Hurry and print this coupon, we rarely see coupons for trash bags, especially coupons that are such a high value!!!

$2.00/1 – Glad Trash Bags – (

Thanks For the Mommas

Use the at Rite Aid starting Sunday for this deal:

Glad Trash Bags 2 for $13.00
Buy 2, Submit for $1.00 Single Check Rebate AND Receive $1 +Up Reward
$2.00/1 – Glad Trash Bags – (
Pay $4.50 each, Submit for $1.00 Single Check Rebate and Receive $1 +Up Reward
Final Price: $3.50 each!!

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22 thoughts on “New $2 Glad Trash Bag Coupon, Plus Rite Aid Scenario!”

@ Lisa : The peelies are manufacturered coupons and therefore can NOT be combined with these printables $2 coupons

However, on the bright side, there were $0.50 cents Video Values coupons from November that you can still print to use along with these! :)

My store had 2 55 cent peelies on 2 of the boxes of my trash bags. An extra $1.11 off!!

I asked if they would take the Target web coupons they tried it. With no question. But it beeped. Plus it was for a different glade product. So i didn’t bother to use them. She said she would try it which was really nice. But it beeped so i just said ok. lol. No problem.

And i got 4 45 count trash bags for about $12-13 (I bought a couple other items lol) Plus that doesn’t include the rebate and the $1 upreward i got.

I so heart Rite Aid…I’ve saved a lot of money. I like the kirkland brand at costco. But I think I got a better deal at Rite aid. Almost 200 trash bags for about $10. :} Maybe less….wish i woudln’t have bought the other stufff so i could get the exact totall lol…but i’m still happy!

We don’t have a Rite-Aid here. I am so sad I keep missing out on all their deals!

Maybe consider relocation!??! :) just kidding…

here’s the way i look at it…yes, you may find trash bags cheaper at other places, but you’d have to spend your own money. if i purchase the trash bags at rite aid and use up rewards that i’ve accumulated through profit on other items, i’m ahead because i didn’t have to use my actual money to purchase the bags elsewhere. of course, if the bags were ridiculously priced, i would reconsider, but we’re talking a few cents difference per bag.

I feel liberated to have gotten RID of my warehouse membership recently. It took nearly 1/2 hr to get a mgr to “approve” the cancellation because we bought a gift card just prior – and we HAD to be members to buy the gift card! (apparently, they’ve had people buy a ton of items, write a check, cancel membership, and disappear). We were giving the card to my brother for a Christmas gift, plus they already had our money because I paid via debit. No matter, we were quizzed like we were criminals — for CANCELING a membership! Any amount of regret we felt for getting rid of the membership (or for future consideration to re-up someday) was wiped out from this unnecessary experience and time-waster.

So, I do NOT consider it a pain to “endure” rebates, +UPs, coupon stacking, etc. for the benefit of NOT using a warehouse membership. Too, membership costs 50-100 bucks a year, which is tough to “make up” in the rural-like area where I live, even with gas (and, Albertsons and Vons/Safeway offer non-cost membership discounts on gas with the “regular” purchasing of groceries, which makes the cost comparable to the warehouse club gas).

I agree about Costco. Seems like EVERYTIME I visit the store, it’s time to re-up my membership again. It’s been a year . . . Really???

My new years resolution… cut down on driving and save towards a low mpg car because gas is killing me – here in San Diego at 3.59 per gallon.

Yeah, I usually get the 150ct of SAMs brand trash bags for about $13. They are good quality and last forever!

The two coupons I had were $2 off Force Flex. The Force Flex were on sale were 38 count. So the two Qs combined with the ups and the rebate, I think make it about .10 cents per bag for me.
Of course at Costco you can probably get the Kirkland kitchen bags even cheaper than the Glad…and you don’t have to mess with rebates, +ups, etc.

I pay $6.48 for 80 Glad bags at Wal-Mart.

Plus if u have the $5 off $25 coupon from rite aid u can use that or the $3 off any purchase of $20…that helps too! don’t forget those!

Per their website, Costco sells Glad tall Kitchen Bags for 12.99 for 100 ct (13 cents each). If you get the, 2.00 off plus .50 off then it comes out to 13.5 cents each…almost the same per unit price. I will pick these up tomorrow only if they have drawstrings :)

I’ve found that the prices on their website aren’t the same as their in-store prices, though. They mark them as “free shipping” when really they’ve just marked them up. Now that I’ve said that, I’m not sure what their in-store pp/garbage bag is.

i wonderded the same thing – is that a good price for 24 bags?

in my store, there were 38 bags per box

can u combine this one with the target $1 off trash bags coupon?

Yes you can stack them Mindy, because it’s a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

i have some other manufactor coupons for a $1 off glad trash bags. Can i use those plus the $2 coupons?

Only if you’re going to buy more than one box or trash bags or if you’re going to use a store coupon to stack this with. You can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons for one box though.

Is that a good deal for only 24?

Yes, this offer is one they will mail coupons on! I should have Internet by Tuesday tho … My parents sent me a computer and printer for Christmas! Woohoo!

Rite Aid also has a coupon from November adperks for $0.50/1 any Glad item. This would make them $3.25 each.