I raced out to my front door this morning to get my papers, and they didn’t get delivered today! I am especially sad because rumors have been swirling about Idaho getting or not getting the regular “Twice the Value” Coupons… Since I don’t have my papers, I am wondering what you Idaho Ladies received in your paper? Is there information about Coupons being Rounded up at Albertsons? For the rest of you in Washington, Oregon, ect., you should have received the Regular Twice the Value coupons… I will come back in a bit to work on Doubler Matchups, but for now HERE is the Weekly Matchups.

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I have had that happen a couple times.. missing coupon inserts and missing doublers! It is so frustrating! I was missing one P&G and two doublers inserts yesterday and had a babysitter all lined up for this morning so I could get out and do my shopping.. had to postpone everything so that I could get my doublers and insert! Then when I called they pretty much told me that their sorter is “flawless” and doesn’t make mistakes. Nice Post Register.. You are winning friends.. At least I got my coupons but I ended up having to drive 25 miles to go pick them up on my way to the store.

Elaine, if you call your newspaper they will probably replace your papers when you had the missing inserts. I get the Tacoma News Tribune and when you call customer service, there’s an option for when you are missing sales ads (includes coupons). They know that’s the reason you want your paper… call them when they open and let them know. There should have been 3 inserts in your paper this week.

I don’t know why they can’t just do it with our preferred card. That way they won’t lose and Walmart won’t gain. I’d still shop at Albertsons then, but the way it is now…uhm, not too sure.

I was thinking that same thing, if they would just link the doubler to our card it couldn’t be used anywhere else!

Do you think that they will change this to include doubling $1 coupons if we all politely express our interest in that? Because it was the doubling $1 coupons that made doublers GREAT (In my opinion)

I’ll never get free crackers, chips, hot dogs, lunchables, etc etc with just the rounding $0.24+ coupons up to a doller!

And I’m bummed because I talked to a cashier and an assistant manager on saturday and was assured that the $1 coupons would still double… Grrrrrr. So much for free Ritz Crackerfuls today!

So what do you think- if we made our voices known on the doubling of $1 coupons, do you think it will make a difference???

we got doublers here in southern utah!

For those who got doublers, I think with those quaker coupons on redplum, it means free cereal.. or darn close

Tri-City Herald (Washington) has doublers.

can you use a previous Cataline to get 5 dressings and produce another Catalina?

Yep, you can! If you’re in the doublers group, double the $1/2 (from the booklet) and the .35/1 to make it a $3 money-maker.

a little off topic…but the past few sundays i have only one coupon insert or sometimes NONE! is this something just happening in mountain home? I have gone to all the stores and the papers are the same. Guess i should just order them…but I’m sad. all i got today was p&g inserts.

I had the same problem when I started couponing. I called the newspaper company and they told me that they are only guaranteed enough coupons for the people with subscriptions. If they happen to be given extra coupons, then they end up in the newspapers that you can buy at the gas stations, etc. I signed up that day for a subscription!

thanks! guess i’ll get off my butt and order!

Twin Falls got doublers. A little bummed too. Smiths is doing round up right now and I LOVE IT! So much easier because the computer does everything automatically and NO limits!

billings mt got doublers. kinda bummed – I wanted the roundup deal!!!

I live in Montana, and I don’t know if there were doublers in the paper (since I don’t get home delivery), but there weren’t any at customer service like there usually are if they are available. I’ve noticed our Albertsons doesn’t really follow the same schedule as anyone else. Sometimes we get ours the same as the other northwest stores, but not always. This summer it’s been about once every 2-4 weeks though.

I’m in Helena, MT and I asked about what was going on with the doublers when checking out with my paper this morning. He handed me a doubler ad! They must be keeping them at check out now. He also said we are doing a new thing now too where we round up coupons to a dollar! What! we get both! Is this too good to be true?!?! Montanans, check this out and find out if this is true for you too!

Anyone know if spokane gopt doublers???

yes spokane did!! in fact it was like xmas some papers have multiples in them

Dial basics bar soap 3 pk or liquid hand soap, 9.375 oz = .99, use the .35/1 dial bar pack or liquid hand soap, rp 8/15,exp 10-1 to get it free

Looks like you got the details KCL! Bottom line….I want my doublers!

Opened my Sunday Idahostatesman to find NO Doublers from Albertsons. They are having The Great Manufacturer COUPONS Roundup. Starting today thru Tuesday(8/29-8/31) they will Round Up ALL coupons to a maximum of $1.00. In reading the fine print they have not limited these to their usual 3 but NO LIMIT was specified but does exclude FREE item coupons. This lady is gone to do some serious shopping!

Just the Treasure Valley got the new round up. I went down this morning and still scored some pretty sweet deals. Like the 30-cent Yoplait coupon is a $1 rounded-up so those were free. I still averaged 90% savings and with a bunch of free stuff. So, not a bad gig at all. You can do it all in one transaction, the computer automatically rounds it up to a dollar…if your coupon was 75-cents, it adds another line of 25-cents off.

I’m glad to hear the computer does it automatically. I was worried the cashiers would have to do it manually and that would have been really time consuming!

She did make a comment “oh, I don’t know if we’re supposed to take the black and white ones anymore” – one beeped on her…but she had a manager fix it and she went on. I hope that’s not coming – one of my printers is B/W!

Oh and the deal with the Ball Park franks and the Doritos…that one the computer does it screwy where it takes the free Doritos price off the hot dogs and then when you try to use your hot dog coupon it won’t take it. Had to get a manager for that.

No grief though. Still saved a good deal.
I’m happy.

All is well – happy Sunday!

Portland, OR got the normal doublers.

Idaho Falls, ID got twice the values!

I emailed you a copy of the ad… (at least the round up part)… yay for scanners!! Hope that helps!

Hey Becky, thanks for emailing it! Can you tell me which email you used? I can’t find it… works the best! Thanks again for taking the time to do that! :)


The insert states Boise, ID, Nampa, ID, and Ontario, OR. So everywhere else that normally gets Doubles should have, not just in these areas.

I live in Twin and we received twice the value coupons, OH HAPPY DAY!!!

So eastern Idaho and northern Idaho got doubles, but this area did not? Hmmmm…I’m not sure how to feel about that!!

Idaho Falls received the doublers and Wal-mart does not accept them in the Idaho Falls area

Pocatello received Twice the Value.

I live in Northern Idaho and we got twice the Value coupons.

my flyer says the following:
The Great coupon round up. Manufacturer coupons round upt to $1. 3 days only Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 8/29-8/31 coupons valed at 25cents = $1 50 cents = 1 and 75 cents = $1 coupons valued at 24 cents or less will be redeemed at quadruple the face value. Coupns valled at $1 or more will be redeemed at face value excludes free item coupons

THANKS Krissy!!!!!!!!

I am actually really excited to try this one out!!

More to come after church

Yep in Boise here also and got the roundup flyer. I could see how sometimes it may be nice if we can use as many and sometimes there are coupons for like .35 cents BUT there are so many coupons that are $1.00 of 2 things so now we can’t double them to make it better. Hmmm I hope this won’t last.

Yes it’s true no doublers in the Statesman! And the new coupon “Round up” is kind of disappointing since $1 coupon’s just stay $1. Plus I was told by the checker that Albertson’s has apparently redone their scanning computer program so now it instantly rounds up the coupon’s so they don’t have to, for instance it rounded up the Kraft dressing coupon from .35 to a $1 which was nice. However I had the worst experience at Albertson’s today and think I will avoid that Alberstons from now on! I was doing the ballpark franks and dorito’s scenerio and the checker kept telling me she could not adjust the coupon of $2 down to 1.99 because she could not “give” me the hot dogs for free, we went round and round and I finally just said I didn’t want them then. She made me feel like I was trying to do something wrong, what a terrible way to start my day!

I’ve done this deal twice – earlier this week at one Albertsons and had no issues…it beeped and she fixed it. This morning it was a little different…it beeped, she struggled…called a manager and she took care of it. This is a great deal with it all being free – I’d try again and ask for a manager if there are issues.

We can all thank Walmart for ruining our doublers….grrrr!

Got my papers today with Albies Ad: Says ‘The Great Coupon Round Up’ All manufaccturer Q’s (.25and up) to be $1…best part, doesn’t say anything about a limit!

No doubles:( They are doing the coupon round up to $1.

Will one of you type up exactly what the ad says regarding the Doubling… I am curious if it’s just certain days, if there is a limit of coupons they will double per transaction, if there is a limit of the identical coupons they will double, ect.

THANKS ladies!!

And remember, in certain situations this can be an AMAZING deal… Like the Kraft Dressing! Check this:

Kraft Salad Dressing $1.34
Buy 5, Receive a $5 Catalina
Use $.35/1 Peelie Coupons found on Product = $1.00/1
Pay $0.34 each, Receive a $5 Cat
Final price: HUGE MONEY MAKER!! :)

It will be an amazing deal with the Kraft dressing/.35cent coupon.
Also the Mento/.55cent coupon.

There is no limit to amount of coupons, I looked all over the ad.
It states any coupon under a dollar will be rounded up to $1.00.

The Great coupon Round Up!

Manufacturer Coupons round up to $1 .25 = $1
.50 = $1
.75 = $1

couons valued at .24 or less will be redeemed at quadruple the face value. Coupons valued at $1 or more will be redeemed at face value. Excludes Free item coupons.

Runs 3 days only

I live in Boise & my Albertson’s ad says 3 days only manufacture coupons round up to $1.00 It doesn’t say that there is a limit on how many. This is great. P.S. Love your website!

I live in Boise and received an Albertsons insert that says they will round-up coupons up to a dollar. I am so disappointed!!!! I want my doublers!!

Yep, I got doublers in my Oregonian that I purchased yesterday afternoon!