Head on over HERE to print a coupon for $10 off when you spend $10 at Select Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

This coupon is for Mother’s and Expectant Mothers

I’m thinking FREE Wrapping Paper!!!

Thanks Common Sense with Money

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56 thoughts on “HOT Coupon!! $10 off $10 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores!”

This offer has expired!! It was a good one, I was able to get some nice things with the coupon. Thank you Krazy coupon lady for the tips!

Worked for me! I love my $14 Baby’s First Christmas that I only paid $4 something for.

FYI….Hallmark is currently having a sale on their wrapping paper– buy one and regular price ($4.99), get the second for $.99. So, if you buy 4 rolls of wrapping paper and use the coupon, you’ll only pay $1.96 out of pocket before tax! The rolls are 45 sq ft, so nothing to scoff at!

It didn’t print any coupon when I clicked on get in store coupon.

i got a talking snoman with the plunger and 3 cards used my 2 off on my reciept so i paid 2.00 out of pocket yippeeeee!

I used mine no problem! Yay! The coupon does say “One per customer”, not “per transaction” or anything, so I don’t think it’s intended for anyone to use more than one coupon.

I found my daughter a ladybug pillow pet knockoff priced at $15. After the coupon it was $5!

I used mine on Webkinz for stocking stuffers. I used the two that it allowed me to print, on two different trips. I hope to hit the other store in the mall for the other two (2 computers). The bar code didn’t change in between printing, so it is very tempting to print extras. Great time of year. Thanks for sharing this deal!

What I have got :

12.95 magnetic 12 days of XMAS
9 assorted 99 cards :)
both orders were 5.24
store 2
3.95 shocks and decoration for the tree I had to pay 1.02
baby’s 1st xmas paid 3.change

more on the way to work in the morning they are letting me use 2 at a time but checking out 2 times and this is a great to level up and hopefully get the check for after christmas sale with :)

My coupon only printed my name, address and a bar code. I took that into my Hallmark dealer, they scanned the barcode and it removed $10.00 off my order. Thanks to my Hallmark Store:)

Anyone know if we can use this with the Yankee candle coupons that just came out?

That would be a “no.”

But I did get to use it on our Christmas cards for this year. 24 Cards and 20 gift tags cost me $1.75!

I went today, I got 4 really nice rolls of wrapping paper and it worked, no problem.

wow1! Thanks for this great deal! I thought they might say you’re not a new mom, but nobody made any comment except to say what a great coupon! I bought a very expensive gift bag, some adorable tissue paper, and the cutest beanie baby I had been looking for…only paid 2 out of pocket..love it!

Mine printed bad also. The bar code and the heading of Save $10 on your total purchase printed fine, but the fine printing in the body of the coupon if all gibberish. Sigh, they probably will not accept the coupon. Waste of paper and ink

I printed off the coupon, but the only thing that printed was a bar code and my email address, with a little $10 off total purchase. How did everyone else’s print? I am just not sure if they will take this and dont want to waste a trip. TIA


Oh, and I asked if they had been seeing a ton of the $10 coupons, they said no, so I’m happy no one in my area is abusing it. I am curious to see how long this deal lasts before someone ruins it. bleh.

Oh that is a bummer about telling you to check back later. My Hallmark is accross town, and I would have been a litle irritated. I was able to print 2 coupons. As I bought some wrapping paper and cookie boxes I asked if I could use the other one since it let me print 2, then read it and were happy to accept it. I went back and found super cool Snoopy gift boxes. Thanks Hallmark!

My store told me that it accepted the coupon, then while I shopped, made some calls and couldn’t determine if it was taking the coupon or not. I was told to check back later.

Does this coupon print off coupons.com or require any software? I want to know before I go to the library for this one lol (*sigh* I hate not having a computer. I don’t know what I would do without the net on my phone lol!)

Just to let everyone know in most issues of redbook, womans day nad family circle magazines there is a coupon for 5 dollars off a five dollar purchase. I know its not as good as ten but its still a good deal!

It clearly says one per customer. I could understand using multiples if it said one per visit or one per purchase but that’s not what it says. I love getting a great deal but eventually companies are going to stop putting out coupons because of people using more than they are supposed to. Come on, ten copies when it clearly states one?

I am SO glad to hear that other couponsers have the same moral compass as I have. It is fabulous to save money and enjoy the savings that manufacturers and retailers offer to consumers, but taking advantage through greed and fraud is only going to lessen the great deals that are offered.

Yeah – I was able to receive a coupon. An Ornament for one of my daughters will be great! I will ask my husband to sign-up too for our second daughter. Happy Thanksgiving.

This was great! My husband and I both got one and bought our kids wonderful new ornaments (without this coupon the ornaments would have been WAY too expensive). Saving $20 was awesome! Thanks Coupon Lady!!!

Isn’t it supposed to be for mothers only?

it seems like it, doesn’t it? the coupon doesn’t state that anywhere though…so I don’t really know what to think about that…

I was able to print the coupon twice, but also had the printer set to two copies, So I have four, is this legal?

My favorite coupon of the holidays. Thank you soooo much for the heads up:)

i was not able to print it says it has reached its limit. hmmm i wonder why!

The coupon states Limit one coupon per customer. The coupon also has your name an email address on it, not to mention that to get it you had to type in a valid postal address….so for those who printed multiples and are planning on using them, is that legal? I would like to have input from someone who knows about this so I can decide whether to get more or not. Thank you!

I am hesitant to print more than one. It states one per customer with the sentence- Coupon fraud is punishable by law. If people over do offers like this- they just won’t do them anymore. Not worth it to me.

I don’t know about being illegal, but I agree with Michelle. I’m happy to just get the $10 off.

I agree, I did’nt see this on the coupon till I had them printed and cut, Do you think we’re okay to use 2 of them since it let you print off two from the site?

My guess is they won’t throw a conniption over 2 per person- that is pretty standard for internet coupons. They probably won’t waste time with petty lawsuits over extra coupons- they just won’t do them anymore when they see that people are using 5, 10, or 15+ in an attempt to work the system.

the only reason i printed 7 was to share with my sister and a couple friends but did not realize they had my name on them till after so maybe i will just use mine and discard the rest! I wasnt trying to work the system!

most people don’t do things like that fully aware of the specifications, the point is to do the right thing once “you know”. :)
I think that since the coupon states one per person, it is ok if you have one and say, your sister with her info has one, or your husband has one. Otherwise, it would say “one per household”. By the way, I sooo not like it when they say “one per household”!!!!! I feel that my husband and I are still individuals while being married and under one roof. Why would it be ok for us use two coupons if we weren’t married and lived in separate houses??? ok, just rambling here… :p I can’t wait to use my coupon :)

I printed it just fine and if you change the quantity of prints before you print you can get as many as you want…ex first print change quantity to 5 or more and it will print 5 times…second print change to 10 it will print out 10 sheets so now you have 15 $10/$10

In my humble opinion, I would say 15 would definitely be taking advantage of the offer. In fact, since it says “one coupon per customer” I think that any more than one would be wrong! Let’s try not to wreck for everyone!

i was able to print mine as many times as i wanted.

I was able to make it work, actually when my printer window came up i was able to say i wanted 5 copies of it, and i was able to print it again, i ended up with 6 coupons for $10 off! i looked to see if the 2nd print had a diff barcode but it was the same as the first so i dont see why it wouldnt work!! :O)

Just printed the coupon twice! Thanks so much!

I just got one to print off for me.

i tried to print too and nothing came out at all. any suggestions? my printer printed a coupon just a few minutes ago and it worked fine! ugh!

I tried to print and nothing came out except for a headrer and a footer. I dont know what I did worong! I printed twice too!

I got the response that the coupon has printed the maximum number of times, so maybe the offer is expired. Bummer!

Printed it twice! Awesome deal!

I’m glad I came to the site before I left work today…headed that way now!

gonna use this on a Hallmark recordable book…….thanks

How much are those?

The recordable books are $29.95. They did have the grandparent books for $19.95

Thanx for the heads up!! :)

PS. you can print this twice!

Yes, you can print each unlimited times, but…it says one per email address on coupon…so will it kick out 2,3 and 4ths?
Not sure here, but I printed a few for different email addresses

Mine says “one coupon per customer” not just email address. I’m thinking we shouldn’t be printing out multiples or else they may end up pulling the deal and making our coupons invalid if too many people start taking advantage of it.

Thank you so much! My presents are going to look so good wrapped up this year!