Ovaltine is on price cut at Target!  It’s a great time to stock-up for the year at this price!

Ovaltine Rich Chocolate, 12 oz $2.85 (through 12/18)
Ovaltine Chocolate Malt, 12 oz $3.03 (through 12/18)

$1.00/1 – Ovaltine, 12 oz – (nestlefamily.com)

$1.00/1 – Ovaltine Product – (nestlefamily.com)
*$2.00/1 – Ovaltine, any size, any flavor – (parentingextras.com) or Direct link to the pdf
Final Price: as low as $0.85

*I have not used this coupon myself.  I don’t know how it will scan and I do not recommend printing out a bunch at a time, since they will not have unique barcodes.

The Swiss Miss price cut has been extended through 12/4 and my local Target was re-stocked this morning!  For those of you with a Safeway affiliate store in your area, this hot chocolate will be free when you use your $1.00 off 1 coupon from the Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book. You can purchase the books or swiss miss coupons on ebay.  I don’t recommend buying too many though, since Target stock could potentially be wiped out by the time you get your coupons.  Suprisingly, the coupon deducted the full $1.00 from my total today, so I actually earned $0.01 for each Swiss Miss that a bought!

Swiss Miss hot chocolate, 10 ct $0.99 (through 12/4)
Use $1.00/1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, manufacturer coupon from Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book
or use $0.50/2 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa from SS 11/14
Final Price: as low as free

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24 thoughts on “Ovaltine as low as $0.85 at Target! Swiss Miss price cut extended.”

Our local Target had the smaller Ovaltine cans for $2.49, making them .49 each! I may be going back for more. The coupon worked great for me!! We drink a ton of ovaltine in our family, so this saved me a ton. Also, they are usually in the coffee section.

My grandkids love Granpas Choc milk….Ovaltine! So I printed off 2 of the $2.00 coupons and 2 of the $1.00 coupons and Voila…At Target they had The Rich Milk Chocolate Ovaltine for $2.41 so I paid for 4 cans=$3.64 plus tax! But wow gr8 deal!

I was able to find the Ovaltine on sale at Target, (Toledo, OH) area for $2.41. When I used the $2.00 off coupon, I only paid .41.

I was at a Super Target today and they had the rich choc. flavor 12 oz and they were only $2.58. Luckily I happened to have 2 of the coupons with me and I got two of them!

They were 3.07 can at my Target but they were still only 1.07 a can still a great stock up price. I bought 5 and had no problems using the coupon. Turlock, CA.

Speaking of Swiss Miss, they were on sale at Rite-Aid this week, 10/$10 (along with several other items that you could mix and match), and if you bought 10, there was a $2 (or $3?) Up Reward, so this made each Swiss Miss a $.30 MM.

I should add that it was using the Safeway coupon book coupon.

Our local target had the Ovaltine priced at 2.58, making the final price 58 cents. Thanks for sharing.

They only had the chocolate malt flavored Ovaltine in the 12 oz. here and I don’t like that….it was priced at $3.09.

They did have the reg. chocolate in the 18 oz. priced at $3.99, so I got one of those for $1.99 and two free boxes of Swiss Miss.

So you printed the whole page,35? Or is there a way to get to coupon solo?

Just got back from Target, they are priced at $2.89 at my N. Tex. store, the coupon scanned, no beeps, but only took $1.58 off, I pointed it out to the cashier, she called a manager and the manager gave me another $.42 discount. So $.89 Ovaltine for me!!!

The ovaltine was prices at my target $2.58, so only .58cents after coupon!=) I also received the $5 off coupon when I checked out!

The link to the pdf is not working for me. Anyone else having problems?

I used the ovaltine coupon at Target 6 times and it only scanned properly once, but I think it is just because my printer isn’t very good. When it did scan there were no problems. Even when it wouldn’t scan at my Target they accepted them with no problems. They were priced at $2.44, so only $.44 at my Target. I’m in Las Vegas and I went to the the Target where the 215 and the 95 freeways meet.

has anyone had any success using the $2 ovaltine q. i just printed one, and it is very blurry. my hubby likes ovalktine so this would be a great q. he could take the cannister to work, and it would last him quite a while.

I used the $2 off coupon at smiths and it worked fine. No problems!! :)

I used the $2 ovaltine q. @ Ralph’s (I think) without any problem!

I bought 5 cans at Target and all the coupons scanned fine!!!

Does anyone know if the sugar-free Swiss Miss is included in the sale price of $1.00 at Target?

In my store in Los Angeles it was not.

I visited two different stores to find them. In one store they were placed in special containers on the shelves throughout the store, they appear to all be gone at this store. In the other store they keep them at the very end checkout counter (end closest to the door, where your groceries collect as they are being put into the bags) and they appear to be putting out a couple at each counter and they still have them at this store in VA). I wouldn’t count on the ‘workers’ at the store being very helpful in finding them… they may not have noticed them. These books came out in late Oct or early Nov so it may be difficult to find them now.

My store in Antioch, Ca has stacks of them at the costumer counter. I grabbed 9 and there were still tons more….

I am always so sad when there is a matchup with the safeway book because we never got them.:(

I never found them either, and whenever I ask about things like that I get a blank stare.