Extreme Couponing!  Did you ever know you could save so much by using coupons?

With the TLC Extreme Couponing premiere set for April 6th, it’s time to ‘woman-up’ and get out your scissors!  Want to know how to save big like I did on the pilot of TLC Extreme Couponing?  Here are my top 5 tips to get you on your way to extreme couponing success!!

  1. Get the coupons!  First, get started and print coupons from your home computer!  Then subscribe to your Sunday paper or ask for extra copies from neighbors, friends, co-workers, your local Starbucks or McDonalds, even community recycling bins!
  2. Organize your coupons!   If you want to create a coupon binder like the one you saw Joanie Demer use, download the 36 coupon-binder categories for free.  Tight on time?  Get a file box and organize by date.
  3. Stack-up the savings.  Don’t use coupons just ’cause you have them, and DON’T buy something your family won’t use!  Wait until the products you use are on sale, then “stack” your coupon with the sale price and stock-up!
  4. Stockpile!  I’m not saying you need a 12 month stockpile like mine or anyone else’s on the show, but every successful coupon-shopper MUST stockpile to some extent! Read more about stockpiling.
  5. Pay it forward!  When you begin saving loads of cash, it allows you to give back to your family, neighborhood and community!  Extreme Couponing has allowed me to do 2 things:  First, and most importantly, to be financially independent.  Second, I am able to give back!  Get creative with your donations:  watch me donate 300 lbs of food to my food bank or watch KCL co-founder, Heather donate toys to a woman’s shelter.

Wanna get on the fast track to “Save BIG Money & make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk”?
Our book Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will take you from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy in a snap!

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The reviews of the Extreme Couponing pilot were mixed with some applauding the money-saving show and others comparing it to “Hoarders”.  ABC’s Good Morning America ran a story about TLC Extreme Couponing, and during the segment, they had a “Relationship Expert” on to discuss how our Extreme Couponing  was flirting with the Obsessive Compulsive line.   My favorite part of the interview was when the “Relationship Expert” said (and I quote) “Something becomes problematic when it’s a problem”… WOW! This guy really knows his stuff.  Here’s the truth:

Couponing Saves Big Money: We aren’t ashamed to be a little Krazy, because we are saving 50-90% at the grocery store.   Joanie and I each spend about 2 hours a week clipping coupons, and finding and shopping deals for our families. This is only a little bit more time than I would spend grocery shopping without coupons.

A Stockpile Makes Sense: Stockpiling may sound extreme at first, but it’s the only way to save up to 90%  on your grocery bill. We are stocking up when an item is free or cheap in order to avoid paying full price down the road.  While we can’t speak for the other couponers on TLC’s show, we can say that we have a reasonable stockpile for the size of our families.  My stockpile is kept in my unfinished basement while Joanie’s is kept entirely on some shelving in her garage (her 2 car garage, where she also parks her 2 cars).  Check out Joanie Demer’s Stockpile Video HERE.

Giving Back: Joanie and I love being able to donate items from our stockpile to neighbors and friends, churches, local food banks and women’s shelters. You can see videos of us HERE and HERE.

Our Husbands Love Couponing: We have both mentioned before that when we first started couponing, our husbands were our biggest critics. But once we had a significant stockpile where they could “shop” at home, they were hooked. Now we can’t keep them from bragging to their co-workers and volunteering us to teach extreme couponing classes.

If you are new to couponing you may want to check out our 10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady series!

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I didn’t realize that the "Krazy coupon lady" was on TLC’s extreme couponing where she did a haul at Safeway in California where there isn’t any double couponing! – Mayon SJ, CA

I didn’t realize that the “Krazy coupon lady” was on TLC’s extreme couponing where she did a haul at Safeway in California where there isn’t any double couponing! – Mayon SJ, CA

I love the idea of carrying the coupons in the envelopes this is really helpful!!!! Thank you for the information. I just started and my first transactions were 189.56 and I saved 89.55 and spent $`100.01. The staff at Walgreens was extremely helpful, informative, and patient. I have so much to learn.

I have gone to the store and maybe walked out with four bags of groceries and spent $100. Just the other day I went to the store and walked out with two FULL carts and spent $196…Which would you rather have? How is it ocd when we would like to spend our money that we have worked hard for on other things. For example vacations for our family’s, clothes for our children, a home, or simply put what we save into a savings account. Lets face it..college isn’t getting any cheaper and I have 3 children to send so I have to save what I can to apply to other things. We do not make much money…so which would you rather have..me collecting food stamps for my family of five or saving what I can at the grocery store.

I am really hoping TLC reads these views while planning the extreme couponing series, and realize what the viewers were seeking were ways to increase financial responsibility, not sensationalism. This recession has brought to light for my family and many others that there was much waste in our everyday habits. As I work to rebuild our savings in 2011 that were lost in 401k or used during job transitions, couponing willbe one tool to responsibly use in that effort. Why didnt GMA ask a financial advisor like Suzy Orman what her opinion was? I have cut utility costs by 30%, begun recycling, and become much more concious of the environment.Does that mean I am compulsed with that as well? We need more helpful advise shared rather than depicting the useful behaviors as OCD. I have seen several great ideas in this thread alone that would help our society as a whole to learn to be efficient with our shopping resources.

I just recently watched the “Extreme Couponing” show on tv after my little sister suggested it to me. I can totally relate to the need/want to become an extreme couponer. My husband is in the military and because of the frequent moves we often find ourselves struggling with lifes burdens. It’s hard to tread water when everytime you turn around you have to move and burn through your entire life’s savings to do so in the process. I totally can justify having a stock pile because we’ve been there when the cabinets are bare, we just moved, I didn’t have a job yet and there’s nothing to eat. That’s often when you find yourself going to the store and buying those impulsive things and next thing you know you’ve spent $250 on just a few things. I think your extreme couponing is amazing and I really just want to thank you for showing just a little of your world to the rest of us. I know I sure what to learn everything I can from all you “super shoppers”!

you call yourself “krazy”

Im brand spanking new to coupon shopping. This is my dilemma. I am stationed in Japan on an Air Force base and I only have my local comissary to use for my only means of grocery shopping. I do not get a weekly paper with the deals they offer if they even offer any since it is all tax free anyway. The good news is that I have access to unlimited coupons sent over from the states already clipped and seperated by food and non food and they are good up to six months past the expiration date on the coupon. Now, how can I be an extreme couponer with my situation? Any response will be much appreciated. Thanks

I just want to know why you were stacking e-q’s with store and manufacturer coupons. You should know better and be ashamed of misrepresenting legal coupon use. Teaching other’s how to abuse the system only hurts all of us that use the coupons properly. One of the main reasons why I stopped reading your blog was that a large majority of your deals were unethical and include “stacking” which is prohibited and now inactive in Safeway as od December 2010. Good job.

We ALWAYS promote totally 100% ethical couponing. As of the shopping date in September when this was taped, stacking eCoupons and manufacturer coupons was expressly allowed. I published my shopping list on this site and added the disclaimer that the Safeway coupon policy has since changed.

Shame on them!
They ovbiously had their own agenda in mind when starting this story…I LOVE how they shoot hours of video and pick just a few minutes to fit their views.

In 2010, I bought $7,835.52 in merchandise (food and personal care items) for $741.11 after coupons to save an average of 90.5% at the stores.

I laugh all the way to the bank as I added that $7,095 to the savings fund, along with a little over $20,000 more in just one year. If that is “extreme”, then sign me up!

In the third year of a recession, with butter over $4/# and bacn pushing $6…it shouldn’t take brains to figure that coupon clipping really pays.

I was literally screaming at the tv during the Extreme Couponing show with the 1st and last segments…I had no problem with your segment or the nurse’s segment (I wouldn’t actually CLIMB INTO the dumpster, but I’ve ‘frequented’ a few of those paper recycling bins myself before, so I can’t judge that)…I had major problems with the 1st couple and the last couple…as a psych major, I can tell you that those couples have major problems…besides the last guy saying they were almost debt free because of it, they literally didn’t really promote saving money as their thing, but as not having to pay for something, being their priority. I’ve been a Coupon Diva for 25 years and also stockpile…your stockpile looked pretty normal to me (a bit bigger than mine, but within a normal range, I thought)…but not for the aforementioned couples. It was almost as if they really didn’t ‘get’ the point of a stockpile..we stockpile to save money by picking those things up while we have the sales/coupons so we don’t have to pay full price on it later, this way we can ‘shop from our stockpiles’ and then replenish that used product by doing the same thing again…but these people were cleaning the shelves of stuff (ridiculous stuff…candy bars? really lady?)..and the husband said himself that they’re never gonna use all the stuff…I bet that half of what she calls a stockpile is about to expire or has bugs because it’s not stored for use, but just to be ‘stored.’ Those lotions and skin care prod. in unopened cases can sour…toothpaste and even deod. expires…who’s gonna use 1,110 sticks of deod.? He was giving himself props for donating 1,100 boxes of cereal, and that was SUPER awesome, but that was all he donated out of all that hoarded stuff?! for shame..they’re just 2 people and there are so many people doing without these days (food stamps do not buy deodorant, tp, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and such). I could go on and on, but those 2 couples have psych issues regarding addiction…they both said they were trying to get one over on the store, they saw the store as the enemy, etc…what kind of thinking is that? that’s not a ‘money saving’ thought process. ughhhh, makes me wanna scream yet again, lol

i have a small stockpile, that ebbs and flows with the sales. My hubby is a grocery store manager at the same store for 30 years. i always know whats going on sale and do my best to stack coupons but i dont go crazy. i will get stuff i dont use if its free, and give it away..i do NOT take up space in our home [ie that shot of the woman pouring groceries into her husbands mancave] After watching this show i will pay more attention to the sales, and maybe even add stores like cvs to my list. I think anything can be obsessive, but bottom line..WHY would you pay full price for something if you could wait a week and use coupons with the sale price…i try to work my menuplan accordingly. the one thing i always need is cat litter, catfood, paper towels, toothpaste and the daily staples..so if i can stockpile those things, all the better. happy new year everyone..hope it is happy healthy and prosperous for all of you..and joanie, youre my hero

I know that ALL the work that goes into this couponing is worth every penny, plus all the good that it has done for our communities (sharing our stock piles, giving to those less fortunate). We are teaching our children that no matter how bad things are, there are people that are a whole lot worst off. I do volunteer work for a homeless shelter in Minneapolis, MN. Every December the shelter GIVES huge bags (were talking those for leaves – the big ones!!) of toys and clothes to every child that comes through the doors. The 1st year I was there I was so angry that a family drove up, in a BMW, the mom in a full leather coat, the dad dripping in gold jewelry. They had 4 kids with them. They were having a difficult time getting the 4 bags of goodies into the BMW. I asked the woman that runs the place, Mary Jo Copeland (google search her name – you will be amazed at what she has done), why she would continue to do this if she was being taken advantage of. She didn’t say a word, but grabbed me by the hand and spun me around. There sat a family of 4 without coats on, dirty, hungry. She said it wasn’t all about the BMW family, it was about this family of 4. Without her, the kids would have gotten NOTHING. They were so thankful that they stayed the whole day and helped pass out the rest of the gifts. My kids got to see 1st hand the power of 1 persons good deeds. Do you see that our focus and ENERGY was directed at the wrong area? Each of us “couponers” need to share our “wealth” even if a BMW family receives some of it. Sorry for the long story, but it was necessary. Keep up the GREAT work and redirect your energy to create bigger and better things!!!

This is for Amanda who was featured on TLC’s show Extreme Couponing,
Amanda, I mean you no dis-respect, but as a newbie to coupons, I do not understand how you can work a full-time job earning an income that has to be reported AND on top of that, work 70 EXTRA hours a week couponing! I understand that you have no children as most of us couponers do, but I am exhausted just thinking of you working a 40 hour work week AND then 70 hours couponing on top of the work week that you have to claim to the IRS. 110 hours a week between a full time job AND couponing per week, just how do you do it? That would leave what,40 hours a week for sleeping, cleaning, cooking, hobbies, extra activities, family, and time for your husband!?. I am so tired w/just two kids, being 80 lbs overweight and just plain tired. How do you do it?

I have been “dumpster – diving” for over a year now. Actually, that is my secret. I go to a nearby apartment complex on coupon day, and pull out the red plums, p & g’s and from our local (Henderson/Las Vegas) area paper on Wednesdays, I get the smart source. I go directly to the mailboxes and there are PLENTY. I wear rubber gloves, stick to the top, and have anti-bacterial in my car. I have grown kids. One with a baby and boyfriend, and two in college. They love coming home and “going shopping”. I do it for them. I get satisfaction, and they are truly grateful, genuinely thankful. I know your families are small now, but wait until that teenager needs $$$ of toiletries and make-up. Stockpiling is a lifesaver. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks for the tips and the time that you put into your website. Love it

I think the segment was pretty accurate. Joanie, I don’t think you should be offended as they weren’t really pointing a finger at you. I clip coupons and will continue to do so regardless of criticism. BUT, I do think some people take it too far. That is a ridiculous amount of TP and deodorant. I never keep more than a years worth of any item. I often purchase extra but those items are donated immediately.

Hold your head up girl! We love you no matter what GMA says!

Your donation videos move me almost to tears. Would it be out of line to suggest adding a tab to your fabulous site where we could all add the value of our donations? How amazing would that be, to show ourselves (or even the critics) what astounding contributions we made?

Love what you’re doing! Hope to catch the show tonight!

He also fails to mention that thanks to coupons I am able to afford healty, nutritious foods for my two children. Thank for ALL you do.

Actually, when I first started reading the blogs about couponing this time last year, I was concerned folks who did this were compulsive hoarders (sorry ) But after reading more, seeing your video clips, and learning how to shop right, I consider couponing/shopping another part-time job/income stream I can create while staying home with our children. My husband is thrilled with the year-to-date savings, and wants me to start teaching a class for the ministry helping those in need he heads up.
Please be encouraged–you sharing with others what you have learned–and doing it with such class!!–is a HUGE blessing.

Have you seen the final product? I plan on watching it tonight. But after seeing spots of it on GMA and ET, I’m a bit concerned that they may be putting couponers in a bad light for sensational tv.

When I first heard about the program a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a great extra learning tool for those of us that haven’t been couponing that long. Giving tips and strategies to help people save for their family. As we get more press on this, it almost seems like they our focusing on the negative. Or that could be just GMA and ET turning it into that.

Bottom line for those that were featured; have you seen the final product and our YOU happy with it?

We have not seen the final product, but we have had some reassurance from TLC that the final product is fun and lighthearted (and it’s just the media trying to put a negative spin on it)… We will see!!

I wouldn’t hold my breath that it is “lighthearted”. The cable guide description reads “Profiling four shopping addicts who go to extremes to find great deals”. Those show descriptions get released to the cable companies BY the networks.

When dh and I were first married, I had about 20 credit cards. Our first major discussion was for me to cut up those credit cards. I cried through the whole process because I thought those cards made me a better person. Some years later, I found couponing and after I made my first big binder I made a comment to my husband about how coupons now make me feel like credit cards used to…having more makes me feel awesome! He said, you have never been sexier than right now. LOL!! Relationship expert indeed…take THAT Today Show.

I felt the same way after watching GMA as I did after I watched the clip of you ladies with Hoda and Kathie Lee – angry. They, too, were so condescending. Not everyone can be wealthy and not have to care about saving money. But for those of us who need to save to be able to take family vacations or just to event put food on the table, couponing is one way of being proactive to do so.

As I was reading the comments listed above, I loved the one from the mom who has “finally put her bachelors degree to use”!! Couponing not only makes me feel good about finding ways to save money for the benefit of my family, but it also really helps me to feel like I am WORKING for the benefit of my family. I look at it as being paid to be a SAHM. When I save 60-70% of my grocery bill, I look at that dollar amount as an hourly wage. For the 2-3 hours per week I put in finding the deals, I am “earning”, on average, a $50-$75 per hour wage! THAT makes me feel good!

No need to defend yourselves girls. I have been following your blog for a while now and use it daily. Your tips and tricks are what keep my sane in this crazy economy. I do not think we are compulsive, I routinely buy as much as I have coupons for. Sometimes it is 12 tubes of toothpaste or 20 bottles of shampoo. All so I can help my family, my parents, my sis and her family, my bro in law and his family and my son and his family. Keep doing what you are doing, we will still follow you and not judge you. Plus.. extreme couponing was the name of the show.. what did they want, you to buy one tube of toothpaste for free? Grrrr.. makes me mad…

I just wanted to add that it’s all about production with these shows. They have to have an angle. We were on HGTV a few years ago and the producers have an angle for making everything interesting and they don’t mind stretching the truth to make it happen. Someone, along the lines, thought of this “angle” and went with it. It’s too bad though, because so many could benefit from the hard work and the info you put on your site and they really shouldn’t be putting a negative spin on this story. They have done plenty of coupon stories in the past with a positive light. Maybe they’re trying to mix it up. Whatever the deal, don’t take it personally, they’ll probably ask you back and then you can say, “Um…no, Katie is having me on instead. Remember when you all refused us a few years ago?”

In today’s economy you have to save money where you can. I started couponing 6 months ago thanks to your site. My husband and family are amazed.You have helped so much in saving money. I have already donated free dog food to the Humane Society(they were so excited and couldn’t thank me enough), shopped for Toys for tots for next year and donated to the food bank.I know there is more to learn, but I thank you very much for taking your time and having this site.

I am an extreme couponer myself and if anyone says that it is not borderline if not compulsive, you are lying to yourself! You, i and we all know that we are compulsive. We spend hours on the computer, hours clipping, filing and organizinf and creating money saving deals. I buy hundreds of the same thing and then we usually donate only when we realize wehave too much of somthing, and when we do, we only donate the can food and boxes of the items we bought cheap only to get other things free. I have to admit, I believe I am borderline compulsive, but I love couponing and I have gone to the extremes!

I thought the promotion of the local paper saying you lived in the area was a farce until this. I am still baffled on how you obtain coupons when the local papers do not have any inserts week after week. Do you have Sunday Only subscriptions in other cities?

I have to admit that after I saw this segment, I took my nine year old out, and we did some fabulous couponing!! He was thrilled when he saw the bill go from 36.00 to .58 at Rite Aid, and then got 13.00 in UPRs. He was in awe when our bill at Walgreens went from 22.00 to .48 and we got a 3.50 RR. He loves coupons!!

Funny how everyone is upset about being judged for personal choices when there were 150 comments on judging other about how much milk they put in their espresso just the other day. I stick to my guns, bottom line, who cares what other people think! To each his own….

I did not read all 99 comments, and maybe someone already mentioned this, but GMA seems very hypocritical when it comes to their “opinion” on coupon use. The whole reason I started researching the use of coupons was because of a GMA segment on “extreme couponing.” They followed a Massachusetts woman who bought $267 worth of groceries for 1 penny.

You can see the original segment on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQNvdKNTZUg

I like so many that have already left comments was really upset by the GMA segment. First, it was VERY wrong not to allow you to defend yourselves. Second, they don’t mention that when doing this pilot they told you guys to “go extreme”. I extreme coupon (not to the extent shown) but I do get 36 jars of Ragu or 20 bottles of Gain dish-soap for free!! But by doing this I have been able to help out my parents that are on a fixed income.Donate more to the Battered Woman’s Shelter. We gave our 3 kids ( a teen, a tween and little one) the best Christmas they have ever had. It was all done buy couponing.Doing all this with my husband changing jobs and loosing over $11,000.00 per year!! If it wasn’t for my stockpile we wouldn’t have survived or given like we have.
So continue on with your couponing!! We all raise our Coupon Binders in salute to all of you that were poorly shown on the shows.

Diana I applaud you helping others as you do but do you clear the shelves when you shop?? There are so many people out there who can’t afford groceries unless they can get good deals shopping with coupons. These are people who may not want public assistance or a handout. They just want to be able to contribute and provide for their families. When people clear the shelves even to donate they are preventing others in their area from getting what they need for their families at an affordable price. Donating should never be used as an excuse to buy up everything in the store.

I consider couponing and my part-time job and that’s what I am telling everybody. Actually, I am “making” (saving) per hour more than at my other part-time job.Thanks to the coupons my family and friends are using high quality brand name products. Thanks to the coupons some overseas orphanages received and will receive lots of toothpaste and shampoo.

i’m so glad you took the time to comment. i just happened to see the story this morning and was very shocked and disappointed by the spin GMA placed on it.

thanks for all you do!

Really? The joke is on GMA! GO right ahead and spend full price for your groceries. We choose not to. You guys are doing a fabulous job and no where have I ever thought this was hording. I feel good knowing that I have a whole box that I am gonna take to donate this week. It’s not about having stuff. It is about saving money and trips to the store which equals more time and financial security for our families.

I just spent the last hour reading thru all the comments. I have one thing to say…I’m proud to say I coupon and stockpile. Print me up a “PICK ANOTHER CHECK OUT LANE HONEY” T-shirt and I’ll proudly wear it next time I go to the store…will you have it to me by tomorrow??? lol

It has been nearly 30 years now, but back then, I was teaching full time and refunding/couponing in my down time. I made more $$ in the down time!!! It was such fun!!! I no longer need to do this, but I celebrate and applaud those who have discovered this wonderful way to stretch the ends and make them meet!!!!

Your website (and those fab sites and blogs from so many others) have brought me back to couponing and saving for my family. Our new neighbors looked in our garage last week and made a smart-alec comment about knowing where they could find dish soap and the like, but I’ll have the last laugh because I got that dish soap, all 20 of them, for free (actually, I think I made some money on them :-)).

My sister-in-law wondered aloud if it felt like hoarding at Christmas. You know what? It doesn’t because I don’t buy things that we won’t use or be able to donate.

I had to leave my family to take care of my ill parents in the Fall – my husband didn’t need to go to the store for a single item for 2 weeks. He could just focus on our kids and his work, knowing that he could pull a dinner and some vegetables from the freezer each day. When he ran out of laundry detergent, there was another in the cabinet, etc. It was a Godsend for him (and me – I didn’t have to worry about anything). Of course, while I was at my folks’, I helped build their stockpile back up. They were grateful, especially since they’ve been snowed in for a week.

You have to do what’s right for you or your family and let the rest of it go. People look at me like I am a lunatic with all my coupons and my calculator, but it is worthwhile in what I am able to save and in turn give. Keep up the good work – keep your chins up, Joanie, Amanda and Nate – you are doing great!

Hi – I’m so sorry you are having to deal with the negativity. I think you are a sweet and smart mom who is doing great things for her family by maximizing your savings and stockpiling a few months ahead when things are free or cheap. Retail is for chumps – that’s what I always say =)
If I were you, I’d leave my garage door wide open for all to see. BTW, so funny how they spun your hubby’s comments to make it look like he wasn’t on board. Anyone who has a husband knows they lovingly tease. How many times my own husband has said, “you’re killing me” to me!!! Pu-lease!


Joanie, wonder if there is coupons for counseling. You may not need it since your only boarderline

I wonder if these people who post those types of comments realize they are on a site of which 1 of the people IS actually on the show?

I loved what the therapist had to say. Other than his one crappy line, he is right on the money. The bigger woman has an obvious problem. The man and the second lady are borderline. The woman’s husband really needs to put his foot down! Having their children in dumpsters…foul!! And let him have one wall of the garage!

I am all for couponing, but addiction is addiction, OCD is OCD, and both are unhealthy. Hopefully people like this look at the clip and realize they have a problem and couponing isn’t the underlying problem. Realize it is not portraying couponing in a negative light. It is showing obsession as the problem.

Great job GMA!

Uh – huh. And you don’t have any serious problems do you Mrs Watch-news-shows-for-the-sole-purpose-of-shamelessly-judging-other-people?

Ever heard of the Pharisees? You should look em up sometime. I’ve got a feeling their your kinda peeps.

They have made you guys look silly, which i figured they would! I could have told you long ago before they shot this show that there is no way they would make you look smart and savy because that does not make good TV! I feel bad for couponers because they already get weird looks in the store let alone now they are potrayed as freaks!

Lori, you are taking this way to seriously. I am not judging. Just hoping people with serious problems get help.

I’m all for couponing and stockpiling. I do it myself. But what I don’t understand is why you wear gloves when rooting around in a dumpster, but you allow your very small child to dig around in there (at all) with his bare hands. It’s a garbage dumpster after all, teeming with germs. Why do you not take the same precautions to protect your son that you do yourself?

I’ve been laughing at the shot of me with gloves and my son without gloves since I watched it the first time! Terrible parenting 101.

I never get in the dumpster, just root around in the front with my gloves. But for the purposes of reality TV, the producers asked if i would get IN the dumpster and my 4 yr old son (who patiently shot with me and the camera crew for a total of 20 hours over 2 days who I didn’t expect to get in), was dying to join me! I could have left him in the car for the lengthy shoot at the recycling center, but I though, “what the heck?!” and I let him climb in newspaper-only bin with me. I had my purell in the car and washed his hands and bathed him thoroughly after the 90 second drive home. He’s been requesting to go back ever since.

Hope no other moms have ever made an last minute mistake that got their kids dirty before. :)

The “dumpster” was filled with newspapers only and not garbage. Does your son plays in dirt? So what the heck. It is not like you were in heaps of rotting food or medical waste for goodness sake. What 4 year old doesn’t like to play in dirt. I hope people think we are crazy…. more coupons and deals for me! If gas prices go up to $5.00 a gallon, we will see who is laughing then.

We actually haven’t be dumpster diving since the shoot, many months ago, and my son, after watching GMA and Entertainment Tonight is BEGGING me to take him dumpster diving again! Ha ha. If I take him and don’t let him get IN the dumpster, I know he’ll be disappointed. Oh well, I’m not planning to get ‘in’ again anytime soon.

Hi Joanie,
I love your & Heather’s blog!
I’m curious if you wanted to get in dumpster, or were talked into it and now regret it?
Thanks for teaching us how to coupon! :)

I have NO problem being associated with dumpster diving! It’s a perfectly sane, legitimate way to get coupons easily and legally, with permission. So though I don’t usually (or ever) get in the dumpster, I don’t mind that the production crew asked me to get in.

I regret not having thought ahead, realized that the crew would want me in the dumpster and realized that my 4 yr old would not have wanted to wait patiently for 2 hours in a busy parking lot without wanting to come join mom in “the fun”. I’m being criticized very heavily because my son didn’t have gloves on in the recycle bin and of all the criticism for the show, that’s the only thing that’s bothering me at all. Oh well, what am I gonna do? Live and learn. I should have taken off my gloves and given them to my son and I would change that if I did it again! My son had the best time ever and he didn’t get any diseases from the newspaper-only bin. :)

Amanda, I don’t think you’re crazy, I don’t think any of you are…I do the same thing. And it’s a fun addiction/hobby. What’s funny is…a man can go to the bar 2 -4 nights per week, and sit and drink beer for 3 hours a night…and that’s normal. RIGHT? No big shows on that…but heck, we see a deal maybe 2x per day that makes us rush to the store to grab several free items, and some could turn that into “an issue”. Is it odd for someone to have a min wage job and make less money in a 40 hour week than we save couponing? It is a 2nd job, and I always tell my broke friends…QUIT LOOKING for a 2nd job to make $200-$400 taxable dollars per month, COUPON and you come out way ahead!

ITA rachelle :0)

this is just a reply to Rachelle about her husband sitting at a bar 2-4 nights a wk for 3 hrs drinking beer. I am sorry if someone told you that was ‘normal’, it’s not, it’s called being an alcoholic. Look it up.

My My this has sure hit a nerve and got us talking hasn’t it! I coupon for the relationships that I have fostered w/ the homeless in our area- gave away 50 plus bags of almost free personal hygiene products a couple weeks ago- I am sure that they were thankful that I coupon as well as the hundreds, well, thousands of people that we have all touched w/ our couponing and generosity. I know my local CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aide know what my plan is for all my goodies and they all say GO FOR IT! A sale is a sale, productivity from our purchases push up there sales, make them look good to coorpoarte office, and keep them open in a time when businesses are suffering. Thanks Crazy Coupon Mom’s for teaching all of ou how to stretch that dollar- by the way my 8 month old granddaughter has worn Huggies all her life for at leat 75% off, couponing has allowed her mom to stay home with her and that was what was most important for them>

Love your site – keep up the good work. You have helped me save a lot! THANK YOU!!!

Sorry! I am so new to “blogs!”

Ok to reference how Joanie and Nathan are portrayed,

I do not own a blog, or website.

I am simply just a wallflower is how i see it. So no, i am not public and after the fiasco at Kroger (can’t spill the beans just yet!) we had no time to do anything other then Kroger.

So, you will see me bringing allll this stuff back to my house, filling my husbands man cave to then turn around the next day and take it to the food bank.

Had i known the spin on this (which i am currently doing now is taping youtube videos to counteract whats going on) i would have done SOMETHING to take the bad spotlight off.

I understand you guys feel i’m nuts. (Kaleigh i’m sorry by the way!!!)

But half the stuff you saw on the show, is now gone. Between christmas presents and donations, nothing stays in my house long that i have little to no need for :)

If i had the patience to run a website or blog, i’d do it.

I just wanna shop and help people!! LOL

The whole segment was BS!!! Putting a negative twist on things brings in ratings! Why do you think that you never hear good things on the news???? I love couponing! It is my sport! And I could care less if people think we are crazy!!!!

lol i justify buying my kindle books with my couponing lol!!!

joanie and heather,

because of your website and everything that i have learned, i am attempting to type this response -full of typos and grammatical errors-on the brand new kimdle i was able to treat myself to this christmas!

i would never have made a purchase like this for myself if i didn’t feel really good about how much money i have saved because of your amazing advice!

thank you!!!

Stock pilling saved us from going hungry when my Husband lost his job in June. So if that makes me a hoarder so be it. Why would I not stock up on things when I am getting them for penny’s or free??

Because of you I have saved sooooo much money. I can’t imagine paying full price for anything anymore. Thank you.

I will just say it – I LOVE couponing. Like excited butterflies on a first date love. I used to despise grocery shopping, nothing made me angrier than getting 4 bags of food and spending $60 or more. Our cupboards were getting bare, and it seemed like every day my husband or I had to stop at the store to pick up dinner, which was always at least $10, just to feed the 2 of us. Now that I am building a stockpile, we are saving tons of money on food and hygiene products. I have always loved shopping, and often found myself at Target, walking out with $100 of randomness and a purse full of guilt. Now I can still shop, but I never have to feel bad about it, because I am buying the things we need! No more panic in the grocery checkout line, trying to figure out how we will pay other bills. My debt is going down, but my stockpile is going up! You ladies have truly changed my life and I can’t thank you enough. Just remember,when someone makes a rude comment in a grocery store about the “weird coupon lady,” just know that they are jealous because we are KRAZY good at feeding our families for pennies on the dollar.
PS – Where are the best recylcing bins in Boise? I wouldn’t mind some more PG coupons :)

I am very glad I didn’t see the clip because I would get very irritated it seems very unfair that they wouldn’t give you a chance to defend yourselves. I am new to couponing and have built up a small stockpile enough for my mother and me we have a small deep freeze in our garage full of food mostly meat and frozen food we bought while it was on sale. I have decided to stop shopping for a while untill we use some of what we have in the freezeer because our house is small and we can’t keep much stuff but this Christmas we were able to have family for dinner and lunch just with the food in our freezer. I still have a lot to learn about couponing and I thank both of you for this site and all the work you do. I am worried though that the TLC show might be like a horder show and I am worried that it will give couponing a bad name. I wouldn’t dumpster dive for coupons but Joanie this is America and you have a right to pick up something that someone has thrown away if that is what you want to do. Keep up the good work ladies and thanks so much for your website

As a single mother, on a fixed income; I find it far more healthy to be out shopping for deals with coupons, than out shopping for a paycheck (a man) with my body. I’m teaching my tween daughter invaluable lessons about financial independence and self-respect, all while bonding with her. Soon, I’ll be teaching these same lessons to women that have escaped violent domestic situations. Hopefully, with the skills they learn, they will not find themselves in similar situations in the future. I know how scary it is to be all on your own, with your children. Sadly, the drive to find help with finances can be extreme. I’m proud to say, through couponing and stockpiling, I’ve been able to help myself AND donate to others. As well, I now have money to take my kids to do fun stuff and buy them some of the things they want, not just what they need.

Thanks for your help in teaching me the skills to pay the bills. :)

i think everyone needs to keep in mind that we all know reality TV is not truly REALITY—producers to cut stuff out and edit in such a way to sensationalize–makes for better TV–oh well. guess we wouldn’t watch if it were REAL. :)

remember that joanie herself told us that she went to the extreme for the shopping while being filmed.

do what is right for you and your family (and try to keep from judging others, especially if you don’t know their stories–firsthand.)

I will have to say that at times it may appear I am going a bit overboard when it comes to shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I see no harm in using the coupons which to me are tax free money. I was able to donate food, toys and pet food for the first time this holiday season – what a wonderful feeling that was. I have been very grateful to have such a great hobby which saves me money, gets me things I would not normally get to buy and help others in the end. Yes that would make me weird and I am PROUD of it!! :)

Now what deal did I just miss in typing this? LOL

All I know is that thanks to websites like this one our family has been more than blessed. I never really the true value of a coupon until I somehow stumbled upon this site. We are a family of 7 with 1 income. We went from having beans every night to being able to have more balanced meals…and plenty of it. We never run out of anything and we are paying next to nothing for it all. Without couponing (extreme couponing) I wouldn’t be able to be a SAHM and that is important to my family.

Also I grew up with a hard working mom but we still lived in extreme poverty for a long time. I wish we had known about how to use coupons. I’m sure it would have helped me mother so much to always have a cupboard full. It gives us a sense of well being to open up the closet and see we won’t be running out of toothpaste, toilet paper and so forth. All I can say is thanks to all of you who post here. ABC’s experts can say what they want but extreme couponing is actually helping us get OUT of debt:)

I just want to tell you that I am so happy I found your site about 4 weeks ago. I have a 7 week old who has now been on formula for about the same time and I haven’t paid full price for a single thing of Similac. I have about 3-4 months of formula stock piled and I don’t pay more than $1 (usually between $0.37-0.55) for any formula whether it’s ready to feed, concentrate, or powder. I also took my husband shopping several times and we’ve saved over $1500 in the last month and only spent a few hundred since we had no stock pile to begin with. I just came home for the holidays and I’ve bragged to all of my family and friends! I don’t know what I would have done with a new house, new baby, and the holidays if I hadn’t found your site. Thank you for all your help and as for the “relationship expert”…I’m sure he’s never had to do this since he gets tons of money for saying “Something becomes problematic when it’s a problem”.

Please share your tip on only spending a $1.00 for formula. Thanks!

I did not see the GMA segment that everyone is talking about, however, after reading the posts from those who did, I can’t imagine how extreme couponing could cause relationship problems. It saves married people from fighting over money, allows women raising families a way to do it on a tight budget and enables couples to go out for dinner with the savings. I live on the east coast and have been super couponing for 6 months. I’ve already cut my monthly grocery bill by 50%! I had a FREE Thanksgiving dinner, gave away FREE goodie baskets to all my guests and for the first time since my husband and I got married (10 years ago), we had a CASH Christmas and only spent a little over $1,000 for EVERYBODY!!! All this was due to super couponing, shopping the sales and getting what I needed. Now if that causes “relationship problems” then the “expert” needs to study this subject area more. While of course there are hoarders out there, most of us couponers are very generous with our stockpile and take what we need from the shelf and leave some for others. That’s just proper etiquette. Don’t listen to what anyone says, just keep doing what you’re doing. You are so young and will be able to enjoy the benefits in years to come!!! I say hats off to you Krazy Coupon Lady :)

I LOVE couponing. I take no more time to do this hobby than any other I’ve had, and generally it costs less. Plus, I’m buying food and hygiene products for far less than I was.

It gives me peace of mind. Not only do I not have to worry about running out of things, I don’t dread having to pay enormously for things anymore, and my stockpile allows me to cut those giant list trips to the store with the one-year-old down. I’m all around less stressed. And it’s FUN.

It’s also a bonding thing. My dad’s always been a couponer but not to the extent I’ve taken it lately and I’ve actually taught him a thing or two. We’re in a competition to get the best deal. I’m happy when he shops with me, watches the total plummet, and smiles because I know I made him proud.


I have to admit, watching the segment made me think “Gosh, now THAT woman is nuts!” I regret having made that conclusion. Thank you for having the courage to come on here and defend yourself!

I think this is evidence of how alarmingly effective these “reality” programs are at altering our view of what is real. We comfortably fall into patterns of thinking whatever they tell us. It’s important, and difficult to think critically.

Keep up your hard work, and good luck in the days and months to come as reactions to the show come your way. You’ve got friends here, for sure!

This morning when I woke up I had no idea that I was going to get marriage counseling. Thank you GMA! …I hope they don’t send me a bill…

PS Our marriage is just fine. :)

Thanks dear. :) How was the counseling for you? good?

haha…you guys are cute; thanks for the laugh amid all this.

I think you guys are great. As master’s level licensed professional in the mental health field, I would like to say that the way you teach couponing is a healthy balanced skill that helps our families!

Also @ jazz,

I want to add that everyone has their own take on couponing,

To Kaleigh, you really think we are weirdos because we stockpile? From one couponer to another calling us “weird”.

If i was reselling the stuff, i wouldn’t even show my face, but to help out countless people? I’m weird?

I will not comment any more because the personal attacks are not worth my effort.

Joanie, i hope that you don’t come under the scrutiny, keep up the awesome work. I will admit, you have given me courage to look into dumpster diving!

I’ll share a dumpster with you anytime, Amanda.

Also wanted to point out that Kelleigh commented on your last comment right before you published this one. She was complimenting your TP wall. :)

Thanks, Joanie! I really didn’t want Amanda to think I was calling her a weirdo!! I was just saying “weirdo” in general, and they didn’t call Joanie that, which was good. Hey, I’m just as Krazy as the rest of them!! Proud of it!

I must admit, that I am a bit OCD, but this is the first “hobby” I have found that actually contributes to mine and my family’s well being. Even if I do get a little obssessed, its better than my being obssessed with something that is going to cost money or in some other way harm my well being. Of course, I can’t ever see my self canceling plans to shop or devoting an entire spare bedroom to my stockpile. Hopefully if I get to that point, hubby will make me stop :) Can’t wait for the show!

Also, how do you get up the nerve to dumpster dive? I just can’t bring my self to do it.


That’s what i’m afraid of how it’s going to look tomorrow. Myself and Nate (who did NOT know each other before this show) are afraid we are going to be focused on not for the good everyone does, but for what it seems to look like.

My husband will be more then happy to tell you, this hobby has saved us in many ways. Before, all i did was work and wonder where our money went which equaled fights and me having to much time on my hands.

Now, i do have a hobby, i do help other people, and i’m happy.
The toilet paper thing i knew wouldn’t go over well, but i am happy to say, that as it may be a 40 year stock for some, the 20+ family members who i help out, it won’t last over 2 years what’s left of it.

So i understand why alot of you think i’m crazy, heck i think i’m crazy sometimes. But my family (my husband i have no kids except my dogs and cats) does NOT feel the way some of you say they do. My husband is just as happy as i am.

I may come off REALLY extreme, but in reality, every single last item, even all the KY jelly, will be put to use by someone somewhere.

The reality of it is, everyone that is reading this blog, and watching the show tomorrow (I will be doing just that), wants to do what you do to some extent. Sure, 40-years of toilet paper may sound a little nutty, but if you’re helping others cut their costs by sharing your stockpile, you’re doing something good. What really confused me about the GMA story was that they showed Nate donating items, and Heather and Joanie post about their donations on the blog/YouTube. But, the story made it seem as if you were keeping the goodies all to yourself. I want to thank you for posting in the comments to give us a glimpse into your side of the story.

Just like to say thanks again for enabling and encouraging us to make the most of our money and achieve financial independence. Maybe this “Relationship Expert” and his wife (if he has one) should try couponing for awhile! :)

Hmmm, “Unhealthy savings obsession?” 150 years ago most families stored all kinds of staples to support themselves through the year: potatoes, wheat, smoked meat, apples, nuts… whatever was available — you guys read Laura Ingalls Wilder, right? :-) Today, lots of people can fruit, freeze vegetables, cook meals ahead of time… all examples of saving what you have an excess of (fresh produce, time on a weekend) for the future when you expect availability to decrease (winter, caring for a newborn baby). It’s called planning and humans have done it for centuries. Sure, in terms of convenient access to groceries, we are very lucky compared to our great-grandparents – but don’t confuse convenience with good decision making. Think of the opposite extreme, you wouldn’t buy dinner groceries at a Ritz Carlton gift shop, would you? Stockpiling (provided you have the space) is very, very reasonable strategy for minimizing household expenses in the long term. For those that need it, the difference can be life changing. Just don’t fill your living room with toilet paper and make youself miserable! :-)

I also want to point out, that GMA REALLY did a number on slicing and dicing this thing up.

I don’t spend 70 hours a week EVERY week. I do spend alot of time, but who doesn’t with their hobby?

I don’t need help, i don’t need a doctor. I’m sorry you feel that Joanie is getting negitave light because of Nathan and I being on the show. I was asked some questions about her segmant and instead of commenting, i simply replied, you should ask her because they certainly have not portrayed me for who i am.

@ Amanda. It’s quite possible that they doctored it up to get a juicy story. By no means do I want you to feel bad about my comment, or anyone else’s comments for that matter. But the way they clipped everything together seemed to substantiate the claims of the “expert.” I’m sure we’ll learn the full story tomorrow.

Cancelling time with my husband, is a choice we both agree on. If it’s making me money, it’s no different then getting called into work.

As for my insurance, Your dang right i happily pay the $8 a month it costs if i were to lose it all. $8 a month, to cover what i could never replace for what i got it for.

I’m sorry that some of you think i’m crazy, but in the end, i know what i’m doing and i know it helps alot of people!

Amanda, hang in there!! You are doing what is right for your family, and I gotta say that I LOVE your wall of toilet paper!!

I am a teacher and I do not get an income during the summer months.I am building my stockpile to carry us through the summer. It is not hoarding and I have no relationship problems! This Christmas I was able to bless a family with a very sick child with bags of groceries. I hope to continue to be able to do this,but I can only do it if I get great deals using my coupons. Dave Ramsey, who has a national radio program and teaches about financial security, brags that his wife uses about $700 worth of coupons a year.He also teaches to have enough money in savings to carry you for 3-6 months in case of emergency. I consider 3-6 months worth of groceries part of my emergency fund.I wonder if GMA is going to tell him that his wife has relationship problems! The food banks across the country don’t have enough to help all the people in need. I wonder how the food banks that are benefitting from couponers feel about GMA. Thank you for all you do.

I just watched the clip and want to comment that the expert was just trying to point out what is over the top and what is not. I think the point they were trying to make is that although couponing is a good thing, dont let it come between you and your family by spending too much time doing it. Just like work and family, you need to learn a balance.

I like to think of couponing as a hobby. I like to save money at the grocery store. For a SAHM like myself it gives me the opportunity to use my brainpower that earned that bachelor’s degree :) My highlight of the week is going grocery shopping by myself Saturday morning and racking up the savings. It gives me something to look forward to and saves my family money instead of spending it. I am unashamed of my new hobby. I can use the money I save to do more with my family!

I feel there were some very valid points about the other people they showed. They seem to me like hoarders and have stuff that they are keeping and not donating that they won’t possibly use and keep buying more. That I do find to be a problem. I think Joanie was the only one who didn’t fall into this category on the show. I mean putting that much time into couponing and severing relationships over stuff you already have plenty of is absurd. That woman clearly is obsessed and should put her efforts into doing something good instead of giving other couponers a bad name and hoarding. I feel like Joanie is getting a bad qrap based on the other couponers showcased in this special. And over 1,000 coupons….what store lets you use that many coupons! I feel bad when I have close to 20 at rite aid!

I agree! To put Joanie in the same category as the others is very inaccurate. Thankfully, they didn’t actually “accuse” her of being one of the weirdos. Still, I’d be pretty peeved, too!

I do agree that the woman that chooses to cancel dates with her husband and time with family to go shopping is a bit compulsive in her behavior. And personally, I would never pay a monthly fee to insure my stock pile, because it essentially defeats the purpose of saving at the store. But, aside from those points I found the report to be quite unbiased. The “expert” did point out that extreme couponing with hopes of giving back to your community is admirable. And that’s what it’s about. Save money for your family by couponing, build up a nice stock pile. But, once you have more than you’ll ever need, give back to those that aren’t in a position to feed their families.

Whatever the case, couponing can change someone’s life. And if it means that you have to invest a few hours each week into saving money at the store, it’s worth it. But, when you’re spending 70-hrs per week, almost equivalent to the time that would be spent working two full time jobs in a given week, the coupon clipping needs to be systematized in a way that allows you to enjoy time with your family and nurture your marriage.

aghhhhhh i recorded this while my dd was watching tv so i could watch later and i just about threw a not so nice fit!!!!!! i was so pissed!!!! and the expert talking about how things had to be taken in context omg!!!! the whole clip was taken out of context!!! do they actually think that you guys shop like that every week i thought it was suppose to be an extreme example to show people how much money you can save!! and they make it sound like your letting your children crawl around in the neighborhood dumpsters with trash and yuck yuck not a recycle bind for newspapers geez louise! i’m totaly afraid that TLC is just going to make this into a HOARDERS type show like someone mentioned instead of turning people onto coupons i see this just making people think we are crazier then we are. 3000 rolls of tp is a little much for me but i totaly get the comfort and security of knowing you don’t have to buy anything you have it stocked a stockpile is a huge comfort!!! not a symptom of a crazy person!!! when my grandfather use to stock up they just said oh it’s smart it’s what they do because of the depression why am i crazy for stocking up now!!!

Hi KC ladies,
I love your website and I love saving money. I also go on other couponing websites too. I can’t wait to watch this show!!
KCL, go on MASHUPMOM.com and check out what they have to say!!

I think that the media is going to sensationalize this as much as possible. Any behavior that society doesn’t see as the norm seems to require a rationalization from “experts.” While I personally feel that keeping 40 years of toilet paper and 150 years of deodorant is hoarding I do hope that people can watch the show and take away from it the positive things such as financial security and control. But to be truthful people don’t watch shows like this to see positive and it will probably turn into a nightmare. But the thousands of krazy couponers around the country will know the truth.

I will be OCD all the way to the grocery store and even more OCD when I save 90% on my bill….hahahahahahahah

I watched this segment and I feel that the “relationship expert” was really only addressing what he saw in the video clips, not talking about everybody who uses coupons. The clips showed someone that gets excited and derives self-esteem from stockpiling 40 years worth of toilet paper. Another man with, according to the expert, 120 years worth of deodorant. That woman feels good about herself for finding great deals, when she *should* be feeling good about helping her family, having a loyal and supportive husband, having a house, etc., etc. but neglects them for shopping trips. They could feel good about providing for their family, or they could feel like a SUPERHERO for donating that stuff to someone really in need of something this WEEK, rather than just ensuring that they have YEARS of supplies. I think the expert was right. Those two people (not the large majority of couponers) were obsessed and downright disgusting in their hoarding habits.

I agree, the expert was only talking about people who have enough stuff for 8 families, not one. People like that do have a problem. I stockpile and was not offended at all. I stockpile what my family uses….I don’t clear the shelves. The person who spends 70 hours a week couponing has a problem….that’s 10 hours a day! When does she see her family? The expert was talking about people like her, not everyone who stockpiles.

we are a young family just starting out, with big school loans to pay back, a mortgage, and a 3 yr old son. i’ve just started (a few months ago) following my lovely krazy ladies, and i’m saving about $100 each week on my grocery store trip. that’s a lot of money!!! hopefully as i keep building my stockpile, i’ll save even more. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with couponing or stockpiling — its just being a smart consumer! and my husband is thrilled at my new thriftiness! i disagree with gma and thier “expert.” joannie and heather aren’t nutty hoarders, they’re smart, savvy women!

Hi, I am on the show, and the one who is being labled as “OCD” because i have supposidly 40+ years supply of toilet paper.

For one, I don’t know about you guys, i go throw easily 4 rolls a week. Do the math, it don’t add up.

Second, Nate and i both donate a TON of stuff. They don’t show that. I am very unpleased with how this turned out, so is my family.

I am not going to defend the hoarding comments because it’s not worth it. So while i go on helping everyone i do, the rest of the bunch can sit there and make the hoarding comments.

Sorry Amanda but I just saw your segment and the things you said and the way you acted gave me the impression that couponing was more a compulsion than a hobby with you.

That’s fine…more coupon shopping for me!! (Less competition…which really isn’t very nice of me, but I am not here to convince anyone!!! All I can do is share my “talent” and let the rest take care of itself!!

He did not bother me(the relationship expert). I was ok with the saying its “Something becomes problematic when it’s a problem”… I took it as when a spouse has a problem with the actions, it is a problem.(Maybe like the woman who has 40 years of tp and the guy with deoardant). I don’t feel offended by his comments. I know that I am able to buy things that I didn’t before becuase I didn’t have the money and now because of this website I have a stockpile of the items and save a lot of money. If I knew when businesses got rid of the papers they didn’t sell with coupons still in them I probably would hop in. Happy New Year. Thank you for all the great work you do. I enjoy checking in and seeing what is new.

All I know is this website has been a blessing in my life and so has couponing. It has been a while since i have had to purchase certain things because of stockpiling and have saved tons of money. I dont pay full prices anymore. People should see the benefits instead of the burden. Its not even hard to spend 2 hours clipping while your watching a movie or listening to music after the kids are in bed. Get your hubby to help which lets you spend time together and see the benefits of saving money. Its nice to have that extra cash to go out with my hubby or take the kids out for something fun. So worth it!

Did not see the show but Julianna and Amy E. – GMA wanted to make thier ratings and anything can become extreme / OGD. However I would say 99% of the couponers out there (including me) use couponing to stay on a budget – and to give away. I love the fact that our family is debt free and I love giving our stockpiles to our food bank at church – missionaries overseas – women shelters, etc.

Keep up the great work – love your site – love saving money – don’t let anybody get your spirits down.

Don’t let it get you down! You gals are awesome, and we can all be KRAZY together, saving our hard earned moo-lah while they are paying full price for stuff!!!!!!

For those who know or have heard of Dave Ramsey, he talks alot about being “crazy” and “weird”. Couponing is a great way to help the funds go further, to pay off bills and start SAVING!

Yep, let’s be Krazy :-)

Ridiculous. And that “expert” sounds profoud. People can mock couponing all they want, but it all comes down to being smart enough to save money where you can, so that you have more to spend on other things. Couponing promotes self-sufficiency, which is in short supply these days.
Heather and Joanie, you two are awesome and such a blessing to so many of us. This website is so helpful and well done. GMA should have let you rebut their comments, but while they are tainting the image of couponing, we are out there saving money! :)

I am a single woman and have recently started couponing. I am still learning how to get multiple copies of coupons, keep an efficient binder, and what an appropriate stockpile would be for me. I am already amazed at how much money I can save. I see this as an efficient way to make the most of my money. I used to be happy if I had one coupon at the store and now I feel lazy if I don’t have a bunch! It takes extra time, but its time well spent. I am sorry you weren’t able to be present and defend your way but we all sure appreciate you!!

I just watched the GMA clip and have to say that I am VERY dissappointed in them. That kind of reporting is the reason I don’t watch the news any more. It’s all about “creative editing” and ratings. Of course they didn’t want you guys on there to defend yourselves; then they wouldn’t have a story. I’m going to be pretty bummed if TLC edits this show to make it look like a “Horders” type show.

My story is similar to everyone else’s…I’ve been disabled for the past few years and unable to work. If it weren’t for couponing and stockpiling, we wouldn’t have been able to buy groceries. Instead, we’re not only able to eat, but we have also been able to help feed a neighbor who is fighting breast cancer, and a low income family with a new baby. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished!

Amy E…I am disabled too and used to be healthy and work full time as a nurse before I got sick. I started couponing a year ago and feel that it is my way of contributing to the bills and income. It makes me feel like I am helping out financially too and it truely is like a part time job. I also enjoy giving and teaching others about couponing. Way to go, you are an inspiration in helping out your family and others..Nancy R

Thanks Nancy! I feel it’s my way of contributing too. Plus, I love to teach and have spread the couponing bug far and wide!

Thanks for your reply…you made my day :)

This is such a disappointing report. Name any hobby and a quick google search will reveal dozens or more people who are obsessed with it. This is in poor form, and I am so upset to see what they are doing- discouraging people from saving hard earned money, implying marital strife, and tearing down your business.

Getting down to brass tacks, Joanie and Heather are great at saving money, but they also coupon, research, write, blog and publish as their BUSINESS. Undermining that is libel. Well done, GMA.

Just like so many other things that are in the media, it is published how they feel it should be.

Politics, religion, war. And now, couponing. You name it, we hear THEIR side only.

If you haven’t yet, this should be your wake up call to always listen to what is being reported with a bit of skepticism. This is not a new phenomenon.

My wife was kind of iffy about couponing as well, but after we gave gifts of deoderant, razors, cologne and candy to all the men in my family for about a dollar a person she has been bragging about our meager stockpile.

There is also a big difference between stockpiling and hoarding. You do not hoard or have a shopping problem! It’s sad ABC had to put a negative spin on couponing and I’m proud how you have commented back. You not only speak for yourselves, but also for us couponers. I’m new to couponing and my stockpiles are not that great, but it makes total sense to purchase house hold items when they are free or real cheap! I have seen both your stockpile videos and they are very practical. I can’t wait unyil my stockpiles bring my family financial freedom and a better quality of life!Thanks for everything you do in helping people live better lives!

I Don’t think ita fair that they won’t let you defend what is good for your family. I have just recently stated with extreame couponing. I use to just be happy if I saved tax when I went to the store that was my goal. But now I am disappointed if I don’t save at least 35% of my bill. And that is when I get all my parishables (we only have one fridge.) it is what is helping me and my husband save money while I stay home and raise our newborn son and maybe even start my own photography which has been a big dream of mine. So I think just a fee hours a week is fine for me to spend saving us over a hundred dollars everyweek. This works so my son an be raised in the environment we want him to be.

I don’t have cable so I didn’t see this segment, however, I see no problem with having a stockpile. My family and friends all call me before they go to the store for things like toothpaste, deodorant, and cereal to see if they can “shop” our garage first. I love knowing that I am helping them save as well as my own family. I am a stay at home mom so I see couponing as my “job” to save money for my family and get us the things we sometimes couldn’t have afforded before.

That is beautiful! That is so awesome that you are able to help your friends and family that way – and that they look up to you for that help!

Well funny thing is I do have OCD and I do coupon but not to those extremes. we are a military family and it would be impossible to keep stockpiles like that because when we move the movers wont pack the liquids or cleaners or candles or batteries. It’s nice to be able to grab a new razor to shave your legs instead of trying to stretch the use of the one you have for a month or so. Now that I do coupons I don’t get razor burn anymore from my old dull razors.

Yesterday I was able to give 2 big bags of food and toiletries to a homeless man who I see in our area from time to time and it was all because of extreme couponing :-). No problem here!

Well, I have been ‘extreme couponing’ for about a year now, and feel that I have a stockpile that is reasonable for my family without going overboard. We have saved so much money and my husband also brags about it! I think that you guys are doing such a great job helping people be wise with their money. It has really helped us function as a one income household so that I can be at home with my kids!

I support coupon clipping to the fullest. To have an “expert” go on television and give his “expert” OPINION on people who clip coupons to save money is obsurd. Our economy is bad and expenses on the rise. I have a set of twins and a 2 year old… yes 3 under the age of 2…… You better believe it is required for me to clip coupons and stockpile…otherwise we cant afford groceries… Im a stay at home mom because I need to be, so thats a total of 5 people living on 1 income (my husband’s income), and my husband is no CEO or President of a company or a “Relationship Expert”. My husband is greatful of the little time I do spend on finding deals and coupons… it saves us money, which allows us to maybe go to the movies…and if I get the fandango B1G1 my husband is even happier……… Good morning America is dumb for even paying someone to come on and give their opinon on coupon clipping, etc…… They obviously are not affected by the economy…~

Wow! That relationship “expert” sounds like an idiot to me. Many American’s are severely in debt, unemployed, or on welfare. I’m proud to say that I use coupons AND have a stockpile. Many of those unemployed right now SHOULD learn to use coupons to help feed their families. They don’t have to stockpile (even though it would be smart) but sad to say many people who lose their jobs go straight to the government for help. Many of those people have the ability to help themselves if they tried. I say STUFF IT GMA, I see no problem w/ extreme couponing. I see those who use coupons being debt free AND helping others around them. You should have had more than your chance to defend yourself/couponers.

Amen Amanda! I agree..I am not working and I do couponing as if it was a part time job. Now that there are websites and articles, and even the grocery stores help out with making couponing easier, there is no reason not to at least try it. They should make it part of assistance, a “couponing class”, could you imagine! Ironically, I first heard about couponing this way when they had a woman who has a website on couponing and saving on GMA and/or DR. Phil. They also hosted “the Cheapest Family in America”, but now we all have OCD or a hoarding problem. How fast GMA changes, reminds me of high school..

I just want to say that ever since I have been following this website I buy things that I wouldnt buy before cuz I couldnt afford them. Now I use coupons all the time, for detergent which is expensive, for toilet papers for those expensive trashbags. And some items I get them free. Now after using coupons I save and i am able to give back to my community. I donate toys that sometimes i get very cheap or even free,even socks and sweaters. I am very happy and so is my husband that I use and clip coupons here and there. thank you so much…

So true! I am also one of those moms who was perfectly happy to buy generic brands and save a little. Boy, what I was missing. Now I “buy” the name brands and get them for cheap. Or free. Hmmm, wait a minute. Is that compulsive?

No stupid, it’s logic.

Maybe if our government started using coupons we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today! LOL!!

So called experts may not be facing financial burdens, or understand good stewardship, but you site has taught me so much…why was I paying $4.00 for a single tube of toothpaste, or $5.00 for a box of cereal? You have helped me save so much money, and in turn I am able to help others more easily.
My husband is still iffy, and I dont really have a stockpile yet- but I dream of giving love baskets to others in need. Us everyday people who are trying our best to make ends meet think you are a Godsend!

Well said Christine- I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the comment!! :)

I agree! I used to rely on the food bank to make it till the end of the month (student mother with husband who makes very little and pays child support to his ex. I enjoy couponing and it doesn’t generally interfere with any aspect of my life (I think all parts of life tend to jump their banks sometimes…). And I look forward to the day when I am a fullfledged RN and can use couponing to help us save up for a nice big house where my kids can play in a fenced yard and I can stock pile in the garage instead of under our beds!

Glad I didn’t see this this morning because I would’ve gotten pretty irritated myself.
That relationship “expert” should note that because of couponing my husband and I have money to go on dates and not feel guilty and helped with saving up for our house.
Problematic, indeed

Amen Sista!!!!! Great point!

He said that in response to the lady that said her marriage was suffering as a result of her OCD. She freely admitted to spending 70 hours per week on this addiction. You can enjoy a date out with her husband – she wouldn’t go on the date because of what she does. I don’t think he was criticizing normal coupon users, if you could call us “normal.” :)

I saw it, and I really thought they were talking about how the people with 40 years worth of TP or 120 years worth of deodorant were exhibiting hoarding signs. That is a bit excessive. I didn’t take it as them putting down couponers as a whole, or you. If you get 120 years worth of deodorant and donate what you don’t need, then awesome. But keeping that much deodorant when you’ll never use it all is a bit hoardy.

I agree with you Marsha, I guess my biggest complaint is that they didn’t want us on to explain and defend how WE coupon and how we are making it work for our families! :)

“Hoardy”! I love that word! If you don’t mind I am going to use it! :)