I love this email from Reader Kim!!  Krazy Coupon Ladies shouldn’t be paying full price for anything, especially our coupon binders! Hopefully this inspires you to scout out the best deal if you are just starting your binder!! :)

I have been using coupons for a little over a month all because of a friend who is faithful on your website. She explained to me about how she keeps her coupons organized by using baseball card holders in a folder. Last week at a yard sale I bought a huge binder full of empty card holders for $1.00. YAY…now my coupons are organized…Thank you!
– Kim

Here are my best tips for starting your Coupon Binder without breaking the bank:

  • Look for Binders at Second Hand Stores. I have seen tons of binders at Thrift Stores- they usually have a weird logo on the front, but you can’t beat the price!
  • Stock up on your binder essentials during Back to School sales or Clearance Markdowns (once school has started)
  • Shop Online and buy in bulk. Just round up 10 friends who want to start their coupon binders and order 1000 Baseball Card holders for $140 (or $14 per person)- this equals about $0.14 per page – which beats Target’s Price!

You can learn more about Organizing Your Coupons using a Binder HERE.
(We share Joanie’s Category Method and Heather’s “by Date” Method)

Now it’s your turn, How did you organize your Coupon Binder on a Budget?

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when i try to print out the categories it just comes up with letters and shapes and things

OK……..I made the binder, filled the baseball card protector sheets and now looking for dividers that will fit. Average size divider sheets are not wide enough, even with large tab labels!
Anyone know what brand or do you have to make your own to fit?

I thought about taking manilla folders, punching the holes for the 3 ring binder and maybe reenforcing the tabs with tape.
Anyone have a better idea?

Thanks, barbieq

Barbieq- Perhaps I’m too late for your question, but at office supply stores they sell little divider tabs that you can attach to the edges of your baseball card holders. I saw them at Walmart tonight. They are perfect for this.

Good luck!

Karen!!! That sounds GREAT!!

I got really lucky and found a 3″ zippered binder with a shoulder strap and a handle on clearance for $4.50 at Target. It also has a pocket on the outside, so as I pull coupons for use, I can slip them in that pocket until I get to the register to check out.

Go on Freecycle.org and request the items you need..I got a box full of binders and card protectors and page protectors and a pencil bag for FREE just for asking..

I’ve tried every method listed above and a variety of others I came up with, what I settled on was a zippered 3 inch binder with full page “page protectors”. When I get the new inserts I rip each full page and staple all copies of each page together and slip them in order in the protectors, I then organize them by date and insert type. When I need a coupon I usually know which insert and date to look in…I flip to it and clip it with the kid scissors I have in my pencil pouch, stick them in tiny binder clips and file them in a little coupon accordion file so I’m organized at the register. I prefer this method because it’s easy to keep updated, as soon as a full page is expired I just yank the whole page. I do keep some baseball sheets in the back for blinkies, IP’s and peelies, but as someone mentioned above, the clipped coupons really don’t always fit.


I don’t know if it’s ok to post this here, but I changed my coupon sorting technique and put my old coupon binder on craigslist. If you’re interested, send me an email.

Ok..I tried to upload pics to show you at the bottom of this page but said it ‘seemed a bit spammy’. Sorry. You can still find them on my blog. I love my box and KCL! I didn’t find you until recently and not sure how I made it the last several months without you!

I’ve only been couponing since March and have done the binder system but it just didn’t work for me. What I ended up with was a combination of the binder and box method. I have a clear box with a snap-on lid (never ask your pre-teen to retrieve it from the car as she WILL swing it around!). I used leftover cardstock to make divider cards with main categories on them. Then behind each main category are little mini-file folders (made from really cheap cardstock @ Big Lots). For example, one main category is FROZEN and behind it are little folders labeled: Bread/Breakfast, Dinner/Entrees, Ice Cream, Meat, Pizza, Taquitos/Burritos, Veggies. The mini files make it easy to flip through looking for a coupon when I see an in-store or unadvertised sale. I don’t have to fumble with all the coupons and it’s just like looking at pages in a file folder. I keep my scissors, calculator, pen, etc behind the last file and lay my ads on top before snapping the lid on. 2 extra files I make: in the front of the box I have one labeled EXPIRES SOON and in the very back is a file labeled GIVE AWAYS. I don’t blog much but there are pictures on teachergirlkaren.blogspot.com if you’d like to see. Happy Organizing!

The binder thing didn’t work for me. I tried many things and have settled on using the brag book size photo albums and it’s been working pretty well. I sort by category/department so I have one book for health and beauty, one for grocery, etc. It’s nice because they are small enough to fit in my purse, I can take out just the ones I need when I’m in a certain area of the store and flip through them quickly, and they are small enough that I can still take my 2 small kids with and they aren’t wrestling me for my big fun coupon binder! The only downsides are I have to cut off all excess from around the coupons to make them fit well and I can’t always see the expiration date on the larger ones. I have a photographic memory so keeping a list of coupons just doesn’t cut it – I have to be able to flip through and see what I have! It couldn’t have cost me more than $5 for my whole system and I forget them a lot less because they fit in my purse. I’d be totally lost without them!

I love my binder! Originally I started with a 2 inch but I have upgraded to the 3 inch now. After buying all of my supplies I found baseball card holders at the dollar store! A pack of 10 for a buck is cheaper then the 35 for $4.77 at Target :)

If you’re feeling really creative and have way too much time on your hands, you’d be amazed at what you could create with unused FoodSaver bags, an Xacto knife, and a 3-hole punch. Use your Food Saver to press lines across your bag to create the size pockets you want, and use the knife to carefully cut across the top of the pockets to open up slots for inserting coupons. You might want to seal a piece of cardboard or 3×5 card inside each pocket to create a cutting surface in between the bag layers to prevent cutting all the way through. You can make pockets to fit any size of coupons that you want, or make sheets to fit any size binder. I ended up with way more gallon-sized bags than I will ever use to store food, so now they will get re-purposed.

LOL, I’m reading the KCL book right now and I sent my husband to Target to pick up all the goodies to make the binder…and then, as soon as he got home, I saw this post. But ah well, I’ve already lost/forgotten/left at home so many coupons, that I figured I should get cracking on it. :)

I really need some sort of better system. I have a purse clutch that I got for free from a makeup sample. Inside I have an accordian style organizer (that I have had for like 5 years – it’s almost had it) and I also put coupon booklets inside. Like the p&g booklet, Publix flyers, ect. I plan my trip before I leave and put those coupons in front. Lucky for me, I have a photographic memory and can remember what is in my organizer when I see a sale or clearance item.

What I have found works for me is I bought a Snapware 11.5″ deepx 8.5″wide x 6″ high Storage container with a handle on the lid (4.99)at Meijers. I have legal size envelopes in there that are sorted by the catagories that I use (may not be the same catagories someone else may use) I put the catagory name on the outside of the envelope and the coupons go in facing out towards the flap end. I rarely have to fold coupons unless they are really long catalinas. When I am going through the circulars I can pull the envelope out that has Say Frozen items and I pull coupons accordingly. I will then either have an envelope that is labeled with the store name and the coupons I plan on using there. The container fits nicely in the seat of the cart. And when the boyfriend is with me he always wears a shirt with a front pocket so I hand him the coupons i have used and he puts them there to get out at checkout. Also at checkout I like to put any BOGO coupons I have right with the products So that the cashier does not have to go back and search for the item at the end to get the price, they can write it in as they scan the product.

I used to clean out the envelopes monthly by expiration date but since I have found this website I have way more coupons now and have gone to cleaning it out bi monthly. I clean out the ones in my purse weekly, usually on sunday when I cut out that weeks coupons and sort them.

I also have 4 envelopes that I keep in a pocket in my purse that are labeled, Food (for restaurant and other food extablihments), Store (for misc stores like target, kohls and bath and body works, etc) scrapbooking (I am a scrapbooker and will seperate those coupons that are specific to scrapbook stores or craft stores) and BOGO free (self explanatory) These are the coupons I used to forget at home, now i dont and usually always have coupon when we decide to go out and eat etc.

I have just finished re-doing the organizing of my binder. I went from the larger slot sheets to a baseball card sized slot.

I purchased the baseball card sheets at Walmart. I found them to be much easier than the larger slot pages. I do have to trim my coupons better, but I use a paper trimmer anyway. I fold them with the ‘what’ showing and then place them according to types. (laundry, meats, snacks, drinks, breads, etc)

Anything that is a great deal or free OR anything that will expire in a couple weeks and is a MUST USE coupon for me goes on the first page of my binder so it’s seen every time I use it.

One way I’ve been able to keep my grocery ads (for comparison pricing at Walmart) and my coupons (and the binder) all handy was to put them into a tote bag. It keeps everything neat and easy to grab or even keep in the car through the week.

I use an according type also for my weekly shopping. I organize it by store. So I go through my binder once a week and put the coupons in the store slot. But I also bring my binder and keep it in my car in case I am at a store and I find a great deal that I have in my binder.

I actually use one of the small accordian folders that has like 12 slots in it. The big binders seems so bulky to me and I realized that I would often forget it at home. These things are great, small and compact plus all my coupons fit and I can keep it in my purse. I do have to go through it every month the clear out the expired or it get really full but at least it keeps up to date, plus because I go through it so often I know whats it there pretty much of hand.

I’m not a fan of the baseball sheets. I had to cut my coupons perfectly for them to fix. Instead I bought a 4×6 photo album. The album had 36 pages to get creative with. Personalized each sheet to my own needs. It works great and not too bulky. It fits great in my purse. Good luck and have fun!!!

I think I might venture over to the dollar store and try this out. I made a huge, bulky expensive (well for my taste lol) coupon binder and A. Never opened it again. B found it too time consuming and C. The vast majority of coupons don’t fit, then when I fold them you can’t see what they are worth! Is this faster for you, having the larger slots?

Not knocking the binder….just does not work for me 😉

Thats a great idea Michelle. I have the baseball card holders and they get on my nerves also. I will have to try the photo holders. Thanks for the idea.

I use file sorters (what you normally see for coupon organization) instead of the binder (probably costs me time for digging but…)

Anyway – they were on the $1 target bins last week (should still be there) 3 sizes :)

The local card shop here has 4 or 6 slot sheets 5/$1.

Just got some last night at Walmart and I think I paid around $5.00 or so for a package of 50 baseball card inserts. And I got a pack or sheet protectors 50 in a pck for $3.97 to put the KCL binder inserts in. I think this will help my organization.