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Reader Email: Can I Coupon Without a Printer?


We received this email over the weekend, and I thought it would be a fun discussion to have- and I have a feeling that this reader is not alone, so I am sure it will help lots of other readers. Here is what Grace had to say:

Couponing is just great for the upper class stay at home housewife whose husband pays for the internet service and computer supplies. I on the other hand am a working middle class single mom of two. And we do not have the internet at home or a computer. At work I am not allowed to download programs, so I can’t print coupons. Please help!

I would suggest subscribing to a multiple newspaper subscription and get started on your binder. If there are just 3 of you, you may just want 4 papers. If you don’t feel like you can afford a multiple newspaper subscription there are other ways to find Sunday Papers. My favorite way is to befriend a local Gas Station and ask them to save their left over Sunday Papers for you.  Most gas stations count up their extras, write it down so that they get credit and then haul them to the trash can. I am sure you’ll be able to easily convince someone to let you come take the leftovers off their hands. When I started couponing, this is what I did, and I just went Saturday evening to pick up the papers, so by the time I got the papers they were almost a week old, but this wasn’t usually a problem.

Also, did you know that you can request Bricks Coupons to be mailed to your home?!  Bricks coupons are printables, but in the bottom corner of the page, you will usually see a “Help” link which you can click and then fill out the form (which will look like this) so they can send you the coupons via Snail Mail! They are very quick about getting the coupons to you, so you can usually get the coupon and use it on the sale you want!

Here are some of my favorite bricks coupons:
BOGO Free – Athenos Hummus Product – (

$2.00/1 – Clean and Clear Product – (
$1.00/1 – Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink – (
$4.00/2 – Nivea Body Product – (

After you have your coupon binder started with coupons from the Sunday Paper, I would start couponing like a Krazy Lady!  I would say that 70% of the coupons I use are newspaper coupons. Sure you may miss out on a few deals, but you will be able to start building your stockpile with only newspaper coupons. Not to mention all the coupons you can find in the store, like Tearpad coupons, Blinkies and Peelies, Coupon Booklets, Catalinas and More!!!

I would love to hear from Krazy Coupon Ladies and Guys who are single moms or dads. How are you making it work? Do you have internet at home? Is anybody couponing with only newspaper coupons?

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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