What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

The Good News:  The Just4U eCoupon site, previously for residents of Hawaii only, is now open to all Safeway Club Card Members!  This is very exciting, so go sign up!  You do NOT need your club card number in order to sign up; you may just use your phone number.  After signing up, click on “Personalized Deals” and load your Free dozen eggs coupon to your card!

The Bad News: You can no longer use an eCoupon with a paper (printable or newspaper) manufacturer coupon.  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a couple years now, and I’m not upset about it.  It’s not gonna kill us and we’ll still be able to get good deals.  Safeway registers will not accept an eCoupon and a manufacturer coupon.  If you give you preferred card first, the eCoupons will be deducted and the cashier will be unable to redeem your paper coupons.  If you hand your coupons over before entering club card, once entering the club card, your total will go down and then back up as the eCoupons are grayed out on the screen.  My ONLY complaint is that this is causing problems using an in-ad coupon and eCoupon together, (going to do some digging/emailing and get back with more details).

More Good News:  Safeway has ammended their coupon policy again regarding acceptance of Catalinas printed at other stores (should include Register Rewards).  Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!  It looks to me like they will accept Catalinas from other stores, which would include, Target, Walgreens, Albertsons, Kroger or any other store that prints catalina!  (Rite Aid and CVS are not Catalina run programs.)

Old Rule #9 Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupon that is issued to a customer by another retailer only if such coupon is for a specific item.

New Rule #9 Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupons that are issued to a customer by another retailer.

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I was just wondering when this was effective? I went on a shopping trip on the 19th and doubled up on some ecoupons with the printable, worked just fine!

So does Safeway take store coupons from other stores? I thought they did, but didn’t see anything in their policy about it…

still not available in our area

I went to Safeway on Wednesday and used the USCAN so that I could see what is going on. When I scanned my items that had ecoupons it showed the ecoupons being crossed out as I scanned most items but not all. My fruit snacks were crossed out by my potatos were not. It didn’t even give me the chance to use paper coupons it automatically assumed I had paper coupons. This system is not going to work, I guess I will have to start shopping at Fred Meyer.

Just wondering if anyone has tried to use the Walgreen’s RR’s with cash value yet? I am soooooooooooo hoping to be able to use these as I have soooooooooooo much trouble with Walgreen’s and don’t want to give them any more money than I have to.

okay, i just got back from safeway, and they of course had no idea if the catalina change. so it took me a half hour, but i finally got them to take my walgreens register rewards for a total of $10.60. the guy read and rererad my printed coupon policy and compared it to theirs that they just were given a week ago, and it was different. i asked him to just try and scan the coupon to see if it works, and he did, and it took the coupons wihtout a beep. he said he wasn’t sure of the policy but he would take it tonight and discuss it with his supervisor tomorrow. so hopefully this is the start of a beautiful thing. if they did this, it would make up for not letting us use an ecoupon and a regular coupon, which by the way was in affect this evening in Nor Cal, Chico. anyhoo, i hope this works out for everyone else. thanks for the update Krazy Koupon Lady!

Two fridays ago they turned away some of my paper coupons because of ecoupons. So I knew something was up. At least I understand now. But that makes stuff harder to keep track of. I don’t know about all of you, but as hard as I try to keep track of what’s loaded on my card, I’m always a little off.

WHAT? I am so confused now about the ecoupons working or not at Vons. Anyways, here was a new one I got tonight. Maybe I am wrong, but I would love it if any of you have insight:

I had about $55.00 worht of groceries and I was not allowed to use my $3.00 catalina from a previous order. She said it was a mfc and that all my products were under $3.00 so she couldn’t attach it to one to take off the $3.00. WHAT????

I just got back from Safeway (NW New Mexico) and tested it out with a very small trip. The only thing I got with a coupon was Almond Breeze, I had 2 55¢ ecoupons and a $1/1 paper coupon. The card was entered first, so the ecoupons came off first. Then she scanned the paper coupon and it came off just fine too.

The coupon stacking says its for Hawaii only.

What a disappointing week its been for Safeway for me:( No free eggs, because I’m already signed up for Safeway.com. There was already a spot to load Safeway ecoupons to your card, that’s not new. Its just called something else. And if you’re already signed up you get nothing…good day sir. lol.

i’m looking at the safeway policy and this is what it states!!

Coupon Stacking: (Hawaii stores only)
23. Safeway does not allow a customer to redeem two or more manufacturer coupons against the same item in a single transaction.
24. Coupon stacking policies for manufacturer coupons apply to paper and electronic coupons that have been loaded to a club card.

25. If a customer presents two coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Safeway will give the highest discount for that item, subject to the terms of the applicable offer and/or coupon.

I just cam home from Safeway. The coupons were a mess! I tried to use several of the in ad coupons. And they weren’t going through. I assume b/c it had already taken ecoupons off. It was a really crazy confusing mess. I had a new cashier that was very kind and patient but it was stressful and even caused a long line at 10pm! I really hope that they clear this up. Stacking coupons was the benefit of shopping at SAFEWAY!

If the rules went into effect on 9/15/2010, then you can still stack coupons. I went to Safeway on 10/15 and bought three cans of kids cambells soup and had 5 ecoupons go through ($6.98) and the paper coupon also went through. It actually made it a $5 money maker for me. I would try to see if stacking still works at your Safeway before giving it up completely. The coupon policy I printed today only mentions the no ecoupon stacking for Hawaii residents only.

I also went to Vons this week and my ecoupons for the Progresso soup worked fine along with the paper coupon. It was business as usual. I think the policy for stacking is for Hawaii only.

This is and update to my earlier post about running into this problem last week.
I just did my very last big Safeway run and was able to stack and use my eQ’s as well. Simply by having the checker scan all my Q’s first before I scanned my club card. This avoided most of the trouble. All though some of the Q’s wouldn’t scan, the checkr just manually entered them in anyways.But again sadly I will not be going to Safeway anymore.

When did this policy go into effect? I knew this would happen :(

My Safeway let me use a .50 off any meat from Old Elpaso that was issued by King Soopers about three weeks ago, so I think they will do the other cat’s too.

My Safeway manager is on vacation until tomorrow. I will be sitting down with him to find out the scoop on this and then figure out what to do next before I get too unhappy about this. I agree though that this can be a BIG DEAL to those of us who do shop at Safeway because of the availablility of the stacking of eCoupons, in ad coupons, and manufacturer coupons. If it plays out the way we see this, then i will be shopping elsewhere and forgetting about the eCoupons. Their loss because there are so many of us now that it will definately impact expecially General Mills and Safeway in their numbers.

Not being able to stack a “E coupon” & a “paper coupon” is a HUGE deal to me, HUGE!!! Other stores like Ralphs (same as Kroger, etc) allow you to use BOTH.

There is a way to potentially change this…CALL CORPORATE & EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS!!! You will shop there LESS, especiallywhen other stores allow you to use BOTH! If one of us calls it might not have a huge impact, but if they start receiving SEVERAL calls, emails, or letters there could be a HUGE impact in our favor. The grocery store want so sell groceries right? Take 5 minutes out of your busy day & CALL, EMAIL or write a LETTER- or all 3! Here are the contacts:

Comments or Suggestions- it does say ” Your Feedback is IMPORTANT to us!”:

Call us toll-free: 1-877-723-3929

Customer Service Center
Safeway Inc. – M/S 10501
P.O. Box 29093
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9093

So my two questions just to clarify are:

1. In-ad coupons won’t work with paper coupons? No stacking at all???

2. When I go to check out they always ask me for my Safeway card first. They usually won’t start scanning until that’s entered. If I do that then my ecoupons will come off and the paper ones work. Am I right or am I misunderstanding how this works?

Please help!!!

I tried to registar for this and it stated that it was not available in my area so I went to the FAQ page and it states that this program is exclusively for residents of Hawaii. Maybe Im missing something?

Do you know if multiple ecoupons will still come off? (Like all of the progresso coupons I have on cellfire and shortcuts when I buy 2 cans.)

Went today and had no issues too using store, mfg. printables, and eCoupons for money makers! Where are you reading these BIG changes at? If this does really happen, it will be HUGE! And I will not be shopping there anymore.

It’s just going to take time for it to make it’s way over to ya. That’s my guess anyways. It’s already started in many parts of the West Coast. Shop shop shop till your arms fall off! Then you might not be so upset when it does hit your neck of the woods AND you can use up all those eCoupons, too! :)

i will longer need to use cellfire and shortcuts.com….safeway will no longer be the preferred store for me.

Guess I’ll just go back to buying my meat there, and shopping elsewhere for everything else I need. Stacking was really helping to offset the higher costs in my tourist town. HUGE bummer!

RRs will not be included then? you posted “if good for specific item”. That would mean no “off your next purchase”, right?

Went to VONS today and had NO issues. Used both E-coupons and paper coupons and got everything I expected. Even used store coupons for Cherrios and Pop Tarts + Paper coupons on both + e-coupons and got everything redeemed.

Yeah, I just went in today too and was able to stack the in-ad cheerios coupon with ecoupons and manufactor coupons no problem. Better then free cheerios!

Are you sure? The way I read the policy is that the coupon stacking is not allowed in Haeaii only. Last week my e-coupons came off just fine and this policy was updated on 9/15/2010.

I’ve had these same issues and it is so frustrating. I feel like I’m mourning the loss of the old Safeway coupon policy! I definitely won’t be shopping there much more either…and yes I agree with you all…it is a BIG deal.

I so agree with all the previous posts! This is a BIG deal, and I will definitely NOT be visiting Safeway as often. What fun is it shop there now?? Their sales aren’t that great, and in my area, they don’t even double. So sad.

That pretty much ends my ecoupon shopping. Annoying now that I have all those things loaded onto my card, what a pain. They do not double so why should I use them when a paper coupon will. I can see this is going to take time to work out. Lots of scrutinizing and scrounging to make sure we are getting the discounts we are due. Safeway was never my first choice, now it definitely is not.

This was one of the main reasons for going to Randalls/Safeway. I will not being going as much now. Others stores will be cheaper without being able to stack coupons, so that’s where I will be shopping.

I went to Safeway after reading this and handed over my paper coupons before my Safeway card, to avoid any paper coupons not working. In the end, or as a result?, I believe my in-ad coupon didn’t work. I definitely won’t be in there as much and agree it is a BIG negative, not a minor change.

I’m not too happy about this either. The ecoupons were the way that I could really shave down the bill. Boo…
The e coupons a lot of times gave Safeway the edge over the more discounted stores that don’t offer the in-ad coupons and the e coupons.

Um, I googled for the Safeway coupon policy and it brought me to a page different from this one, with the rules only revised on 9/15/2010.

I just started getting the hang of e-couponing a couple of months ago and now they’re taking it away? Say it ain’t so! There are many “fun” things that I was able to buy by stacking the eQs and the mfr paper Qs. Personally, the impact is that I will go into Safeway less often than I do now because half of the deals that I come up with are from stacking and then rushing in because I get so excited. I am sad to see that I won’t be able to do the Scrubbing Bubbles stack. :-( That would’ve been awesome. I went through self-checkout the other day and the e-coupon originally came off, but after I scanned the paper coupon, the e-coupon must have gone away, because it wasn’t on my receipt when it printed. So, no more stacking at my store, but they also haven’t started the Just for U program in my area either. Boo on you Safeway. Sorry for the rant.

Not being able to stack ecoupons & paper coupons is a big deal for me. HUGE. Not only will I not be able to save as much, but all those products that ecoupons come out for, I won’t be buying at all. I don’t know if Safeway was pushed into this, or if this change was their own decision, but this can’t be a good move for them.

I could not load the free eggs on my card…it said it was not avaiable in my area yet.

This is huge. Over a period of years I average 90% savings due largely to stacking ecoupons for overage on items I really want. If this applys to all ecoupons short/Cell it will be disasterous.
I think you could add 10-20% to a weekly total easy. I do not understand how you could say it is not that big of a deal?

One possible solution to this is simply to get a second Safeway card. Keep one loaded with eCoupons and the other without (and label which is which to not get them mixed up) then simply do a transaction with eCoupons on the eCoupon card and another transaction for the print coupons. It just requires a bit more planning and knowing whether the eCoupon or the print is the better deal. and also keep in mind any catalina deals.

No more Free eggs available

Just for U says not available in my area and no free eggs. Unless there’s a glitch in the system.

Sad day – I live in Nor Csl and this was the only way I could do “double coupons”. It’s what made shopping at Safeway affordable for me… probably won’t be in there as much now… man I’m so bummed!

So I’m assumming that most of us will just stop loading eCoupons right? I mean if there’s an eCoupon, chances are there’s a paper one out there. By the way, we were able to stack them before because there was no way for the customer to manually REMOVE an eCoupon from our account. So I’m assuming now that they’ve fixed that problem? So if I have an eCoupon loaded, and have a BETTER printed coupon, am I able to UNLOAD the eCoupon so I can use the printed one? If not, then I don’t see why any of us would continue loading eCoupons at all, unless we were doing it last minute before our shopping trip.

I knew that stacking the two was going to be short-lived, I just wish they would test policy changes in a small region before putting them into effect OR just hire a KCL as a consultant before couponing changes. It’s too confusing to the stores, the employees and the customers for them to keep ammending policies. It’s like they want couponers to get so frustrated that we’ll stop using coupons. FAT CHANCE! :-)

Are the Just for U coupons the same as cellfire and/or shortcuts? Can’t stack any of them? I wouldn’t think so, but just checking. Thanks for all you guys do for us couponers!!

I just used e coupons and a paper coupon at Vons yesterday without a problem. I’m so sad about this because I don’t have any grocery stores that double and my Albertsons rarely offers double the value q’s.

I usually shop @ Vons/Pavillions and this past two wks I have encountered some kind of coupon issue everytime……..e-coupons zeroed out, redemption limit of three coupons on like items (i.e. 5 pizza rolls but only allowed to use 3 coupons and not 5),or a raincheck item(s) needed to be scanned/presented first…………..what next?

Anyone knows if this applies to Vons stores? the link isn’t on the Vons website and coupon policy last update on the site was 9/15/10. I guess we will find out soon, I am going shopping today and will let you know how it goes.

You can’t stack them anymore because it specifically says they will not accept two manufacturer coupons on one item. The paper coupons we use are manufacturer coupons and the ones you load on your card are also manufacturer coupons.

I’m confused about the link above – I see that it only has rules for stacking for Hawaii residents – is it stated somewhere else that others cannot as well?

Also the FAQ of their Coupon Link still says coupons can be combined?


And the Just 4 U FAQ says you can combine with a manufacturer or store coupon?


Trying to figure out what I’m missing? Thanks!

I had encountered this change last week here in Oregon. And was mad as heck when I left my Safeway store last Tuesday, AFTER my 2nd trip on that day. On my first trip I was able to stack ALL my coupons w/ no issues, buying $75 worth of groceries for a mere $22 bucks! That’s always and awesome feeling. I went back 3 hours later after the employee shifts had changed, and the male checker argued w/ me that you can no longer stack eQ’s with paper Q’s. Even though I had a copy of my policy with me and read it to him, he kept saying it had changed. I even went home and read their policy on the Safeway website, I was still right, they had not changed the policy yet.

Now I’m wondering if it wasn’t suppose to go into effect until this week and he was refusing my paper Q’s prematurely.

When I login, it tells me that Just for U is not available in my area. :(

I’m getting the same message! Ugh…this is frustrating!

I am just wondering why we can’t stack coupons….Here is what it says but it is for Hawii residents only…

Coupon Stacking: (Hawaii stores only)
23. Safeway does not allow a customer to redeem two or more manufacturer coupons against the same item in a single transaction.
24. Coupon stacking policies for manufacturer coupons apply to paper and electronic coupons that have been loaded to a club card.

25. If a customer presents two coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Safeway will give the highest discount for that item, subject to the terms of the applicable offer and/or coupon.

Just For U is still telling me that it is not available in my area :(

My concern about this new policy is if you have say 6 items and only 2 e-coupons loaded on you card are we not able to then use 4 paper coupons also??? Not to mention the double coupon problem if you cannot use paper and e-coupons together.

i Called yesterday and was told the ecoupons could be used with paper. I wish they would make up their mind

On the Personalized deals are you allowed to use coupons with those prices?? I’m confused!!

I’m confused. When you click on the Faq’s for this program it states that you can use manufacture coupons with the Just for U offers. Did I miss something?

uggh! this is so disappointing to me. This was the only way us Nor CA girls could get “double” deals. I am so upset about this new change. It is a huge deal for me!

Not sure what’s going on but it said my email address was already signed up. So I tried retrieving the password and they sent me a temp to use to reset my password. Once I got all that done it says “We’re sorry just for U is currently unavailable in your area. If you are a new customer, offers may take up to 48 hours to activate. Please check back.” So we’ll see if the free eggs come through or not. :~)

Also isn’t this coupon policy a reversal back to what they had a few months ago for about 2 weeks? Accepting the cats from other stores that is. I’m super excited about this one!

Is this effective immediately?

I spoke to Safeway corporate last night and they said that although those of us who live in Nor Cal (where I am at) can download the coupons to our cards now, they will not be taken off of our purchases for another week when the new program is supposed to officially launch. I took it upon myself to see if that was the case by purchasing an item that I had an eCoupon for on my card and found that it was NOT taken off.

Has anyone else tried a transaction and had success with the new Just 4 U program?

Not to hijack, but regarding policy changes, my always friendly cashier told me last night at Albertsons, there are new/more changes coming to thier coupon policy, she just couldn’t find the paper she had seen about it. She said there is specifically something about doublers.