I may or may not have just been watching Entertainment Tonight where I heard about a coupon and Target scenario!

Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, $22.99
Use $2.00/1 – Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, Target Store Coupon – (etonline.com)
Final price: $20.99

And, I am dying to know- has anything tried this stuff?!  😉

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12 thoughts on “Boots No. 7 Serum: New Coupon and Target Scenario!”

I started using it since it became available at Target. I really did not see any differece.

I have been using it since it’s been available at Target in the US. Really is Great

Has anyone had trouble getting their pump to pump? Can’t get it to come out of pump.

Used Olay in the past but Boots does make a difference. I use the serum on my laugh lines as well as the eye area and even my kids have commented on the difference. Retinol products are ok if you are homebound-the retinol ends up giving you more wrinkles. Tip: Start with Jergens natural glow, let dry, use Boots No. 7, let it dry, then use Boots Day cream No 7, let dry. Inexpensive but great makeup is Covergirl Adv Radiance (SPF 10) and last but not least the Boots No 7 cream blush. I am going to be 56 and this works for me. I also drink 3 glasses of water in the morning to get started. Hydration helps as does sleep! GOod luck.

i was a die hard olay fan. one day my english mother in law came to visit and while shopping at target with me for olay, she suggested boots7, as “everyone in england” loves the stuff.

i’ve tried it and must say that it is very nice face cream. yes, very expensive, but it’s really nice.

one thing i really like better about olay is that it comes in a pump. i got my boots7 in may, have used it nearly every day, and am just now about to run out.

Just looked at the ingredients list, parabens galore. Guess I will have to pass.

I checked out what “The Cosmetics Cop” had to say and she only rated it “average.” However, on her list of the best serums, she did include one from Boots that only costs around $8.00. I have subscribed to her Beautypedia website for several years and have found that her ratings are usually great–she is sort of a Consumers Reports for makeup, skin care, body care, etc. and has appeared on many TV programs to give advice about what cosmetic items are worth the money.


This is the #1 serum from the Good Housekeeping’s anti aging awards. I am trying roc for 3 months been using it religiously for 6 weeks now. My complexion looks great but not seeing a ton of difference. I am 28 so mostly just forehead lines and a few under my eyes that I am trying to fix before they get worse. Might pick some of the boots serum up.

The olay definity mouse moisturizer is pretty great though!

They had some thing about this on a TV program. I am 60+ so I would like to try this out.

I haven’t tried this one, but I am a die hard fan of the Boots No. 7 Illuminating Lotion… I put it on under my makeup and it gives me a subtle very natural looking glow…. try it! It’s only about $13 and I use it every single day!

I have tried the clay mask but that is all. I have a hard time paying such high prices without coupons. This is the first coupon that I have seen. Once in a while the Target at Mall 205 in Portland has a price cut on some of the Boots products.

i used it, as I’d read good reviews. i’m currently using an olay serum and it’s about the same feel. the serums are supposed to be good.