I have heard from many of you that you were less than happy about the terms that Weekly Cinema is imposing on the Groupon deal from earlier this week. If any of you feel that this purchase is not worth the hassle- just call Groupon and you will get a FULL refund! From the Groupon site:

Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.

If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that.

Did you purchase the Weekly Cinema Groupon? Will you be getting a refund?

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16 thoughts on “Why I Love Groupon: Easy Refunds!”

Like it … is great!

Well I guess we all know what has happened to Weekly Cinema. What a shame that it didn’t work out but I truly hope that everybody gets their money back. What irks me is that I was a subscriber to the site and they just charged me $20 two days before they close down.

I also did this Weekly Cinema Groupon. I was soooooo upset. I also kept calling and calling with no answer, and it went to voicemail. Finally I got through and waited on hold for an HOUR! Luckily I was at work and could just continue to work while I waited on hold, however did not diminish the annoyance factor! The girl answered the phone, “Hello?” Not “Hi, you’ve reached Weekly Cinema, how may I help you?” I had to ask her if this was weekly cinema, so sad. I explained how truly upset I was, but this teenage girl cared nothing at all. She promised me that they were going to be allowing Groupon users to redeem online starting this week…we shall see.

Oh yes I did, and I might be getting a refund. I have waited over a week for them to “fix” their website so I can redeem my codes and get my tickets. No dice. Its been awful. No one tells you anything, they do not answer emails, and they do not answer the phone…despite the message you get when you try to redeem codes that says if you bought from a deal site you can no longer redeem online, but have to call them. Well, I’ve called, and called, and called. I get a message that my call will be answered the order received, then get two seconds of hold music, then an answering machine. Then on their site they say, oh if you were a subscriber you could get your tickets NOW! My question is why? Why if you can give your subscribers codes, why can’t you give your deal site purchasers codes? You can’t even get them on the phone!! I’ve left voicemails, emails, and wasted tons of time trying to call them. They will not give me what I paid for!! The last email I got was that they were sorry, and that their site would be up tomorrow. But if they make it difficult I’m getting a refund. Oh and ps…Groupon knows about the hassle, knows their customers are very angry and they are super friendly and willing to refund all of your money!

I tried to get and use more than one Soap.com Groupon. It wouldn’t work…I asked for a refund…received it with no issues…they were going to give me the money but I just left it in my Groupon account to use next time…because I knew there would be a next time 😉

Yeah it used to be easy but now u have to call to redeem a code, I was on hold for 30 minutes before they answered but once I got someone it was quick and painless. Thanks god I realized this day before movie cause they are only open to call from like 9-5 or something ridiculous so call to get promo codes now and just write down codes for future use.

I got the Tippr deal for Weekly Cinemas. It required that I call WC to get my codes activated. Called for 2 days and was put directly to voice mail. They never returned my call. So I just kept hitting redial and about the 15th time I got put on hold for 27 minutes but once I got through to a real human the process took less than a minute to validate. What a hassle. I doubt I’d do it again. I tried to contact the tippr number on the confirmation but it wouldn’t go through.
My advice is to proceed with caution on these deals. And don’t expect to use a code for a movie you want to see that evening.

I don’t know if you guys are aware that you can buy Groupon coupons deals on ebay? You can also get more bang for your buck if you go through a rebate kick back such as Mr. Rebats or Ebates and put in Ebay on average you will get 5% back from Ebay. And because you purchase through Ebay they will give you a 5% kickback for future Ebay Deals.

I’ve tried Weekly Cinemas website, I’ve tried phoning too many times to count with no answer and have emailed them twice. Not very good customer service!

I have had no problems getting my movie tickets. I have done this several times without an issue. This must be something new.

I finally got my refund…had to request it twice from Groupon. The first response I was given was to please be patient as Weekly Cinema wasn’t expecting such high demand….their problem, not mine. I have tried multiple times to redeem these Groupons (I bought two–eight tickets) and haven’t been able to. Additionally, on the Wichita deal, we were told we could redeem for movietickets.com–which is what the theatre in town uses. Turns out they had to be redeemed (if you can even get to that point) at fandango (sp?) NOT movietickets.com.


I bought the TIPPR deal with Weekly Cinema about a month ago. Weekly Cinema has been a nightmare to work with these deals, so I asked TIPPR for a refund and within 5 minutes I had the refund. No questions asked. Just awesome.

That is so true, I bought some basketball tickets awhile back and the wording was funny on the deal so I ended up with 6 tickets instead of 3. They immediately credited my account and were super nice about it. I love Groupon!

I didn’t see the groupon but love weekly cinema joined about 6 months ago. and it is so worth it, so easy.

I joined weekly cinema too, and I love love LOVE it. I wasn’t going to continue my membership but I did after experiencing it. I wound up with 5 tickets in my free month, and I just renewed and got 3 more.

Well of course they’re treating you well, your actually a subscriber. Its not the subscribers that are having issues. Its the people that bought a pack of tickets through Groupon. So I bought 6 tickets through weekly cinema. Then I redeemed two of them. Then their site “went down”. But it didn’t go down for subscribers, it was just groupon and tippr people and such that couldn’t get their codes. Then they wanted us to call, and wouldn’t answer the phone. I’ve literally been trying for a WEEK to get my codes. Its terrible, I paid money for something they won’t allow me to use unless I sign up! Glad to see they treat their subscribers well, but buyer beware they don’t want to anty up the codes for groupon people!