Purchase $50 in Olay Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments and Facial Cleansers and Submit for this $20 Rebate!

Go HERE for more details and to print form

All purchases must be made by by September 3, 2010.
Must be postmarked by September 17, 2010.

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5 thoughts on “New Olay Rebate: Spend $50, Get $20 Back!”

Does anyone know if we can submit this rebate if we already submitted the $20 rebate for Olay in June? I keep meaning to call the phone number listed on the rebate but I’m never near a phone when I think about it!

GaryLane Albertsons in Boise has stocked up on the Olay facial cleansers and Secret deoderant to do the buy 3 get $5 Cat and then submit for the P&G rebate and the Olay $20 rebate. Great $$$$$ makers. Go get you some product.

Quick question. When you fill out these forms and it asks for “price” next to the UPC codes, you write the price that you purchased it for, not what you paid after coupons etc., correct? In other words, if you paid $10 instead of $30, the “price”s next to the UPC codes on the rebate form would still add up to $30, not $10, correct?

You put the price before coupons. If the price is $6 and you used a $3 coupon, the coupon is your form of payment- not a discount. So, you would put $6 on the form. Make sense?

Yes! Thanks a lot for your response, and for your very helpful website!