Thanks KCL, Angela, for uploading photo and reporting this deal that she found at Walmart to The Bragging Lounge!

I Heart the Mart is also reporting that the Gillette Fusion Gift Sets are marked 50% off, which means they are only $4.44!
Use them with the Gillette coupon for this hot deal:

Gillette Fusion Gift Set $4.44 (on clearance)
Use the $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor from PG 12/26, 11/28
Final Price: $0.44

A couple years ago I scored a similar deal at Target, so keep your eyes peeled!

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46 thoughts on “Walmart: Gillette Gift Sets as low as $0.44!”

Got mine today at the local Walmart for .44…I just wish I had another coupon…I will be hunting one down tomorrow!! Thanks for the heads up…

I couldn’t find any of the razor’s at my walmart, but I found a pretty good deal anyways!

Crest Professional Effects 3D White Strips (normally $55 at my CVS) were on clearance for $18.98. I had a $10 off coupon from a mailer I recieved so I got them for $8.98. PLUS it came with a full size Crest 3D Mouthwash & Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Floss AND $29 in P&G Coupons inside that don’t expire until 2012!

Mine also had an thing of eyeshadow in it, but I think that was likely by mistake.

They are still $14.88 at my Walmart in central CA. :-(

Still full price here in AZ too. :(

Don’t forget to notice that the P&G $4 proglide razor coupons limit the use to 4 like coupons per transaction & shopping trip. I would assume just doing separate transactions of 4 would be fine.

using a mix of the noveber & december coupons with different exp dates may do it too!

My Walmart had a similar Gillette gift set with the same items in it but it was $14.88. I checked the website, its out of stock at all of the stores in my area.

I had success finding these gift sets by searching for availability of the product through the Walmart website. Most of the stores in my area were out of stock, but I found one with “limited availability!” We visited and I scored three of the sets for a grand total of $1.32. It might be worth the look to see if any of your local Walmarts show availability online!

We couldn’t find any Gillete at our walmart but tonight I will check the other one. We did find Venus/Olay gift sets which were 4.44 and used $2/1 Olay body wash. So we paide 4.88 for two which came with 2 Olay Body Wash, 4 Venus Razors,2 Secret Sprays and 2 loofas. Not to bad of a deal.

I was just able to get five of the gift sets for a little over $3.00

At one Walmart they were nowhere to be seen. But, I decided to check another Walmart and sure enough, there they were!

They were not on a display or in the Christmas clearance, but rather in the regular personal care area on the bottom shelf (unmarked) under other regularly priced gift sets. I guess it all depends on your store. I would recommend looking in all the possible areas before you give up and even if they aren’t marked down deffinitely check the price!

I am sooo bummed! My walmart wouldn’t take the coupon either, she said it was just for the razor only, not the gift set. I had 3 I had to put back.

I am so upset the Cashier wouldn’t even try to scan the coupon. She said it could not be used on the gift sets. She went over and asked a manager I presume. Win some and lose some. I think I may have better luck with another cashier.

where is the coupon for the the Gillete gift sets

It’s in the 12/26 or 11/28 proctor and gamble insert. If you don’t have these inserts yet- Walmart sells Sunday papers all week!

At the walmart in Fort Wayne, IN they are 12.44 :(

Found the clearance gift sets by all the other gift sets on clearance (near the bath section at my Walmart). Old Spice already gone — gift sets were NOT by the Christmas decorations on clearance. Org $8.88. 50% off 4.44. Used the coupon from this past Sundays insert $4/1 fusion razor. . . . 0.44 later. sweet dealio!

I also used the PG Old Spice $2.00 off Gift set coupons on the Old Spice worked Great! Got 3 in my stock pile along with the Gillette! Friend has some Gillette coupons shes gonna try today! We here in NY are lucky we have 4 Walmarts within a 20 mile radius!

Has anyone been able to locate these in the Vancouver or Portland metro area?

Thank you for any information!

Score!!! College Place, Washington has them right by the fragrances. They were not marked 4.44, but they rang up right. Not bad for my first hygiene deal :) I also got three free dental flosses. Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady!!!

Karianna, you bring up a GREAT point!! If you all go and they aren’t marked down, go have them price checked to see if they ring up $4.44!!! :)

I looked all over Portage, IN and couldn’t find any. :(

Has anyone tried any of the other proctor & gamble coupons from their Sunday paper with this deal? I was wondering if any of the deodorant coupons – like the bogo:) – would work.I don’t think I have any more razor coupons from the 11/28 paper left & would love to use up all of the deo coupons before they expire on such a great set. My stockpile has been decimated by family this holiday!

I have searched for the coupon and I can’t find it. There is no need for me to go to Walmart without a coupon.

Has anyone tried the boise, Id Overland or Meridian Fairview stores?? Thanks in advance. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to Walmart! =)))

I went to 2 stores in Omaha and couldn’t find them. where are they located.

Where are they located? I’ve been to two different stores here in vancouver and can’t find anything even remotely close :-(

I just went to my Walmart here in FL and I got 4 no problem. I paid $3.09 for 4 after taxes. :) Thank you for the heads up on that one. I have a happy husband and a happy Dad!

Bummer, none to be found at my Wal-Mart. Win some, you lose some! :)

(McMinnville, just FYI)

Are they in McMinnville or not in McMinnville? Wasn’t quite sure which. Thank you.

I agree. My stepmother told me that she was at Wal-Mart and there was a lady with 2 shopping carts full. So I went to another one and they were out too. I’d like to at least get a deal…

I went today but there is nothing in my walmart.I live in lawrenceville-suwanee rd.

Has anyone tried the Caldwell Walmart?

Sold out and also Garrity.

Tried 2 different Wal-Marts and couldn’t find any at either! Extremely frustrated!!!

I have the same question as Becky… how do I get the coupon? I told my husband to buy 2 of the packages a few minutes ago, but don’t know how to get the coupon.

The coupons are in the P&G coupons from this past sunday p&g 12/26 it is a $4 off coupon for the razor =)

I scored 6 of them at my walmart and there were still plenty on the shelf!!!! thanks so much for this post! now i have a nice still stock pile =)

Just went and purchased 4 with no problem and the shelf was still full!

Thanks so much for posting this! I got my little baby bundled up and rushed over to Walmart. I got to the display and it said they were on sale for $14.97. I was really bummed, but I grabbed one anyway and trekked across the store to one of those price match things and *voila!* $4.44. My husband now has 5 razors, body washes, and deodorants in his stockpile :)

How do you get the coupon??

Oh, wow! I wonder if they’ll still have any when I go out on Wednesday. My brother-in-law would appreciate these.

Gillette Razor not at any Walmart store in northern Ky

Wow! What an awesome deal! Thanks for sharing!

I did this deal this morning at my local walmart. It was in the after christas clearance section. I got two at .44 cents each!
extra bonus- inside the package are $8 worth of p&g coupons:
1/1 head and shoulders
2/1 gilette proseries skincare
1/1 gilette shave prep
2/1 gilette deodorant
2/1 gilette body wash

Did you find this in the christmas clearance isle?