Here’s the latest on the Safeway Policy changes and the new Just For U program.
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Unfortunately the Safeway JustForU site is down right now.  Hopefully they’ll have it operational again soon.  It was for this reason that Safeway said they are launching the program systematically, region by region.

The JustForU program is officially launched now in Hawaii, Illinois and most recently, Northern California.  The changes are coming for everyone else as well- no specific time frame yet.

The Bad News:

(1) Safeway no longer accepts eCoupons loaded from cellfire, PGeSaver, or Instead, they have their own eCoupons available via the JustForU site.

(2) Safeway no longer allows the stacking of a paper coupon and an eCoupon loaded from JustForU.

The Good News:

(3) Home Delivery orders can use eCoupons (loaded from JustForU).  You still cannot use paper manufacturer coupons on home delivery orders, and delivery is only available to certain areas.  Try your zip to see if it’s available in your area.  First time orders also receive $15 off $50 order through the end of 2010.

(4) Safeway has a Coupon Center found IN-STORE.  Use it to load coupons to your card and print a shopping list.  (I recommend continuing to prepare for shopping AT HOME for many reasons, including the fact that there is an approximate 30 minute delay for eCoupons to take effect at the register from the time they are loaded to card.)

The JustForU Program has three divisions.

(1) Coupon Center: This is where you can load coupons to your preferred card.

(2) Personalized Deals: Your club card purchases are tracked and this section provides customized deals “Just For U” based on your purchase history.

The Good News:

(1) You CAN use an eCoupon OR a paper coupon with a personalized price.

(2) If the club card price falls below your personalized price, you will always receive the lower price.

(3) Personalized Deals are valid for 90 days.  Think of it more like a personalized “Price”.  It’s not a coupon; you can use it over and over again.

(4) You can also “stack” a store promotion or Catalina promotion with these Personalized Deals.  Here is an example of a Personalized Deal working with a Club Card special:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $2.44 ea (personalized price) ( shelf price: $4.99)
Club Special through 11/2 – Buy 2 Get 2 Free
Use two $1.00/1 Select Quaker Oatmeals from RP 8/29
Final Price: $0.72 each, when you buy 4

The Bad News:

(1) It will be difficult to share deals with you on KCL, using the Personal Deals [or Personal Prices] since some of us will have different personalized deals than others.  Hopefully, since many of us are buying the same things, we’ll have many of the same “Personalized Deals” as one another.

(3) Club Card Specials: This section takes your purchase history (as tracked by your club card) and let’s you know about current club card specials on items that it thinks you’re interested in. Some of the club card specials will be things that were in the weekly ad, others will be club card specials that were only marked in store.  So, this isn’t providing you with any information that you couldn’t get by a trip to the store, but now you can do it from home, as an added convenience.

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25 thoughts on “Details on Safeway Coupon Policy and Just For U Program”

What a bummer! I’m in Nor Cal and we don’t have Albertson’s or anywhere that doubles. Safeway was all we had for a grocery store that we could stack and get a decent price.

I went to Safeway today because I needed some eggs and was expecting to get them for free after signing up with ‘Just for U’, but had to pay for it. The cashier had no clue why and the store manager didn’t even know what ‘Just for U’ was. Seems like they should school their employees before launching such a program. I wasn’t really a Safeway shopper until I heard that we could load ecoupons, stack them, and get really great deals, but I just might go back to shopping there for special deals only, seeing as how I have Albertsons, Winco, and Walmart right around the corner.

I was looking at the coupon policy and I couldn’t see where it says you can’t use safeway ecoupons AND paper coupons for a single item. It only said Haiwaii residents couldn’t…

Just logged onto my cellfire account and it no longer has offers for Safeway just Fred Meyer. So disappointed. Safeway will be losing a lot of business in our area, we just had a Super Walmart open in our town and I know with the economy in our area more people are going to shop there, especially when the Safeway deals won’t be as good. I just don’t think this was a good move on their part. :(

WTH is a personalized price? and are they doing this so that blogs can’t help customers anymore? For instance the bloggers “personalized price” might be different from their readers
personalized price”s so we cant really SHARE information anymore.

Seems this new policy is a big middle finger to the blogging community.


I will only be shopping Safeway for the //killer deals//
not my regular grocery shopping anymore.
So middle finger right back at ya, Safeway.

I love it! I totally agree with you!!

i’m so confused, u got me lost with “personalized price?”, huh?? i dont want to shop at vons anymore… after reading this i dread safeway already. safeway is making shopping like reliving college studying.

I will be shopping less at Safeway then. Not happy with their new coupon program.

I find that Safeway’s programs are a bit unreliable so this whole idea of using the new program really sets me up. At least when I used cellfire and shortcuts I new my ecoupons were going to work. I am not happy with this change, I expect to be using Albertson’s and Fred Meyer more now even though Safeway is closer. I’m sure this program is going to be a bust and I have told Safeway how I feel about it.

I imagine they will see a drastic decline in coupon shoppers. I only went to safeway when we either needed something (only grocery store within 20 miles) or when they had sales. This is a bummer since I was able to stock up on so many items at safeway and save on my regular grocery trip at my ‘other’ store. Boo to Safeway!

this sucks because when i go to “coupons” area on the safeway website it has the Just 4 U stuff showing up but when i click it says, “this program is currently unavailable in your area” It allows me to go to the load coupons area and then I cannot load them. Dumb Dumb Dumb! Oh yeah, I’m in Missoula MT

I just checked Shortcuts- Safeway is still listed as a partner in the electronic coupons there. How are we suppose to know when they will longer work in our area??? How much longer will the
Safeway be listed there??? And how will it work for Vons and the other Safeway stores under a different name??

What about Proctor and Gamble e-coupons??? Will we be able to load them to our safeway card??? I am assuming they will not stack with mfg coupons, is that correct?????

I wonder what the people behind the big sites like Cellfire and Shortcuts will do in response to this.

Frankly, it gives me a really good reason to quit shopping Safeway. I am just not willing to jump through more hoops, and I don’t understand cutting off all ecoupons (I have Tons loaded right now) when the Just for You program is in only a few states.

Safeway, if you’re listening, this does Not feel coupon friendly to this shopper.

Does anyone know how we will find out our personalized price? Will we know before we buy something and its rung up? I will be rethinking where I will be buying my groceries. I’m glad target is expanding their grocery dept. in our area.

I think this might be rolling out slowly, because I used paper coupons and e coupons today at Safeway. Some of my paper coupons beeped and the cashier just pushed them through. I guess I got lucky!!

Is this a Safeway retaliation for all couponing? It seems like they are hosing us a little bit with their own e-coupons and no longer allowing the stacking. I wish that their bottom line wasn’t more important than their customers.

Wow! I’d started shopping at Safeway and I expect to decrease my Safeway shopping by 75%. What an uncooperative policy.

Sigh, well I kinda saw it coming so I really slowed to a halt in shopping at safeway… I’ve ventured out to other places…… I rememeber I had just for u on my card either last year or in Jan. , it was very cool but it only lasted for a month or something and then they deleted all the connected sites so to bring it back is cool. It may have been a testing period. Anywho I guess it’s one less thing to worry about for the e coupons since they are usually the same as the inserts

So I have one question – say I go through and add all the Safeway e-coupons, but between then and now I find a manufacturer coupon that is better then one of my already pre-loaded e-coupons – do I get a choice as to which I want to use at the register? For instance, I have the option of adding a $0.50/1 e-coupon, but today there were $2 off printable coupons available. So I obviously would want to use the $2 off coupon! Do you have any idea what will happen in this instance?

This is the same question I have. I can still load ecoupons from CellFire etc to my card-you’d think they’d delete that option but maybe its because I’m so cal.

Wow so no more e coupons from other websites? Just like that, man oh man that stinks. Guess I should of used some of mine before this program rolled out since I’m in No.Cal. I’ve logged on the new program they do have several ecoupons, but none of the ones that we were used to like the betty crocker and pillsbury ones. This is going to be a hard transition.

boo boo boo! Hate it and I let Safeway know.

Wow is right! I don’t like the sound of this one bit! Way too confusing and just really annoying! haha So the ecoupon websites are basically going to be useless since Fred Meyer is doing the same thing – not allowing stacking of ecoupons & manuf printed coupons…How annoying

wow, I’ve got a headache already!! lol.. I am in Alaska, and haven’t seen any of this going on at our stores yet, but I’m sure its coming!