We get this question in our inbox daily, and we have addressed it many times- but it deserves another post… This is an email from Shari:

Finally today I thought I would get a chance to buy a trial size product for free.  I had two tide coupons that DID NOT have any size requirements, and did not say trial size excluded. So there I was at the check out counter at Target and I presented my two trial size products and my two coupons (with no exclusions) and I was told they could not accept my coupon because it was one cent more than the cost of the product. 99 cent versus $1.00. What did I do wrong? – Shari

First of all we have this little tidbit from Corporate Target:

“All Target stores should be following the same coupon policy. The next time you have an issue using coupons please have them call us at (800) 440-0680 while you’re still in the store. Our Guest Relations Team will help assist with any questions they may have about coupons.”

This means if you go to Target and they are not following the Corporate Policy– you need to INSIST on calling Corporate.  Calling corporate means you need to save the Target CS number ( (800) 440-0680 ) into your cell phone. Right now. Done? Okay!

Next thing to know about the Target coupon policy is that it specifically says this:

Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.

This means that if your item is $0.99 and the coupon is for $1.00 Target checkers MUST (and I do mean MUST) adjust the value of the coupon down.

PLEASE PLEASE print Target’s coupon policy  HERE and program their number into your phone and PLEASE do not be afraid to call Customer Service if you run into a checker who doesn’t know the policy. This is the only way stores will start following their policy.  :)

Please leave a comment once you have the Target Phone Number stored into your phone- I am hoping for 50 comments!! Come on ladies {and guys! 😉 } !!