ALL Weight Watchers Smart Ones are Buy 4, Get 1 Free through 12/11.  Most are priced at $1.80 OR $2.28.  You should be able to purchase 10 in one transaction and receive 2 free.  I haven’t purchased any myself, but there is no verbiage stating ‘limits per transaction’, so you should be able to buy as many as you want in each transaction.

Buy 10 Smart Ones $1.80
(you bought 8, so you’ll get 2 for free)
Use $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Meals, Target Coupon – (
And use $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones – (
Final Price: $6.40, or $0.64 each, when you buy 10

Buy 10 Smart Ones $2.28
(you bought 8, so you’ll get 2 for free)
Use $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Meals, Target Coupon – (
And Use $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones – (
Final Price: $1.02 each when you buy 10 total, Including 2 Free

If you’ve already printed the $4.00 off 10 manufacturer coupon, here are some others you could use:

$3.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Product – (
$1.00/5 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Product – (
$2.00/8 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Product – (
$1.00/4 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones product – (
or $3.00/10 – Weight Watcher Smart Ones Frozen Items (Peelie on Select Boxes)


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9 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Smart Ones Deal at Target, $0.64 each”

I had a great experience at Target today. None of my coupons beeped. I expected the $3.00 off 1 Airwick candle to beep since they are $2.99 but it didn’t. Well my Smart Ones ended up being a better deal than it was supposed to be. I had 2 sets of the coupons because I was thinking I was going to get 20 of them. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be picky about me buying so many. So I decided on 10. I guess somewhere my brain messed things up and I didn’t pull my extra set of coupons out of my coupons I had pulled for my shopping trip. When I got home I was so mad when I couldn’t find them and realized I did in fact give both sets of manu & Target coupons. Then after inspecting my receipt and adding everything off, I see they gave me credit for two $4 manu coupons and two $4 Target coupons. So for some reason their computer let these go through. I would feel guilty expect it was a total oops on my part. And of course we won’t go into the countless times I’ve got home and the coupons I have given have all NOT scanned.

My total for 10 Smart Ones should have been $6.32 since my store had them on sale at $1.79. But I actually was paid $1.68 to bring these home today.

I am happy to have the quick meals in the freezer for days I am too tired to fix something to eat.


I only got them for .86 cents a piece they would only use the ww coupon as good for one free smart one at 1.80. I wrote out a full detailed description but the site will not post it for some reason.

Jarrod aka “coupon king”


the Red Card is a debit card? Or a credit card?


It’s a DEBIT card that you can only use at Target. Everytime you use it you get 5% back. There are no fees at all to sign up…it’s totally free. All you need to do is bring in a blank check.


I also bought 20 at my Target in San Jose. I bought meals and desserts for the $1.20 Price, 4 came off as free, used 2 $4/10 Manufacture coupons and 2 $4/10 Target coupon, So $16.00 off. Here’s my math:

20 @ $1.80 Each = $36
-$7.20 (4 Free)
-$8.00 (2 MQ)
-$8.00 (2 TQ)
= $12.80
– $0.05 for bringing my own bag
– $0.64 5% off for using my RedCard Debit Card that I signed up for.
=$12.11 total OOP – No tax on the food
or $0.60 each

Love it 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Joanie


Just got back from Target – 20 Smart Ones (so I can eat something other than PB&J with my kids for lunch sometimes), 2 Hungry Hippo travel, 2 Pictureka travel, 7 Seventh Generation cleaners, 1 Tollhouse cookie dough (still had 1 catalina/coupon combo), 1 box of breast pads. About $27 oop and $8.19 (plus tax) was for the breast pads with no sale or coupon! I’m LOVING this!!!


Just wanted to add to the controversy – I bought 10 (all $1.80 ones), 2 came off as free, the Target coupon worked beautifully, but the MFR coupon (I was using the $4/10) rang through as $1.49, so make sure you watch if you’re doing this transaction.


I just visited Target also and bought 10. You have to watch it because they only took off 1 of the free ones instead of 2. Also when they scanned the target coupon $4/10 it didn’t work and they tried to tell me I didn’t buy the required amount.


This is such a great deal. I did it last night buying 10 in one transaction. 2 meals came off as free!