SBR in my paper.

Another great way to get Sweet Baby Rays coupons is to email the company asking for them. I emailed them and a few months later I received a few awesome coupons!!

Me too! Free coupon that I”m hanging on to for a BOGO sale…doesn’t expire till 2011 and I used my $1 off any 1 SBR today at Fred Meyer!

the ones at fred meyer for $1 are only the 18oz size the 2.00 ones at walmart are 40 oz so with the $1\2 coupon the walmart deal is better 40 oz instead of 36 for the same price because you only have to buy one big bottle and not 2 little bottles

Dallas/ Ft Worth got it for $1/1 with no size requirement!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! Off to Tom Thumb….

YES! i kept seeing all the posts for $1/2 and have read the coupon a dozen times to make sure….DFW $1/1!!

We got coupons for SBR Marinade and one other product, but not the BBQ sauce :(

Was SO EXCITED to see the coupon this morning! Fred Meyer has a coupon in their ad for 5/$5 on Sweet Baby Rays so I ran out this morning before they were gone. FREE BBQ SAUCE…YEA BABY! 5 bottles for .30 cents!! YES! Love it when I can by my groceries from the change in my change purse!

How would you get them for free? The Fred Meyer coupon is for $1/2 for the 18oz bottles, which is the size that the $5/5 Fred Meyer coupon is valid on, so $.50/each by my math. Still a great deal on my favorite bbq sauce.

I think the lady made a mistake…I went to the self checkout and she didn’t question it. yea!

I need to get a different newspaper. I never get the good coupons! Will be scouring out another one that has this coupon this week and purchasing that!

At Fred Meyer do you HAVE to buy the 5 with the in store coupon? Or can you just buy the 4, use the in store coupon and the manufacture coupon and still get the deal?

No, you don’t have to buy all 5 to get the deal. You can just get 4, and the in-store coupon will give you the discount.

My SmartSource from the small local paper did not have the Sweet Baby Ray’s coupon, but my SS insert from the Tacoma News Tribune did! Weird….

I love this stuff and am so disappointed that the coupons did not show up in our inserts. Apparently central/southern California areas don’t get the good coupons.

What would be a good newspaper to subscribe to in order to get the coupons? Is there a better alternative?

Thanks for your work on this site, it is the best!

I got the coupon in So Cal the AV press. I find that the LA times usually has good coupons.

I got it in the Fresno Bee in Central CA. But I would not suggest that as a good paper to subscribe to as it rarely has the good coupons everyone posts about.

Oh yeah!! I am so excited!! Sweet Baby Rays is the best! Totally going to stock up this week ($1 at Albertsons, 50c a piece, unless I have the doublers, then free), woohoo! Thanks KCL!! You so totally rock!

bummer. central coast (ca) ss didnt have one =( they are $1 at albertsons right now, so still a sweet deal considering its the best bbq sauce.

They’re also on sale for $1 at Safeway, so no limit!

Soooo excited! We just used our last bottle last night on some fabulous ribs! I will be stocking up for sure! The dilema is…wait for ablertsons doubles, or go ahead and get them at Fred Meyer this week? They are on sale for $1 at albertsons right now also.

SBR is definitely the best bbq sauce out there. I’m still stocked up from last Summer too :)

man, i’m jealous. this wasn’t in mine. trying to be happy for you! :) i got bbq sauce for $.12 last week @ Harris Teeter, but it wasn’t Sweet Baby Rays!!!!!!

I was excited about this one too, though I’ve never tried Sweet Baby Ray’s. The big bottles are on sale at WalMart for $2, making it $1 for the big ones.

For those that don’t have Fred Meyer’s like me. CVS has this same deal and I just got mine!