Kraft Brick or Shredded Cheese $2.00
Buy 5, Receive a $5.00 Catalina
Use$5.00/5 – Participating Kraft Products – (
Pay $1.00 each, Receive a $5 Catalina
Final Price: FREEEEE!!!

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111 thoughts on “Albertsons Kraft Promo = FREE Cheese!”

Is this Catalina over????

will this work for albertsons in arizona

Is this sale still going on and you have to do it in two transactions right? I am learning to coupon. Thanks in advance!

sale is over. :(

Went to Albies today in Grants Pass, OR and made sure I went to the cashier that I knew would take my coupon. I have had problems with rolling my catalinas in the past so I didn’t even attempt it…luckily my daughter was acting great this time…so I went to the other Albies in my area. I simply explained the situation with the hassle of this $5.00 coupon and both of the cashiers that I went to said that they ALWAYS accept coupons. So that was nice to hear. I got 10 pks. of cheese for free. I will be going back tomorrow after I hook up our other printer :)

I went to the Albertsons on Overland and Orchard last night and the employees there were helpful and told me how to get this deal. The night shift, compared to the earlier shift, is usually pretty good about helping out. Probably because they wanna go home and don’t wanna argue:)

Is there a way to print this more than one time?

you can print it twice per computer. Just hit the back button or go back on the coupon page…

I went to Albies last night to get in on this deal. Kraft cheese and Oscar Mayer hot dogs are not on sale on my store……was sooo bummed. Cool whip is a buck though.. Anyone in TX finding the cheese and dogs on sale?

I too went to Albertsons today and they would not let me use it…I was so bummed….

rolled the Cat today at the Payette, ID albertson’s just fine and lots of cheese and cool whip there when I was there this afternoon! I got 10 cool whips, and 10 cheeses and then used those with other coupons to get the 10 kellog cereals and then used the cat from that to get other things I needed! :)

Could someone please help? I’m under the impression that I can use this Kraft coupon anywhere. I don’t have an Albertson anywhere near, so I went to wal-mart and tried to use coupon, but it would only give me $2.00 off instead of $5.00. Do I have to get five bags of same cheese?

my catalina didnt print, anyone have the info so i can figure it out.

20 packs of cheese, 10 packs on Hot dogs, 6 cool whips= 7 transactions, rolling the cat everytime!!! My freezers are packed and ready for holiday cooking!

Worked great in Oregon at Tanasbourne and Hillsboro locations. THANK YOU!!

I haven’t heard they aren’t rolling – you have to do separate transactions (they won’t print two) I rolled the salad dressing twice (same cat)

Does the Kat roll? I am hearing conflicting accounts and don;t want to drive an hour to get cheese if it won’t roll!

Yes – it absolutely DOES roll. However I think I heard that it did NOT roll at the Albies at Glenwood & State in Boise. Everywhere else, it’s rollin’ :)

My CATS rolled today at the Albertsons on Glenwood and State in Boise. I bought 5 bricks of the cheese and then used my $5 CAT to pay for Cool Whip. Another CAT printed out for that purchase. I only rolled it the one time but it worked like a charm!

The cat rolled fine for me. I was not expecting it to since it says the opposite in their advertisement. The cashier said that is in case it doesn’t work. Guess that protects them from complaints.

I purchased 10 packages of cheese for free. The cashier was a bit Leary at first and asked if they were still accepting these coupons. But the manager said yes. I was checking to see if they would accept black and white coupons and I am glad to report that there were no issues with that either. So I paid 1.98 for 2 Smart Smart milks and 10 packages of cheese. I am going back later and get some more cheese….My son is so happy because he loves his cheese and apple snacks.

I went to the Albies on Eagle and Mcmillian (sp?) and they were fully stocked around 11 today. I got 10 bricks of cheese! Woot! I already have so much shredded cheese. I have frozen brick cheese before and for me it unfreezes just fine, no crumble. Maybe I’m just lucky! :)

As per Albertson’s corporate policy…b. Redemption value exceeding $5.00 NOT AT $5. So, if that coupon would have been 5.25 it would have been a no, but this is totally allowable. As per fraud, this is printed off the manufacture website…HOWEVER, it is for specific items only and won’t scan for ANY dairy item. At the bottom of the page when you printed it, there was a list. Chunk, shredded cheese is on there but it was for a special kind (2%). So if you are being told no, and bought the right items, you can call corporate on your cell phone and have them eat crow. 1-877-932-7948
I talked to Linda.

You the Kraft bags of cheese have a peelie (not a coupon) but an advertisement telling shoppers that they can go and print that $5 coupon at their website. *sigh* I don’t think that some of the members here have very well informed cashiers. :(

$50 worth of cheese in the freezer for free! This is awesome. Our store policy is to not take internet coupons for $5 or more, either but for some reason, 2 different cashiers took it. Thanks KCL!!!

worked at Fairmont albertsons. But the manager had to use the key to make it go thru.

Don’t forget Safeway shoppers to use those doublers and make it $5.50

Worked great in Kirkland and Woodinville. The checker had to force the coupon through in Kirkland, but wasn’t a problem in Woodinville. Ended up getting 20 bags of cheese, milk, and yogurt, for $3.29 (I also had $2 off for completing an online survey). Thanks KCL!!! This really helps!!

I just got back from Albertsons and was told I couldn’t do this as it is their policy (and always has been) to not take internet coupons that are worth $5 or more!!

That is a bummer that your store would not take the IPC. I don’t shop a lot at Albertson’s anymore. Before we moved a year ago, I had one 1/4 a mile from my house. Now I have to make the trip to one of the stores usually on my way home from work. They took my $5 IPC at the store I shop at today. I actually used 3 of them. I was able to roll the deal. So paid OOP $5 for the first 5. Then the next two transactions of five cheeses were free. And I have my last $5 store coupon ready to use on another day.

I just got back from Albertsons with the same thing about the cheese coupon being a fraud coupon and wouldn”t let me use it at all I am going to another albertson”s tomorrow and see what happens

Shame on Albertson’s (Lake Forest, CA). The manager declined my $5 Kraft coupon saying that they did not accept internet printed coupons….What?!

Does anyone know if this Cat is still printing at Safeway? There is a super coupon in the paper that makes it $1.69 and I have a Safeway here in town. Also, how do you get a hold of the Cat company? I bought 5 halmark cards and no Cat??

Will this still work on Sunday? monday? I don’t have an albertsons in town and sunday or monday is the first day I will be able to drive to one, but free cheese

Yes! it doesnt expire till october 2! Happy shopping!

Hopefully they will restock by then. I’ve been to 6 different Albertsons and they were all cleaned out!! It was pretty frustrating because I don’t have an Albertsons near me either so when I went into town to do some other errands I TRIED to take advantage. I tried on Wednesday and I couldn’t believe they were cleaned out like that.

MAYBE….they wouldn’t be cleaned out if everone didn’t fill a whole cart full of cheese duh!

I got an odd comment from the cashier at the Columbia Village Albertsons; after the coupon beeped and a manager came over to use a key, the cashier stated that the coupon is in violation of federal law for giving away cheese for free, and that they doubted anyone would be able to use it much longer, but that they would let it go through today. I remember someone else posting recently about trying to use the $.30 coupon toward the Yoplait Greek yogurt in the round-up this week and getting a similar response (about there being a federal law preventing them from giving away dairy products for free) at the ParkCenter Albertsons. I asked my fiance about it as I had never heard of such a law, and after thinking it over, he said it might have something to do with dairy products being federally mandated and/or receiving government funding. I initially just chalked it up to the usual cashiers not always knowing what they’re talking about, but for that reasoning to be given twice within a couple days struck me as strange. Anyone?

I had a similar problem but with the coupons that albies sent me the $7 off $70. i had purchased some milk and some ice cream in my order it came to $74 dollars gave her the $7 off first as i was just over and the computer would not accept it!!! she said it was because i had dairy. I was upset and will very rarely shop at albies now because they never know whats going on as the cashier and three managers could not explain why i couldnt use it even when i added more items to cover the dairy. they asked me if i could just forget about that coupon?!! really

Can I use the $5 q on the hotdogs,coolwhip? or,is it only for the cheese?

Thanks for letting me know about freezing the cheese. I bought 5 cool whips,5 cheese all for 0 oop.I used a GC the store had given me for an incident that took place with the asst. manager. I also, had a $5 catalina to start with. I now have $10 for my next purchase and 5-$5 q’s.

Thank you for the post…..
we’ve now got a cheese reserve!

It’s definitely rolling at the Fairwood Albertsons in Renton, WA.
4 capri suns, 10 bags of cheese, 8 things of hotdogs, 5 bricks of cheese, 5 things of cheese singles & 3 cool whips for 10 bucks and have another 5 off my next trip!!

How many transactions did you do??

7 transactions..3 at the regular checkout & 4 at self checkout….Both checkers were super nice about it. The lady at self check out was shocked that I was doing what I was doing and kept asking questions lol I love when I get checkers like that!!

Is this in AZ as well or just the NorthWest!!!!

I just got 5 packs! I used a cat from the salad dressing. and my total came out to 0! The cashier lady stared at me weird…

Just got done at albies!!! I got 5 blocks of 2% cheese with 5 manager peelies and 2 1 off 2 peelies…after cat I made $2!! I donated that to the gals raising money for breast cancer outside!!

Albertsons rocked today. I’m a newby!! $200.00 worth of food and I payed $63.00. :)

I just got from my Albies in Milton, WA and they wouldn’t take the coupon. Still found the $1 peelies which got me a few free ones. Which Albertsons in WA will take the Kraft coupons though?

Albertsons in Puyallup,WA (on Canyon Rd) took my $5/5 coupon on 9/1 after talking with the manager about the high dollar value. Cashier had to input in manually.

so….you can print from different computers???? To get extra coupons?

because if that’s the case my newbie status in couponing just got even more complicated!!!!

we have 3 desktops, 2 laptops and a netbook!!!!! ohhhh man, i better invest in ink if this is true!!! LOL

Ohhh, yes. That’s where the magic happens. My hubby is a computer nerd, so we have about 6 computers (he builds them) and when there’s a good coupons, I print from all the computers. It comes in handy for my mom who works and often misses out on the good coupons or friends that need extra. I like being able to hand out extra coupons to people who need them and also get in on the good deals myself!

ohhhh MAN! That’s SWEET!!!!! LOL

with hubby deploying a lot and 3 kids my trips to the store need to be super worth it and now they will be! thanks!

I love Albertson’s and their cheese deals!!!

Printed my Coupons and going to head to Albertsons tonight!

I have yet to do a coupon trip this extravagant… Will they question me for doing 5+ transactions?? No where does it say one per person it just says one per transaction… I get a little scared since I just started out not to long ago..

Tressa, just my opinion, but I think 3 transactions at once max is common courtesy. If you want to do more than 3, that’s totally fine, but if there are people behind you, step out and get in line again.

Plus, I’m not coordinated enough to juggle 5 transactions worth of items at once. Well, maybe if it was all cheese I’d do it, but if I have numerous different items in my cart, I get mixed up. But others out there are obviously better at it than I am.

Have fun stocking up!

I got all the shreddeds back when Freddy’s had them for was it 10-cents each, I think. And I freeze those. The blocks don’t freeze as well, but I bought bunches today anyway :)

Thanks! I got 10 packs of shredded cheese for FREE!!! As for freezing I haven’t had any trouble freezing them for at least a few months.

Yay… I only printed 2 just to make sure it worked and it did. The computer didn’t like it but the manager took it anyway with no fuss… when I went through again she asked if I had any extras for her to use. LOL I love it when the cashier is in a good mood!

Hey guys don’t forget that Kellogs is doing their promo too! buy 10 cereals or snack bars and get $10 oyno. combine these deals and it will be a real moneysaver! :)

How long can you freeze cheese? also,which do you prefer too freeze the block of shredded?


I think shredded cheese freezes better. When block cheese has been frozen, it tends to crumble and break apart easier . Still tastes good though. I freeze cheese all the time. 4-6 months is a general rule I found online. Also, make sure to thaw it out in the refrigerator.

I just got 5 shredded bags and it says 2-3 months but dont refreeze. if you took it out of the bag and sealed it better w/o air it would probably be good to go longer (just make sure you dont get moisture on it.. as that is why it doesnt refreeze)

Is the gatorade deal in the ad?

They all roll! Yes, you do have to do individual transactions but well worth it! I love free stuff!! :)

When I tried to print the 5.00 off coupon it said I had already printed it the allowed times and I haven’t ever printed it. Has anyone else ran into this problem?

It would be a fast limit, but it may be reaching a national print limit!!

I printed two of the coupons just now (1:50 Mountain Time). Not sure why you’d be getting that message…?

I had the exact same problem. I tried it with 2 different computers, but with the same printer. I went back hours later to print something else and as soon as I turned on the printer, it printed out both Kraft coupons! I hope the same happens for you!

Just got back from Albertsons bought 5 bags of Kraft cheese, used my $5 off coupon, got the $5 cat rolled it on my next transaction of the 10 Gatorade for $10 get 10 propels for free & got a $2 cat for you buy 9 propels. Did another cheese transaction rolled that $5 cat for the Gatorade deal again & used my $2 off cat! Paid $3.93 for 10 Gatorades & 10 propels! So excited! Total I got 20 Gatorades, 20 propels, & 10 bags of kraft shredded cheese for $19.68!

had to hold my breath while the cashier looked at the coupon and then took it to the service desk to ask if it was ok…. our Jewel store is picky about internet coupons and won’t take them for over $5 but they took it! Got 10 bags of shredded cheese for free and think I will have to go back for more (I have 2 more computers to print from :-). The great deal made up for the fact that both of my boys had very loud and embarrassing tantrums at the check out about who got to hold which bag. I didn’t try to roll the catalina…didn’t want to jinx it lol.

Is there a q for the coolwhip?

Not that I have found.. it’s still free after the catalina though! :)

Deal got even sweeter. I just came back from Albertsons and on some of the 8 oz blocks of cheese and some of the 8 oz shredded cheese there is a 1.00 manager special coupon. Combine that with the 5/5 Kraft coupon and it’s a 5.00 moneymaker. I’m in Puyallup, WA. I know they have these coupons in Federal Way, WA as well. Be on the lookout!

WOOT! Love those manager markdowns!! thanks for the heads up!

So the “manager’s special” is a store coupon or markdown?

It’s a store coupon

Hehe..I got 15 4.5oz Kraft block cheeses and 2 Albertsons block cheeses that had $2 manager stickers on them so free without any Qs! For some reason the manager stickers were not deducting properly so caused some mayhem until sorted. Into the freezer they went and I have not even started the “legit” deal yet.

Is this for Kroger too by any chance??

I don’t think so… bummer! :)


heather, please keep us updated when you hear whether or not these roll.


Does Albertsons let you do three transactions in a row to get 3 separate catalinas?

I have five kids, and you can freeze them! So, with class parties, the holidays, and pudding, jello, chocolate milk nights, I think they will get used up by the expiration! I did most of them in Lite to make me feel better about the purchase or shall I say the “taking” Now to go back and get cheese!

You shouldn’t have to explain yourself. If you’ve got the freezer space to hold 25 cool whips, you go girl. I went super early this morning to get my share, I only wanted 5, but I knew they’d be cleaned out early too, so I planned accordingly. No hard feelings to those who get lots of the “frees”, early bird catches the worm!…or the cool whip.

Thanks for the ideas…large families buy in large quantities…I have six kids who loved to make blackberry pies. Time to top them with Cool Whip. (I’ll be topping the pies, not the kids)

I know what you mean about quantities. I can’t count the number of times that I have wished I had bought more of a particular items.

Sorry, I take it back now.

I don’t think the maths right on that. Wouldn’t it be $1.00/bag?

Albertson mgr. told us they do not take internet coupons!

Which Albertsons location?

My Albies customer service manager did tell me that the $5 coupon has an M on it or associated with it so that means a manager has to approve it and use a key…but they would still take it. It went seamless for me.

I have had at this same Albies someone tell me they will not take B/W coupons…which is why I like to stick to the same cashiers…same days of the week/time of day sort of thing.

BTW – how can they NOT take internet coupons when they have a Smart Source area to print coupons from on their own LOL

I’m assuming only 1 catalina will print per transaction? So have to do them in separate transactions of 5?

lol what are you going to do with 25 things of cool whip??

I rolled them back to back this morning! 25 containers of coolwhip! They are rolling just fine, make sure you have a good checker maybe!

In our ad here in Las Vegas it states with the Kraft Promo that “additional coupon offer will not print when the coupon is redeemed in the same transaction”. I am assuming that means you cannot do rolling transactions on the Kraft deal.

Yay!!! This is what super couponing is all about!

does anyone know if this catalina is rolling? i tried doing it last time i was in the store and the checker said they arent allowed to use the catalina that prints out on the next transaction! thats not how its supposed to be!

I have not confirmed for myself whether or not it’s rolling- but it should be! If anyone knows for sure, let us know! :)

I know that it rolled on the salad dressing and I think its the same deal (I bought 5 – went back used my $5 Cat on 5 more and it worked just like that!)

I rolled it – salad dressing to capri sun to cool whip! Awesome!

It rolled for me on the shredded packages and the slices as well!

The cheese, cool whip and hot dogs all rolled for me! Thank you so much for posting this great deal!!!

Ok so I live in the Midwest will this deal work at my local Jewel food store since it is an affiliate of Albertsons?

yes the catalina’s are rolling, i bought cheese and cool whip and used the catalinas back to back,and catalinas printed every time

Yes, it is rolling. However, the coupon had issues. It beeped, then the cashier couldn’t even override it. It said no matching items, then it said it exceeded the value. She did some kind of cashier magic and got it to go through in the end. I did it twice and rolled the first catalina into the second transaction and got another catalina. Great deal, but I’m a little wary of using it again since it gave them a lot of problems.

Yes – I rolled it and rolled it and rolled it some more this morning….