Last month we were scoring FREE Gain Dish Soap at Walmart and on Saturday I was telling my mom that I wished I had bought more. I only bought 10 (and by bought, I mean paid tax on) and we go through Dish Soap like crazy (no dishwasher at my house)… Well, we all have another chance!!

At Walmart:

Gain Dish Soap $0.97
Use $1.00/1 Gain Dish Soap from PG 10/10
Final Price: FREE

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60 thoughts on “It’s Back: Free Gain Dish Soap at Walmart”

I like gain

I like gain

Anybody know how long the gain will be on sale? Is it regularly 99 cents at Walmart?

I know here in Payson they are on sale for .99 at our Basha’s…

My Wal-Mart did not accept the coupon because the value was greater than the cost of the item. Anyone else have this problem? Their coupon policy does not address this situation.

I went to walmart Saturday and it was not on sale

These can always be found at Walmart for 97 cent, then minus the $1.00 coupon, FREE. And you don’t have to wait for the sale at Walgreen’s.

i cant seem to find the coupon anywhere can someone tell me where to get it.

it’s not a printable coupon, it’s a coupon booklet insert found in your local sunday paper like Smart Source. However, I’ve yet to encounter to insert in any of my local papers. I even went to their Web site and did a zip code search to see which papers they are in (they have this feature on their site) and they listed two. But for two weeks now I’ve been buying the papers and looking and have not found this insert. You can’t get them sent to your house either like Redplum. Good luck.

PS I should add that I think different areas have different policies. When I log into the P&Ge Saver site, it tells me no coups available and to enter my zip to find where I can get the insert.

You apparently can also load your different club cards and load coupons from thei Web site, but since I can’t even access teh available coupons, I personally haven’t done it yet.

Their site is a giant bomb. It looks really nice, but try clicking around and it will take you in circles. I went to read about their SAMPLER, which Im not sure is a coupon book, and it takes me to the log in page. Ridiculous.

Kelly, You need to add you loyalty card info. Even if you’ve already done it once, do it again and then you’ll see the coupons.

Hello, I am from Washington state and I never couponed there or saw others couponing. I moved to Idaho and too, the class through the Idaho Statesmen and started couponing. I feel like I have to run to the store right away to be lucky enough to pick up a few of the items left on sell. However, we are all trying to save money and it is not the fault of the other couponers. The stores have a limited quanity on purpose. If you go in for the sell items and they are not there, the stores are hoping that you remember “hey, I needed toilet paper, I am here and might as well pick it up”. The fact that they have limited quanities is not by chance. I discovered at right aid yesterday that you are only allowed one up reward per sale regardless of seperate transactions. They keep track of the items you are buying even if you went to another store. Case in point, I went to right aid on monday for tampons. They good sale ones were gone but I had a really good coupon for the larger sizes and went to buy two in one transaction and two in another. My up reward printed for the first one and not the second. When I asked the manager why, he said that we are no longer going to recieve two up rewards for the same item that is on sale even if you go to a different store or have seperate transactions. I guess rite aid decided that they would make the game of saving money a little harder for their customers. The manager was very demeaning and spoke to me in a manner suggesting that I was trying to take advantage of the store. However, I am just following the rules that they set up to play the game of saving money.

How can they tell that? That would require personal information which legally they can’t store unless you give them permission. It’s a scare tactic.

I do like the comment about Karma. It does seem to come around, and I haven’t even thought about donating some of the items. I did just make a gift basket for my nephew who is getting married on Friday, though.

What do you think you’re doing when you give info. for the reward card?

just another thought. once when i called to talk to customer service (i think rite aid), the lady encouraged me to let the store managers know that they should stock up on certain sales since i know lots of couponers, and when they might be coming in to get a deal. as couponers we often have relationships w/store managers and such, and if it’s a good one we can do this favor for them, so they have enough stock. i try to let my sotres know when an item going on sale is probably going to go fast, or be popular.

well, i’ve only been couponing for a few months, and i admit i’ve been on both sides of the fence. irritated that there was nothing left, and then buying up a whole bunch (or at least as many coupons as i have). i think there is a balance. some of it is probably excitement. the way i work it now is i always try to make sure that i leave plenty for those coming in behind me. if there is alot of stock i feel okay buying a little more, but if there is only a few left on the shelf i inquire with the store manger if there is enough stock in the back for others if i take the last few. if there isn’t then i only buy one or two. the managers, and i’m sure those coming in behind, really aprreciate this, and they are always friendly with me because i am a “nice couponer.”

I agree with those who get irritated with people who clear the shelves! What happens is the stores start limiting how many coupons you can use. The grocery store here used to let people double as many coupons as they wanted until people started getting greedy and clearing the shelves. Now they will only let you double one “like” coupon at a time. We also had them stop doubling period for awhile. Also, that’s the reason the P&G coupons all state only 4 “like” coupons can be used in 1 shopping trip now. That means you can only use 4 of the same coupons at a tme. Please remember what you do affects everyone in the long run… may get what you want now but you may be helping to cause everyone to get nothing in the future.

Coupon says : Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.
Can I use this coupon to purchase multiple number? Or can I just buy one? I want to stock up but only have one set of coupon!! (just started today haha)

How can you get 30 without having 30 PG insert coupons?

Here’s another idea! Maybe we shouldn’t be bragging about exactly how many we got. It just makes people mad. Maybe we could just say “I really stocked up on these!” or “I made sure to get enough to share!” Would probably make people less mad and limit the negative comments 😀

i dont understand why some people get “mad” like they say they do!! When some of us actually take the time to go out and buy the Sunday Paper, clip coupons & get up early to drive to the Store and get these Great deals!! Saving money for our Families and donating to organizatios is the best feeling. so i feel that thoses who say that they get “mad” should only take couponing a little more serious if it means that much to them to get ‘mad’ as they claime. or not even read the post that others write at all.

I’m stocking up on these so the kids can use them as “bubbles” this summer.

20 at a time? 30? Who really needs that many? I enjoy this website and have learned many things but some posters here just seem greedy. Going to ebay to get even MORE coupons? What about the person who has one coupon and was looking forward to getting one free and finds the shelves empty?

Mimi, thank you! I totally agree! I really hate when I hear about a great deal and go to pick up one or two only to find they are completely gone. It’s nice to get free or super cheap things, not so nice when one or two people get greedy and get all the free stuff for themselves… it’s a big pet peeve. I actually rarely even get the awesome deals we hear about, a little annoying.

You know. I used to get so mad at that. That I would walk in a store and the shelves would be cleared and get really angry that I couldn’t even get just one (case in point…Rite Aid last night…not one Gain dishsoap in the joint!). But now I just think, gee they must have needed it. I just take the position that I don’t know them or their life, and maybe, just maybe they need all that soap. It just makes me less mad really, and keeps me sane. Even if its not true, I just say Oh Well and move on. Just know that there are some of us out there that take into consideration that there are other people. At the expense of me not getting a deal, I handed a lady in Target several razor coupons, just because she accidentally cut the wrong Q. Karma will come around to me (and prob you) in the right way, and to people that abuse it in the wrong way. Here’s hoping you get yourself some soap!

I agree, we don’t know people’s lives. At this point, I may be trying to get some free dish soap to put together Christmas baskets for my brothers families for Christmas because I can’t afford presents this year. But, I have leftover yarn for dishtowels and free dish soap. :)

I usually get 5 to 10 because I donate them to organizations that really need them. I am huge believer in giving back. My Ronald McDonald house and Ronald McDonald family room are my main donation source. They have 70-100 families in one month and go through products like crazy. Not all people are hoarding them, a lot of us donate. =o)

I got 20 last time they were free and 30 this time. I get them at all different Wal-marts a few at a time and I have never (knock on wood) had any problems. My friends and co-workers LOVE when I bring in goodies for them!

I think that’s great that you can stock up on 20 or even 30 soaps (without clearing the shelf though- I was at Safeway this week to get the free Colgate toothpaste until I found out the shelf had already been cleared and it was only a 3 day sale. It made me mad- so much for couponing if I can’t use them!) Anyway, but if you bought 30 does that mean that you really buy 30 Sunday papers?? I’m curious!!

my local paper (Philly Inquirer) didn’t have a P&G insert this week. I went to Rite Aid, regardless, because of the 89 cent sale. But when I got there, all of their tags read $1.49, including a separate display at the front. And I couldn’t find it anywhere in the sale ad. Has anyone else had trouble?

Got mine at Rite Aid tonight where they are on sale for $.89. My favorite part was the sale tag actually said they were free with manufacturer coupon! The scanned my qs at $1.00 too so they even covered the tax. Woohoo!

They’re also on sale at Rite Aid for .89¢! :)

The Wal-Mart on 12th in Nampa still had some in stock as of 6pm

The Walmart on Franklin in Nampa (near Idaho Center) is all wiped out…atleast none left on the shelves tonight. :-(

Ok ladies! I have had the SAME issue with Walmart! AND, they seen to be forgeting to take some of my coupons off nearly EVERY time I shop there!!! I would like to encourage everyone to start submitting comments to Walmart HQ! Please go to home page and use the contact us link to comment!! Together and inmass we can effect change at Walmart! If you say nothing each time Walmart refuses coupons then Walmart will just continue to refuse!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for free dish soap! I like many others dont have a dishwasher ether, so free soap rocks! I found a local free paper that had the inserts. The box i get the paper from is always full of papers ( everyone will pay for the other papers but leave the free one alone like the plague) So on weds night before the new issue comes out on thursday i get the 12+ inserts before the papers go to the recyling!

I just used the Reach Floss coupon at my Walmart and didn’t have any problems. I bought a few other items (but used about 15 other coupons)during the transaction. I think it really depends on the Walmart.

My Wal-mart did it last month for me. Today they told me it was sales tax fraud to price adjust.

last week with albertson doublers i went to walmart and bought danimals which were on sale for 1.88 but doubling my 1.00 coupon made them free with a .12 overage my checker was a “coupon specialist” and she actually was… she adjusted the price to .88 on each item and then used my 1.00 coupon she gave me the twelve cents and said they would get reimbursed from the manufacture for the full amount even it their item was on sale for less. usually don’t have a problem but sometimes different checkers at same store will price adjust or just try to refuse coupon. I just go back and try another time.

I did this at my Walmart last month as well, in Florida. I went threw the self checkout lane and all of my dish soap went threw fine. But when I tried the tide and other items that should have been free — they wouldn’t do it. I ended up leaving most of the stuff there and taking my dish soap since it rang up. I will not be going back to get the free dish soap there. I will wait for it to go on sale at CVS, Walgreens, or Publix, before I go back to Wally World again.

I missed out on the free Gain dish soap the last time and now happy I have another chance at it. I am not surprised at the galls of Walmart refusing to adjust prices on coupons. Not like they’re losing money on it, good grief! However, if you can locate their store policy and show them at checkout. Maybe get lucky. Last time I read their store policy, a manager approval is needed if the total savings is more than half. Oh come on!

If those of you having trouble price adjusting the coupon at Wal-Mart have access to Rite Aid, you may wish to try there. Western Washington Rite Aids advertise the Gain Dish soap at 89 cents this week, and I used the $1 coupon with no problem–they didn’t even adjust it down, so I got eleven cents overage!! (YMMV on the overage though…) Good luck :)

I did this last time with no problem at my walmart. I did buy other items to absorb the overage.

This stuff dried my hands so bad.

Last time my Pocatello walmart through a stink and wouldn’t let me use my coupons. Really made me mad because I purchase 20 of them of ebay. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I even asked them to have the manager or what ever come over to check and it was a no go.

Rite aid has then for .89 and they didn’t adjust the price of the coupon so I got paid .11 cents to take it out of the store.

Yesterday I tried to get this and they told me walmart does not price adjust coupons.

I bought these last month after buying 20 additional Gain coupons from Ebay. I went to Walmart and purchased all 20 at the same time. They didn’t price adjust the coupon and with tax the total was $1.00 (5 cents each after coupon). I just purchased 20 more coupons from Ebay this month…the only catch now is that the coupons state you can’t use more than 4 at one time. So I guess I’ll be splitting my trips between Walmart and Rite Aid. Well worth it to me for a year (or more) worth of free dish soap!

My walmart will not price adjust coupons either. :( I tried to use the reach floss coupon, but the floss was only .97 cents so they wouldnt let me use the coupon. I tried it one other time on something else and they wouldn’t adjust the the coupon either.

Can you use one coupon and buy more than one?

Can you use more than one coupon on the same item because I went to Wal-Mart one time to buy three dog collars and had three coupons—one for each and the girl told me she couldn’t use all three of them.

Do you like the Gain Dish Soap….I’ve always used Dawn!? But I guess I could grow to like it, if it’s ‘free’.

Is this the same size as the 10oz one on sale at Rite Aid or is this bigger?

They’re the same size: 10.3 oz

It’s not a printable. It was in the P&G insert yesterday.

Hi sorry but I’m really new to this coupon thing what is P & G..sorry for the dumb question :(


It stands for Procter & Gamble and is the name of one of the Sunday newspaper coupon booklet inserts.

There’s Procter & Gamble (P&G), Red Plum (RP), and Smart Source (SS). Sometimes there is also a Gerneral Mills (GM) newspaper insert.

At the top of every page there’s a tab labeled “Beginners”, the information you can find there is extremely helpful. Give it a read through and good luck to you!! :)

I can’t FIND this coupon to print it. Help?!

The Gain dish soap is also on sale for $0.97 at Rite Aid this week so it’s free there as well.