Watch for a great deal on Olde Hearth Bagels at your Walmart.  Prices will vary by region, so let us know if you find a different price at your store!

Olde Hearth Bagels, $1.28
$1.00/1 – Olde Hearth Bagels – ( zip 60652)
Final Price: $0.28

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21 thoughts on “Olde Hearth Bagels $0.28 at Walmart”

No where to be seen in 2 Wal-Marts in Michigan either.

I can’t even find the coupon! Does anyone know how I can find the coupon?

I was not able to find them in mich either:(

My walmart had them on rollback to $1 so that makes them free.

Not available in Nebraska :( Can’t find this brand anywhere!

Anyone know if they have them in WV?

Hi – can someone in the Nampa/Caldwell area tell me exactly which Walmart out there has these? I don’t want to trek out there and not find them. Thanks!

Walmart in Saratoga springs, utah didn’t have them either :(

I found mine at the Walmart in the Kansas City area, but they were really leary about accepting my coupon. The Wal-Mart that I went to said they have been getting alot of bogus coupons for free items that were not from the manufacturer, so they are not supposed to accept online coupons anymore…….

Walmart in Ogden, UT didn’t have it.

Thanks! I got honey wheat and it’s good. It was same price as 28 cents after coupon. Found at next to refrigerated rolls.

What states are they avaiable????/

I went to the Old Hearth Website to see where these were sold. I saw that they offer samples.

None at my WM in Colorado

Here in eastern Oregon, I looked where the Pillsbury biscuits and cookie dough etc. is. There are English muffins and western bagels but no Olde Hearth Bagels. I was bummed I really wanted some dirt cheap bagels :(

couldnt find in Boise either….looked refrig section w bfast thing, refrig section w cream cheese and bread aisle. Mostly saw sara lee and bubba’s. dang it, i love bagels!

Mine either in Las Vegas.

Have you guys been looking in the refrigerated section (by the cream cheese)?

Mine doesn’t neither in Las Vegas and I looked the fridge section by cream cheese section as well. No luck.

mine doesnt either. where else is this brand sold?

My Walamrt in Northern California didn’t have this brand :(