TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue is available now.  Get the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo at Target for as low as $7.99!

Tinkerbell, The Great Fairy Rescue Combo Pack DVD+Blu-Ray $22.99
$10.00/1 – Tinker Bell & The Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray(disneymovierewards.go.com
AND use $5.00/1 Target Coupon found in aisle at Target stores
Pay: as low as $7.99, Submit for *FREE Charm and Bracelet wyb Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue(disneymovierewards.go.com)
Final Price: $7.99 for DVD and Charm

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53 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Blu-Ray Combo Pack $7.99”

I think bc of the man with “The Golden Voice” imma start givin to the homeless more!

Unfortunately, I was not able to print the $10 0ff coupon in time. I was disappointed of course and decided to look and see if anyone was selling them. There are people selling them on eBay but I just could not bring myself to support that kind of behavior by purchasing a free printable coupon.

You may want to try it again…I just printed one out and it worked fine.

This is selling for 16.99 at Walmart right now

that just the dvd the blue ray combo cost more and thats what the 10$ coupon is for

I did this today with both coupons and Target gave me no problem!

Worked for me too! Register took both coupons no problem.

It worked for me with the coupon on the disney link & the frugal mom link seen above too. Target’s register to a moment to take the coupons but it worked!! Great deal!

It worked for me; printed the $10 coupon from the disney movie rewards link (above) & the frugalmom blog (seen above too). Went to Target, the register took about a minute to register the coupons but it took them! Great deal!

Ok i went to Target and used the $10 off and the pdf $5 off and it totally works. Just so you know!

Is this the same dvd that CVS has on sale this week? If it is, it would be 4.99 after ECB and coupon. If anyone knows, please fill me in!

yep, used the $10 coupon at CVS and paid $9.99 and got back 5EB, so that’s like paying $4.99 for it. Coupon did not beep – just in case you’re wondering

Yeah, worried about this also. I just purchased two of these movies last night with the $10 off coupon… do I go back to the store with the $5 off coupon? I guess they wouldn’t give me the money if it is a fake… right?

This coupon looks like a fake to me! PDF coupons r never a good thing!

Sarah- I know exactly what you are talking about. I won a coupon from her- they aren’t the same ones. The coupons were from a film preview or something and the person that sent them to her said they were tossed in the garbage at the end of the show. I asked because my Target is a pain about printables so I wanted to be sure I could use it. I got the coupon in the mail and it was a huge full page coupon- not the same one at all. I read her blog daily and she is not crappy at all!

I think the coupon is real but not intended to be scan & printed as a pdf.

That’s good :) Thanks for letting me know :) I hadn’t seen the blog before, and I’ve seen some blogs that do/offer some questionable things in the name of a deal. Definitely wouldn’t want to discredit her, though :) Glad some of you got the coupon. I bought the disc for $12.99 today figuring it’s still a pretty good deal and my daughter really wants it for her birthday on Tuesday :)

I followed the link in one of the comments above and found a PDF printable that worked. I haven’t tried to use it yet, but we’ll see. Its a PDF target Q on a giant ad.

On another blog (never seen it before today), I saw a “giveaway” from a few days ago where they “gave away” a bunch of these coupons. Supposedly a reader had grabbed a bunch (30, I believe) and sent them to said blogger for a giveaway. Does that seem questionable to anyone else??? It does to me. How crappy for other shoppers at that Target (or other ones where someone decided to swipe all the coupons).

I went to the Eureka Target and they do not have any $5.00 coupons. They said they have never heard of such a thing and they don’t get tear pads of coupons…then again they said they didn’t have Kraft carmels either and I found them! Has anyone actually seen the $5.00 coupons in the store?

Ok, hate to be the stick in the mud here, but can someone please tell us whether this deal has been VERIFIED or not. I checked here in Wilsonville Oregon and no one had a clue what I was talking about. It seems that no one has had any luck finding this supposed coupon. So…where did this deal come from and who found the coupon???

Clinton Ia. had the 5$ coupon but there gone already I was told that people were useing the 5$ and the 10$ on the plain dvd and getting it for a 1$ I’m sorry but thats wrong it say right on coupon blue ray combo pack target should have told them no

Where is this $5 off Target pdf? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. Does someone have the actual address?

I actually couldn’t find the coupon at all in the beginning, but the coupon can be found in the PDF website that Manny posted on 9/23/10. It was very useful because I did get the blue ray/DVD for $7.99 after using the two coupons. Thanks MANNY!

No 5 dollar coupon for Target here in Houston TX, I picked it up yesterday and just used the 10 dollars off, so 12.99, not too shabby for a new movie!!!

found on SD -slick deals website, second comment down.

“Attached Files target tinkerbell.pdf (181.0 KB, 364 views) ”

Download and open the pdf file then print

Help! I’ve looked everywhere on the slick deals site and can’t find the $5 off Target pdf file. Does someone have the actual address?

I also went to Target in TX and no coupon. I asked customer service and they also had no clue what I was talking about.

ok has anyone actually seen this coupon?!

Lincoln NE – 40th and Yankee Hill, no coupon found

Disney Store offer:
Offer good Sept 21- Sept 26

I printed the $10.00 off cq and popped into the Disney Store today.
Tinkebell dvd/blu ray combo pack $24.99 – $10.00 cq = 14.99 oop
or use your Disney rewards card points to pay (disney visa).
And you get $10.00 off next purchuse coupon
Making the dvd/blu $4.99!!

$10.00 off coupon-

Disney Visa-

Also get a free Tinkerbell braclet ( pay 2.99 shipping)

I noticed a SALE – all the girls disney princess (4x and up) Halloween costumes were $10.00 off. And infant costumes 25% off. They allow you to combine the $10.00 instore coupon with the Sale 10.00 off for $20.00 off!!
Bought a little girl tink outfit 29.99 – 25% = $22 – $10 in store cq = 12.00 tink costume!

Big Girl costumes were 39.99 – 10 sale – 10 in store cq = $20.00 oop

Didn’t you receive 10% off at the store just for using your card or did the $10 off next purchase replace that deal?

Boise target does NOT have the coupon.

Springfield, OR Target does not have any $5 off coupons either.

The ONLY Target store located in Springfield, Mo. DID NOT HAVE NOR did THEY KNOW ANYTHING about a $5.00 Target Tinkerbell coupon.

I too, just left Target in Springfield, Mo. They had NO CLUE about the $5 Target coupon! I wish I had one though! :O) As for the Disney bracelet, Disney is going to start having “collectable” charms for different movies as they come out. You will have to pay shipping of somewhere between $1-$3 for the charms. This is what I was told from The Disney Store in my area. Cute idea, but really, does it cost $3.00 to ship a CHARM???

The bracelet is “free” but you have to pay $2.89 or $2.99 for s&h. If I have to pay something out of pocket it’s not free, but that’s just me. I bought the dvd last night & logged on to the disney site quickly to get the “free” bracelet just to find this out. =( My girls have TONS of Disney jewelry so I didn’t feel like paying for something thats supposed to be free. Just an FYI.

I went to my Target store and could not find the $5 coupon. I asked the rep who works in the electronic dept. and they had no idea. Must not be at every Target. :(

My target was sold out AND it didnt have the $5 off coupon.

Can anyone tell me how good this movie is?

If you or your kids are Tink fans, its a great movie! We picked it up and my daughter is watching it for the tenth time, lol. I enjoyed it :)

I called the Nampa target and they had NO clue what I was talking about. So I am guessing this is not a every target thing. :(

I was just at a Target in WI and they did not have any $5 off coupons I asked at the service desk :(

Kmart also has buy the tinkerbell on blu ray and a tinkerbell doll and save $10 instantly. match that with the $10 coupon and it should make for a free fairy doll.

The $5 coupon should be in by the DVD. If you cant find it try asking customer service for the coupon.

I have my list made to stop at Target on the way home after work. I to would love to know what area the $5 coupon was found.

Are the coupons by the movie? At all Targets? I really want this to help stock up on fun Christmas stuff!

Safeway has them advertised in this week’s ad and include a free stencil set and water bottle with purchase. Does anyone happen to know how much the starting price is at Safeway?

What aisle is the $5 off coupon in? Is it in the movie section?