This morning, when I grabbed my shopping cart from the Target parking lot, there was a $5 off $50 Target purchase catalina coupon in my cart!  It made my day!  Then, when I checked out (having spent just over $20 on 7 Swiss Miss and a 2 clearance tops), I received a $5 off $50 coupon myself!  By the time I was leaving the store I was eying every shopping cart on the lot looking for more coupons!

I suggest you keep this coupon in mind when planning your Target trips this week.  Based on the experience I had at my store, I would say you have a good likelihood of finding one of these $5 off coupons if you’re willing to take a stroll around the parking lot on litter-removal.  :)  Community service and savvy shopping!  Win-win!   If you can get an extra 10% off (percent savings based on a $50 total), then use your coupons to lower your total even further, you might get some really great deals!  The coupon expires 12/7.

Leave a comment to let everyone know if you were able to find the coupon, or if you received one when making a purchase!

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40 thoughts on “$5 off $50 purchase Target Catalina Coupons”

i went target yesterday i spend over 50 and didnt get catalina 5 dollar coupon.. i ask Target about it.. they said dont know anything abt it.. Where can i print paper proof tht i suppose get 5 dollar coupon?

I have a target catalina that is for $5 off Grocery Purchase of $50 or more… Is toilet tissue or laundry detergent considered grocery also or is grocery just food items?

When I read this, I was thinking, how silly hawk-eying the carts because of finding one coupon in one….

Last night I went to target, my husbands total was $80 and it printed a $5 off $25 grocery purchase coupon. I used that on my $60 purchase, (the only edible thing I bought though was bottled water) and mine printed out an $8 off $80 purchase coupon. I don’t see the rhyme or reason here for several reasons but I was thrilled!!!

oh, and I checked every cart on the way out for more coupons…

I got a $8.00 off $80 and a $10.00 of $100. both good this time of year with big purchases!

I got one of these shortly before Black Friday and used it along with a slew of coupons to get a lot for dirt cheap.

I spent about $36 dollars before using my Black Friday gift cards and didn’t get one of these catalinas. :o( I was so looking forward to it too! I wonder if it’s certain items that triggers it.

I found a $10 of $100 on in the parking lot also. :)

omg how many of the safeway coupon booklets did you get??? (for the swiss miss coupons) i didnt even get to find one cuz everyone takes a billion for themselves! ugh!

I got two 11-30. Two seperate transactions!

I received one today just after making my double blu-ray purchase of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Fantasia along with NYC quick dry nail polish and Similac, my total came to a little less than $24.00 :)

I got one today in Glendale, AZ!

No such luck. I’ve been shopping Target but have not seen one of these. Keep hoping, you can bet I will be on the look out for one. It sure would be handy. Thanks for the “heads up”.

I received one about a week before black friday. I used mine on black friday.

I recieved one Monday in atlanta

Back when they were giving away the free eggs,I found one of teh egg coupons in one of the shopping carts and one where they sold the eggs at. They had sold out of the eggs. I talked to the store manager and they siged the coupon, meaning that when I came back, I can get my 3 cartons of eggs for free.

I never can understand why prople never talk with the manager about getting rain checks on things that are out of stock. I actually collect rainchcks on things that I use frequently so that it gives me time to gather up coupons. May stores dont have a limit on how long you have to use them. I believe target is 90 days. (I know Safeway is.)

Anyways, remember this the next time they give out a coupon on a specific item.

Happy Savings!!!!

I got rain checks for the eggs and the cookie dough! Target (N CA) prints rain checks in maximum quantities of six, but I think they would have printed as many as I wanted in whatever quantities. I got 6 on the cookie dough, but I know now that I should have had them print out 6 different qty 1 rain checks!

I found one on the floor while walking away from the registers of my local Target in Northern California.

i shop at target and find the in store coupons are great ! i have saved many times. also target matches any current ads. today i went in with my coupons for sorcerer’s apprentice and fantasia along with a local ad. with the coupons and ad i shocked not just myself but the target employee. i paid $3.88 for both movies on blu-ray 4 dvd packs ! wow !! the other store would not of done this for me. i love target !! also enjoy my hot chocolate from starbucks. try the salty caramel !!

Excuse me for asking, but how did you accomplish this? I would absolutely love to do this

I went to Target today and did two transactions. I recieved this coupon on the first transaction (under $50) but not on the second (over $50). I don’t know if the price had anything to do with it or not.

I found one in my purse this morning to get $5 off of $50. Then when I got home and checked my mailbox I got a Target book “Give Jolly” that had a coupon to get $15 off $150! Wish I had that earlier today!

I recieved one yesterday (in Portland, OR) on a $24 purchase. Was a nice surprise! Also this week at Target their Xhileration brand pj bottoms are on sale for $8. There is an online target coupon for $10 off of 3. That makes them $4.67 each!

I got one don’t remember when I got it but it was $8 off an $80 purchase. Mine expires in 2 days and I don’t know that I will need to make a purchase of that size until the weekend. Does anyone know if I can purchase a gift card for say $85 or $100 and still get the $8 off? Just trying to think of a way to use it without taking a bunch of things back and re-purchasing them. Thank you for any suggestions.

I got one last week too!!

I got one last night shopping here in Huntsville, AL. We spent a little over $100.

I got one but my friend didn’t. We were shopping at the same time. I also used a $10 off Norelco Electric Shaver ($29.99) final price $19.99. It’s cheaper than buying replacement heads.

I have gotten 3 in the past couple weeks. One for $5/$50, one for $8/$80, and one for $10/$100.

Here in Nampa, ID I did not get one of the $5 coupons today. Spent $100 or so on a Christmas gift and other items. Would have loved to have one of these for the gift I bought! :o)

I received and $8 off $80. I thought it was an odd number

I got an $8/$80 last Wednesday when I “bought” 6 free Tag books (and a basketball). I used it Black Friday with another coupon my sister gave me to earn a $15 gift card with $150 purchase. And on top of that was the $10 GC with $100 purchase that everyone earned before 10am. I got BF prices and essentially saved an extra $33 on my $154 purchase! It made my 2 hour wait in the middle of the night in the cold rain worth it! Yay!!

If you have a dog, check the dog treat aisle. 6 oz Beggin Strips are selling for $1.29 per bag. I used the $4 off of 4 purina treats and paid .29 each for them. They were not a clearance item, it was an advertised price.
I live in W. PA, I don’t know if would be the same at each Target, but it is worth a look!

I got a $10 off a $100 purchase when I shopped Target on Sunday…

Does the cat say anything about the $50 being before or after coupons?

Oooo! We got one last night while we at Target from the catalina machine! Made my day…

I received one today with my purchase (total before coupons was over $50). Wish I’d found a coupon BEFORE today’s purchase!

It seems to be hit or miss with getting the coupon. I got one a week and a half ago, and have shopped at Target three times since and have not gotten another one:(

Yes, I separated purchases and received on on my last purchase which was $40 and some change with tax. I got the $5 off $50 but then I did not receive my $1/1 Catalina for my Tollhouse Cookie Dough-two of them. So it felt like I was only ahead $3 and have to spend $50. But I will use it this Christmas season!

Ha, ha..this reminds me of what I do with the free newspapers that are left on sidewalks/driveways (and often in the street!) of my neighborhood. I used to get so disgusted at how a few people would just leave them sit there, day after day, turning to mush in the rain, etc. Now I figured that since they are free, and if they haven’t been picked up by noon on Monday, I am doing the neighborhood a service by picking them up as they are becoming litter. There are a few houses that will accumulate a few weeks worth of them if I don’t pick them up. (Just so happens that they almost always contain at least one good coupon insert!)

I got a $10/$100 on BF!

I received one of these coupons on Saturday with a $30 purchase of holiday lights and tissues. And today I got another one with my prescription purchase at the pharmacy!