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Is It Safe to Print Coupons from my Computer?


“I am trying to print coupons from my computer, and many of the websites are asking me to download something or give out my personal information. Is this safe?”
–Coupon Virgin 

Many of the coupon website require that you download their software before you print coupons. This is a one-time-step and is completely safe. It’s just a few quick steps, and then you’ll be on to printing your coupons. Companies like, and require a software download. These companies are legitimate and safe.

Manufacturers offer coupons to print from their websites. Many of these coupons are offered in exchange for you signing  up for an account on their site. I recommend creating a separate email account to use only when signing up for coupons and free samples. Many times you will receive follow-up emails from these companies, and I don’t like to fill my regular inbox with these offers.

You may notice sometimes they ask for your birth date. Usually, this is to insure that you are over 18, and it will not be used for any other purpose. If you are not comfortable with this, you can give a birth date that is similar to yours. For example my birthday is in June- but I often give 01/01/(my actual birth year).

You may also want to select “Autofill” on your browser. This way, when you are signing up for all the different coupons, you will save a little time because it will automatically fill out the forms. Once you do it the first time, the rest of the offers you sign up for will be a breeze!

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