Chicago’s Groupon is a hot one!  You can get a Sears Portrait Studio Package worth $134.93 for just $20! This package includes:

  • A photo session with an unlimited number of subjects (a $14.99 value)
  • One digitally enhanced 10”x13” of your favorite pose (a $29.98 value)
  • One contemporary, two-pose horizontal composite (a $29.99 value)
  • Three natural-color portrait sheets of your favorite pose—one 8”x10” print, two 5”x7” prints, and eight wallets (a $29.97 value)
  • Set of 10 greeting cards, available in a variety of themes, including holiday, New Year, or any occasion (a $20 value)
  • Greeting-card personalization, which includes a custom message of up to three lines (a $10 value)

This is a great deal!  Just make sure the Sears in your town has a Portrait Studio before you purchase this Groupon!

The Groupon Expires June 30, 2011

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11 thoughts on “Sears Portrait Package worth $134.93 for just $20!”

one of my friends just told me that groupon is on swagbucks… so if you use Swagbucks, you can go through them to get your groupon deals, and get credit towards your amazon cards or whatever else you like to spend your sgs on!

Where on the website did you find the same offer that doesn’t expire until Dec. 22?

Sears is offering this same deal on their website until Dec. 22.!!!

do you have a link to this deal on their website? I can’t find this same deal on there. Thanks!

is groupon a trustworthy site? and also is there a lot of fineprint??? cos I used that site or something where you buy like a $10 GC for like $2. it sounded great but then there are soooo many stipulations on what you can and cant use it on that it was a waste of money because by using that Id be spending MORE money @ the restaurant than just catching the specials. I just dont want to waste any more money on sites like that.

I love Groupon! I agree about the, but at the same time it is listed about the restrictions, ie on orders above a certain amount and they add the gratuity. If you use and usually spend more than what’s required at the restuarant you buy the certificate too then it’s worth it because you still save like $15-$20 dollars. But like you said if you don’t normally spend that much at a restuarant then it’s not worth it.
I’m thinking of buying this Groupon, under the information it tells you what’s included and yes that’s a good deal. But I tend to then see the additional pictures that they take to try to sell you and I can’t say no so I do end up spending more. So if the package deal is all you want, that’s all you get and you don’t have to spend more, but a lot of times they take tons of pictures to get you to buy more. I just have no will power!

I find that the coupons actually save us money as a family of 4, we can eat out at a nicer restaurant and pick the more expensive things (like steak) to get our total up, and then when we use the $25 GC and even with the gratuity, we still spend $20 including the cost of the GC… it usually costs the 4 of us about 16-18 to eat at McDs, so for us, it’s worth it. :O) I’ve never tried Groupon, though I hear a lot of good things about it from fellow couponers!

I can’t find this anywhere! Ive gone to the website and don’t see it. Can some one please tell me where I need to go?

Its under Chicago’s groupon so you can choose Chicago as your city, but the link that says ” Sears Portrait Studio Package worth $134.93 for just $20″ under the picture above took me right to it :)

Does this only work if you live in Chicago?

Under the Highlights section you’ll see “•Valid at locations nationwide” so it should be good everywhere.