Use the following coupons to get Free travel size products at Target!  My Nor Cal prices are usually higher than anywhere else.  Most of you will likely find these travel size products under a dollar, which will make them completely free after coupon.  See our complete list of products in the Travel Aisle at Target!

After a few long flights this past week, I’m ready to buy more trial size products, especially when they’re free or nearly free!  My bulging carry-on bag would have not-so-bulgy if I’d only been traveling with a trial size deodorant instead of full size, etc.  And the TSA liquid requirements mean that these smaller bottles can be really useful even when they’re empty!  I’ll just fill em up (with face wash, more shampoo, etc) and re-use them again and again!  Here are some great ways to use the new printable coupons available this morning at Target!

Axe Deodorant $1.07
$1.00/1 – Axe Deodorant or Body Spray – (
Final Price: $0.07

Degree Mens or Womens Deodorant .5 oz $1.07
$0.75/1 – Degree Deodorant or Body Spray – (
Final Price: $0.32

Dove hairspray 2 oz $1.07
$1.00/1 – Dove Hair Product – (
Final Price: $0.07

Act II 3 ct. Mini Popcorn Bags $1.00
(Find these in the Dollar Spot)
$0.40/1 – Act II Popcorn, 3 pk or larger – (

$1.00/2 – Act II Popcorn, 3 pk or larger – (
Final Price: as low as $0.50 each, when you buy 2

Thanks Totally Target!

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19 thoughts on “Free Trial Size Products at Target!”

Nelda, the exact same thing happened to me at the Target in Daphne, Al last week. THey would not let me use a $1.00 Q for a trial size product that was .97 cents. They said this was something new in the past couple of weeks. THe coupon did NOT say anything about not being able to use it on trial size items. They said there was no way they could “price match” or call it even.”

i tried buying the dove trial size at target. it was for .97 cents. the coupon was for a dollar. they would not price match the coupon to the item. JUST 3 CENTS!! the manager said if the machine does not accept the coupon we can’t accept it. period. two different managers told me the same thing! by the way this is a target in san antonio,tx. the manager also told me that target will not be accepting coupons that are for more than the item is priced for! needless to say i was very disappointed!

i went to target i got the shick razor for free. finally olay body wash was on sale for 4.75 . target had on sale heinz 40oz ketchup for $1.00 and frenchs mustard that came with dippingsauce for 1.00 !

They also had trial sized K-Y Jelly (sorry if that is too personal) that was free after my coupon ($2).

My target in Town and Country, MO gave me a little hassle and I had the manager come over and pointed out to him it never said anything on coupon about not being valid on trail sizes and he said you are right sir and told the cashier to ring him up. I got axe, dove, and degree trail size all for free. One question can any of you ladies either answer this question or point me in the right direction to get the answer. How many times am I allowed to print the same coupon from one computer and does it vary for each website like target, red plum and

@Jarrod MOST IPs will only print twice from each computer you use, but you’ll have to try and see because there was a Q a while back that was a THREE limit print. Now Qs that are in a PDF format usely have a no limit print (i.e. the 1.00/1 & 1.00/2 any 3M Scoth Brite product that I have)

**NOTE: Kroger has in their circular this week, the single ct Scotch Brite sponges for $1.00 = FREE SPONGES ladies & sirs with the Q I mentioned above. It expires at the end of the month 6/30/10!

Thanks I was thinking it was 2 and you read my mind I was going to ask if it was based on IP address next. Thanks again and happen shopping to all.

If you live in the NW, I received a flier from Fred Meyers in the June 13th Sunday paper. It had Dove (any hair product, no restirctions) $1/1, Axe Deodorant or body spray $1/1, and Degree .75/1. Being the fun “hunter” that I am, hit the recycling bins last night and found over 20. So, they are still around. Makes this deal a lot happier!
**and there is $1/1 Target store coupon too, not sure what the retail for Dove is this week though**

I haven’t had problems with the trial size coupon thing, but I am very careful to make sure it does not say “not valid on trial size” on the coupons I use.

Last week my Target told me they wouldn’t accept coupons on trial sized items, even when I pointed out that the coupon didn’t have that restriction on it.

I had the worst time at target last night. The lady would not let me use a coupon on a trial size even though I was allowed to the day before. She also won’t let me use peelies with my coupons…very frustrating. I thought you could use peelies with manufactures and target

Print out and take with you the “rules” of couponing for Target and have it at the ready when a cashier decides to make up her/his own rules. Last week the cashier at CVS told me if the picture of the product was not on the coupon they would not accept it. I pointed out to her that it was the wording on the coupon that was legally binding not the picture.l She told me that “they”, y’all know who “they” are, said she couldn’t take them but she wouold this time,m just this once. If you don’t get anywhere with the cashier ask for the manager to come over and see what is going on.

No, you can’t use peelies with manu and Target coupons. You can use one Target Q and one Manu Q, peelies are a manu Q— so you would be double dipping so to speak!

peelies are manufacturer’s coupons so you can’t use more than one for one item. You can use manufacturer’s and Target coupons or peelies and Target coupons.

I have found the best thing to do rather than argue with the cashiers and managers is to just call corporate. My Target ALWAYS gives me grief and decided to make up their own rules. Once they told me Target corporate sent out an email(that mysteriously disappeared) saying that they were no longer accepting coupons on trial size items, which was false. I called corporate three times that day and they were extremely appologetic for the rudeness of their employees and they corrected the problem immediately. Since then neither me or my krazy coupon friends have had a probelm using coupons on trial size items!

at the target that i go to they dont allow coupons on trial size items :(

EVERYONE WHOSE TARGET TELLS THEM THEY ARE NOT ACCEPTING COUPONS ON TRIAL SIZE ITEMS NEEDS TO CALL CORPORATE!!! It is not their coupon policy to deny coupons on trial size items, which it sounds like is what some Target employees are saying. Call corporate while you are at the register and tell them exactly what is going on and they will fix the problem immediately. Do not simply take the cashier’s word for it because they are most likely uneducated in Target’s coupon policy and probably in using coupons all together. Also corporate cannot fix a problem if they do not know it exists. I am speaking from personal experience, if you use coupnos often at Target save corporate in your phone and don’t be afraid to use them!

I’ve never had a problem at that Target. They always take my coupons for trial size items.

Whatever happened with Target – – Eagle/Chinden in Boise – – not allowing coupons on trial size items? Did that ever get changed…and do they allow it now it sounds like?