There is a Scrubbing Bubbles Catalina that is overlapping with the Spend $15, Save $5 that runs through 9/28.
Read more about the Spend $15, Get $5 Catalina here and here.

Buy 2 Scrubbing Bubbles, Receive $2.00 Catalina (prints multiple times in one transaction)

Buy 6 Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol Cleaner, 22 oz $2.50
or Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer, 20 oz $2.50

Use three $2.00/2 peelies (bright orange stickers found on the bottles)
or use three $2.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Product coupon found in Safeway Coupon Booklet, in stores now.  Square booklet, gold & red cover reads “Save over $16”.
Pay: $9.00, Receive one $5 Catalina and three $2 Catalina
Final Price: $2.00 Money-Maker

Or, you can use this Catalina to get Clorox Wipes for Free!

Buy 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol Cleaner, 22 oz $2.50
or Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer, 20 oz $2.50

Buy 2 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, 35 Count $2.50
Use two $2.00/2 peelies (bright orange stickers found on the bottles)
Use 2 $1.00/1 – Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Canister – (
Pay: $9.00, Receive one $5 Catalina and two $2 Catalinas
Final Price: Free

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56 thoughts on “Safeway Money-Maker: Overlapping Scrubbing Bubbles Catalinas”

I’m a little confused about the use of the catalina… aren’t they for future purchases? so I’m not actually getting the 5cat & 2cat’s $ off of this purchase.


That’s right. Your first transaction will be all out of pocket but your next transaction, you can use the Cat’s to get free whatever you want minus the exclusions on the Catalina. Or like I did, roll the Cats again into another Scrubbing Bubbles transaction and make a little more money. I have rolled both the $5 and $2 Cats in the last 2 days and had no trouble getting the Cats again.

I wonder if anyone has tried to roll the catalinas? Thanks

I have had no problem using the 5.00 cat and 2.00 cat along w/ mfg cpns, but when they scan the 2nd 2.00 cat in the same transaction they have to override it to get it to go through…it beeps. One cashier would not take the 2nd 2.00 cat in same transaction stating “limit 1” of them….I just cancelled my ordered.

none of the scrubbing bubbles products are 2/5 in the Van,WA area…I’ve been to 3 safeways today! Anyone else in this area?

Cats didn’t work at Lake Grove store. Safeway customer service gave me $5, but not the 3 – $2 cats. Still a good deal.

is the SHOWER foam printing cats too? they are abundant on the shelves here in happy valley or. but the scrubbing bubbles are o u t all over town… day after day

The shower ones worked for me. Also, my scrubbing bubbles had peelies on them to get a free toilet gel when you buy two scrubbing bubbles items. So, I bought 4 shower foam sprays, 2 gels (free), and 2 clorox wipes and got back $11 in catalinas since the gels counted as buying 2 scrubbing bubbles items also.

Wow! Great job!

Fantastic Jessica!!!!

Yes, Kari, the 2.00 cats are coming from buying *any* scrubbing bubbles. My first order consisted of 3 shower ones and 3 reg and got 3- 2.00 cats along w/ the 5.00 cat.

BTW, I tried out the shower srubbing bubbles over the weekend…..LOVED it sprayed quickly and evenly….I’m stocking up evenly on both bubbles!

I noticed that in the coupon booklet ($16 savings at Safeway), there is a $1 off St Ives with no size restriction. Can this be used at Target or Walmart to get the trial size St Ives?

I used both the St Ives & shout Qs on trial sizes at Target & they both went through fine!

has anyone rolled the 5.00 catalina very recently? I heard it stopped rolling, but I think some are just having issues w/ the 5cat printing to begin with. i didn’t have any problems..yesterday 9/17

I rolled the $5 CAT yesterday in Moscow, ID after doing this Scrubbing Bubbles transaction and it worked great! My store probably had over 100 Scrubbing Bubbles products on the shelf, so a great time to stock up!!

Sadly, there were no peelies OR coupon booklets at our Safeway in Anthem, AZ. :(

Where are you ladies finding these books at?? i wasjust at mu stor and looked and didn’t see it

Finally found dates – The cleaning products “Buy $15, Get a $5 Catalina” promotion is through September 29th.
The Scrubbing Bubbles “Buy 2, Get a $2 Catalina ” promotion is through October 3rd. HTH!

This is great news! I was certain that I was out of luck at finding any of these in time.

I went today and when I got my 6 cans of spray foam, one of the cans had a coupon on it for free Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel cleaner. So I ended up with 6 cans of spray foam and 1 box of toilet gel cleaner and 1 box of pasta (on sale) used my 3 coupons for SB and had a coupon for pasta and used Safeway doubles and got it for 7.49 with 11.00 in cats. Good trip.

I tried doing this deal and none of my cats print.. what to do now? New at this.

With some other stores i shop at you call customer service tell them the promo AND have your receipt with you. i belive it’s the same at safeway

This morning I went and scored!! I found the coupon books by the body washes and lotions in my safeway and bought six scrubbing bubbles a package of the tide stain release and two packages of the pillsbury sweet moments for $12 and got $11 in cats!!!! so all of that for a buck!!! =)

So did everyone have the 5 dollar OYNO roll? Mine did not roll. I got the 6 in cats for the Scrubbing Bubbles but the 5 OYNO did not print the second time. Has anyone had the same experience?

On my second trip to buy the Scrubbing Bubbles, I paid with the $5 CAT and 2 $2 CATs and the $5 CAT printed along with the 3 $2 CATs…so mine ‘rolled’ in Bonney Lake, WA.

Does anyone know if there’s Non Aerosol Scrubbing bubbles included in this promo??

There must be a lot of people from Bonney Lake, WA doing this deal, cause I went this morning and the scrubbing bubbles were all gone!! :(

Rachel… you might try again, I just came from Safeway (in Bonney Lake) about an hour ago & there were a bunch on the shelf… looked like they had just restocked!

I have a question…do you have to be a facebook member to get the clorox coupon? I went to the site from the link and couldn’t find the coupon..Help Please I am hoping to go do this deal tommorow! Thanks!

I didn’t see the Clorox coupon either until AFTER i “liked” them on facebook…then you get to see where you can print the coupon

Boooooo!! Boooooooo!!! Non of my $16 in cats printed BOOOOO!!! LOL I know I can get them but BOOOO for not getting them now.

Thank you for this deal. I bought four Scrubbing Bubbles and two Windex. I was almost out of Windex from the last Johnson and Johnson rebate. You rock!

Have any Safeway shoppers been having trouble with their E-Coupons coming off? None of mine have come off lately, and I’m not sure why. I swiped my discount card first, handed over the manufacturers coupons 2nd. Are they not taking both anymore?

Yes, I’ve had trouble with that as well. The customer service department told me to keep a print out of my e-coupons with me and take them to the customer service desk and they will refund the money.

Sherwood, OR has a ton of them! They also had the coupon books all over the place in the store. Lots of selection. I got 6, paid $7.50 after coupons and doubles, got back $11 in cats! Yay!

I know I had to drive a bit to find more. I make baskets for everyone for Christmas and people love some of the random stuff like this that I add.

Did the deal and WOW! Love the money maker. Gave two to my mother, two as donation and kept two for home. Thanks for the heads up.

Just a note though, if anyone is interested in this deal better make sure the store has some because I had to go to three stores to find them and then they only had 9.

Scrubbing Bubbles and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will get most tubs and sinks spotless. I love the combination, especially when we get such deals on the products!

I got 18 Scrubbing bubbles and 6 Clorox wipes for free! I didn’t even have anything out of pocket because Charolyn loaned me her $9 in Catalinas! LOL Thanks Charolyn! My kids think I’m nuts. My 15 year old shakes her head in disbelief when I do my couponing. LOL

Meredith great deal…..i was wondering if the $5 catalina rolled or did you use only the $2 catalina’s…..I am really skeptical when it comes to safeway….:P few bad experiences tc

How did you get coupons to buy so many Clorox wipes? I couldn’t get even one coupon on face book.

Were did you get 6 clorox wipes coupons?

Does this also work at Vons or Pavillions? We dont have Safeway in So Cal… Thanks

Yes, at both Vons and Pavillions.

Oh man, my Ssafeway was out of the scrubbing bubbles aerosol and the shower foamer wasn’t on the 2/5.00 sale like this post said so I wasted my gas once again looking for a good deal

Yeah, the foamers were $3.99 at my store…on sale. Seems like sometimes you spend more in gas trying to get something free than you would if you just paid for it.

The prices might have went up on wednesday because i did this on tuesday and the foamers were 2/$5, went back yesterday and looked and they were $3.99. But the regular bathroom cleners are still 2/$5

Does anybody know when the $2 catalinas for the scrubbing bubbles ends?

are the catalinas good only for the products mentioned or are they $$$$off on your next transaction?

Yes it is $ to use on your next transaction. But also if you use it a second time on this deal-you can either make $ or get more for free-depending what items you choose.
For example I got 4 scrubbing bubbles and two other cleaning items-the 2/$5 on this buy $15/get $5 deal-ones that I really needed. For example clorox or lysol disinfectant wipes.

Awesome! Will these catalinas roll into each other? Can I just keep going back? And am I reading correctly this goes until 9/28? Thanks!

Yes I have done it many times now-that is in Hillsboro, OR.

I was disappointed with the scrubbing bubbles on my shower – I so need something that works but I have two bottles of this stuff and wasn’t impressed :(

I can’t say I am either Annie. But hey, you’re making money on them. I will be giving them to a family I know could use a little help.

Use Majic Eraser w/ the scrubbing bubbles – or by itself and it works wonders on your shower – glass OR tile.

I did this deal three times yesterday. My shower never looked so good.