Be on the lookout at your Albertsons for $1.00/2 Planters Trail Mix Tearpad coupons! If you find them at your store you can use them to do this scenario:

Buy 10 Planters Trail Mix $1.25
Buy 10, Save $5.00 Instantly
Use 5 $1.00/2 Tearpad coupons
Final Price: $2.50 for 10, or $0.25 each!

Have you spotted these coupons at your Albertsons?

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37 thoughts on “Planters Trail Mix Only $0.25 each at Albertsons!”

  1. Meredith says:

    Has anyone done this in Oregon? If so, do the checkers have the coupons?

  2. Beth says:

    Who really can get upset over trail mix? Although I am pretty jaded I still get perplexed over how people react to a good sale price. I am going to call my Albies to see if the coupons are still there and I am hoping for lots of trail mix bags!!

  3. Tyanne says:

    Sara……I called around the Boise area to find out which stores had the coupon. I went to Overland and Orchard(wed) they had a big sign .25 with coupon at register however they were out and the Manager did not know if they were getting more coupons with the shipment. The Manager at least knows whats going on….you might want to check that store:)

  4. Colleen says:

    I need some help here….I am new at all of this couponing stuff and don’t know where I went wrong. I went into my Albertson’s today here in Lewisville, TX and bought 10 bags of the Planters trail mix. It was normally 2.49 a bag on sale for 1.49. The add read that they would be .99 after 2/1.00 coupon. I used 5 2/1.00 coupons and my total came up to 9.90. What did I do wrong? Please help me understand my mistake. Thanks!

    • C. says:

      It looks like you didn’t get the “Buy 10, Save $5″ offer. Maybe your store isn’t having that promotion?

    • Ana says:

      Your store/region probably had a different deal going on. I always double check the tag on the item (or the ad) to make sure that my region has the same deal running. There are always one or two deals a week that I see in the blog world that my store/region doesn’t have.

      Like people were mentioning above about their own regions, it sounds like your region wasn’t participating in the same promo. You can return the ones you bought (or some of them, if you want to keep some) and get a refund.

  5. April says:

    Sounds like different areas have different coupons. I’m in Florida and we don’t even have the same sale going on! :-(

  6. Sara says:

    Can anyone tell us what stores you have been finding the coupons at here in Boise? I checked the McMillan/Eagle store and they hadn’t seen them as of yesterday. Thanks!

  7. Jeanne says:

    My Albie’s in Idaho Falls, at them at the check-out(coupons), and we got em for .25!! Thanks for the great info. My 1st grader will love having trail mix in her lunch box!

  8. Libbie says:

    They had a tear pad with the display at my Albertson’s in Washington state and a good variety of flavors to choose from. Yay!

    • Tina says:

      Did all of you get .25/bag because I didn’t. My Albies has them on sale for $1.75 a bag. $1.25 after the $5 off when buy 10. minus $5 from $1/2 which make it $.75/bag. Did I do something wrong?

    • Morgan says:

      @ Libbie- I hope the tearpads make it to my store. I shop the Silverdale Albertsons and they had no idea what I was talking about! :(

  9. Sandy says:

    I rushed over to eBay to buy my coupons because this is one of my kids’ favorite snacks and we can’t have too many! I was happy with 10 coupons, but I’ll check my store this morning to see if they have more. I’d be thrilled if I could get my hands on 80! Those are little bags you know, they won’t last long.

    • Kat says:

      I did not see any coupons on ebay for “any planters nuts” or for trail mix. The ones on ebay seemed to be for other planters products, not the ones on sale.

    • LaToya says:

      Sandy – call your Albies first to see if they have the tearpad coupons….when I read about this, that’s what I did – and they did so I went down there. You might not have to buy the coupons at all. That’s one of the benefits of going to the same store for couponing, you build a rapport with them and they know you, so you can call occasionally and ask a question like this and they will totally help you out.

  10. Raeme says:

    I live in Colorado and our AD says .99 when you buy 2 with in-store coupon. Does everyone who has bought some, does your ad state something different?

    • han says:

      hi raeme, i am in colorado too and i was wondering the same thing. it is .99 in our ad when you buy 2. so minus $1/2, it is .50 per bag. i am wishing for .25 lol

  11. Lisa says:

    I agree with Chip! A good deal is good…and a great deal is great! BUT do we have to be greedy?

    • Morgan says:

      Is it “greedy” because its more than you and your family will use? We all have different situations at home…

      • LaToya says:

        *high-fives, Morgan* – amen, sistah!

      • Morgan H. says:

        Sorry, I just couldn’t let that comment go! I don’t understand why some people get bent out of shape over how much another person buys. We all have different needs at home. Perhaps you are troop mom for boy scouts, 80 bags wouldn’t make it very far, or maybe you just love trail mix!? WHO CARES? Yes, it frustrating to get to the store and find that they are all out of something you wanted, but it happens to everybody at some point! I was bummed that my Albertsons didn’t have the coupons available, but I just printed some off! And guess what, I will however many bags I want to!

      • Chip says:

        Obviously we all have our different standards (and opinions)about this subject. Personally, my philosophy is do unto others as you want them to do unto you. To each their own. Buy however many you want or need. I’m very happy with my 10 bags.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree. Get as much as you want. There would be no difference if I went in and bought 80 because I needed 80 to donate or whatever at regular price. No one would be questioning anyone then. What if I had a ton of employees to make gift baskets for, at the last minute. What if I was having a trail mix eating contest lol?? I need that trail mix for whatever reason. I go buy 80 bags, at regular price. No one cares. But get them for .25 cents and everyone questions it. I don’t get the whole greedy thing. First come first served. No one says anything during Black Friday either. You know the first person in line that buys all 5 TV’s that are on sale? Sucks, but it is what it is. Show up, all the $2 t-shirts are gone, oh well. You’ll get a different deal, we all will live. And when I am starving to death I will go to Latoya’s house, and she will probably give me a bag of trail mix :P

      • LaToya says:

        ROTFL @ Tiffany – - absolutely!

        And I don’t think it has anything to do with “doing” anything to others. It’s a snack. It’s a sale. It’s not capital murder. I miss out on things ALL THE TIME because they shelves had been cleared out. And I just tuck my coupons away and wait until next time to try and score big. Another thing this will be used for – not that I have to justify my actions to anyone, but since people seem to have a problem with it, what the heck – - at Thanksgivingtime the newspaper posts lists of gifts for the needy. The elderly people in the homes/convalescent hospital…many of them as for snacks just like this. If I can put together a gift of a few packages of Trail Mix along with some other things that I get at a good price, it’s doing more good than harm.

  12. Pamela says:

    Does the cat apply to Albertsons LLC too (Louisiana)

  13. Chip says:

    Hmmm, how do I say this and not be rude? 80 bags? While I understand that a good, or maybe in this case, a great deal is wonderful to come by, at what point does a purchase become less of a stock up and more gluttony? One of the nice things is that blogs keep us informed about deals but if everytime I go to the store after work on the day of a good sale, they have been cleaned out, it’s not so much fun. If the stock is gone because the store didn’t order enough OR because lots of shoppers beat me to it, that is one thing but this is different. And yes, I know I can get a raincheck (most of the time).

    • LaToya says:

      I make no apologies for getting a lot of something. 25-cents for these is a good deal. And they don’t expire until March. Christmas gift baskets, kids school snacks, football games. I work a full-time job and miss out on my share of things that get cleaned out of before I get there – like the cereal last week – it’s just the way it goes…and I don’t hate ;)

  14. Chip says:

    Wow. I just came back from Albies and the trail mix was FLYING off the shelves. My location has a large sign that says” BUY 10 PACKAGES FOR $2.50. Coupons at the cash register.” I ventured over to the store manager. He said the checker has the coupons and there is no limit. Amazing. They had 4 different types and the bags are 6 oz each with an expiration date of 2/11.

    • Tina says:

      Where are you located. Mine is in Orange, CA. And they are on sale for $1.75. $1.25 when buy 10. $.75 after 5 of $1/2 coupons.

  15. Raeme says:

    Someone help me understand because it says .99 for two with the coupon?

    • Chip says:

      Where do you see that it says that?

    • LaToya says:

      They are on sale for $1.25. When you buy 10, the price goes to 75-cents each. The tearpad coupon is for $1 off 2 which makes them each 25-cents. I know of no 99-cent offer….

  16. LaToya says:

    ETA: and the trail mixes will all ring up in one transaction….just buy 10s…and they can do the coupons for all them at the end. You do not have to do separate transactions unless you are trying to combine this with another promo like the Kraft one.

  17. LaToya says:

    Yup – - just got 80 bags….and 2 cases of Kraft salad dressing. Kraft salad dressing – just the Italian and ranch – are on sale for $1.34 and coupons are there for $1 off each.

    • Rachel says:

      80??? Wow, your family must love the trail mix! :) And, your store must have been well-stocked. Hope mine is, too.

    • Teresa says:

      What store did you find the tear pad coupons? State?

      • LaToya says:

        The tear pads are not out – they are at the registers. So I would be sure and ask before loading up on them just in case they were out. My store had shelves and shelves and more shelves of them…and I was told they’d get more on the last day of the sale – - Tuesday.