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Stockpile (n.)  Food or toiletries purchased at least 75% off retail price. By Stockpiling while something is at a ROCK BOTTOM price, you won’t have to pay full price when you run out an NEED to have it.   Anticipate what you’re going to need for the next 3 months, 6 months, year, etc. and buy it when it’s at an acceptable price TO YOU.  When you stockpile, YOU dictate the price instead of the store.

Above is my stockpile, as pictured AFTER my shopping trip with TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  As you can see, it’s larger than when I recorded my stockpile video for all of you. I’ve actually moved since the filming of the show and I donated at least half of my stockpile to friends, family and food bank before and after the move.  I am SO proud of my stockpile.  It saves me so much money, time AND allows me to give back in ways I never could before.  But in the limelight of Extreme Couponing I almost found myself being embarassed about it. (I deserve to be reprimanded for ever wavering, fellow krazies!)

I just had an “ah ha” moment and thought to myself, “suck it up, Joanie!  You preach everyday how a stockpile is the key to saving hundreds every month on your grocery bill   Your stockpile is the right thing for your family, so pay no mind to what anyone else thinks!”  My kitchen is modest sized and I have no pantry.  My entire stockipile lives in my garage/laundry room where we park both cars.  I’m feeling secure again and I’m ready for your unbiased opinions, so cast your vote!  Many critics are comparing Extreme Couponing to Hoarders (image at right)-  I think it’s more than a stretch.  As GMA and my rows of food will tell you, I’m way too OCD about organization to be a hoarder.  Someday I’m gonna get labels for each shelf in my stockpile.  :)

cartoon credit:  Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey

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217 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing. My Stockpile: Hoarder status?”

I stockpile myself. I store my items in my utility room where I live it’s a small senior apartment. Then I donate some of my items to the food bank on my Birthday (Dec. 12th) or help other’s out here at the “Manor” who may need a little help now and then meeting their food needs. If feels good to give and also know that I didn’t have to pay hardly anything for the items I do have.

I think a stockpile is not bad, but too large of a stock pile doesn’t save you money if you never use it. You have hundreds of dollars stilling on your shelves that could be in a mutual fund gaining 10-15 % interest rather than expiring on the shelves. I coupon, and I just try to find a healthy balance of stocking up, using up, and then giving away any items I can that I get for free.

It is hard to judge anyone regarding their stockpile. It really depends on what is going on in their own head and no one knows that but them.

I have been couponing/stockpiling for 20 years. Before the advent of the internet, I created my own coupon database using Microsoft works so that I had a fast and easy way to do my own coupon match ups when I got my ad circulars.

My DH will tell you that my couponing has saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the last 20 years. It has also allowed us to give back to our community through donations to the local food pantry.

The IDEA of stockpiling is to have a reserve of the products that you use regularly (“purchased” for free or pennies on the dollar) so that when you need that item in the future, you don’t have to go out and pay $10.99 for that razor or $7.00 for that bottle of body wash.

Yes, no one needs (10) razors all at once, BUT they are non-perishable and they WILL get used. If a person has the storage space and is organized, there is no reason why anyone should be concerned that they have (10) of anything stored away for when they might need them.

If you take all the non-perishable products that you use every day (dental products, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaners, tin foil, baggies, sponges, etc. and throw in some food staples) and stockpile (10) of each (which I don’t think is unreasonable depending on the size of your family), your shelves would end up looking EXACTLY like Joanie’s.

I think its great people are couponing to save money especially since budgets are tight. But I do believe taking everything off the shelf thats on sale before anyone else can get the product at a good price is just greedy. I have started talking to stores about limiting purchases on sales/coupons. I think 4 should be the limit. Some stores are responding positively to this, because they don’t want to lose customers that are spending real money. Don’t be greedy…you will ruin the coupons for yourself and others.

I can’t speak for Joanie, but I live in her town and between Joanie and all of us that coupon here we always have enough to go around. I use the same stores featured on the program and the shelves aren’t cleared out. Right before I met Joanie my husband got a 15 percent paycut and we were looking in the couch cushions at the end of the month just to buy bread. Now we have the beginnings of a great food storage. In such troubling times I am grateful for those like Heather and Joanie who are willing to share their knowledge so my family can have the things they need. Keep up the good work!!!

Yes, there are a lot of mega-couponers out there who will clear the shelves, but many times the stores just fail to stock enough for the sale. This week Swiffer Wet Jet refills are on sale at CVS for 50% off. I wanted to use some excess EBs that I have to stockpile (6) boxes of the pads. They had a total of ONE box on the shelf.

Also, there are some stores where I PREFER to get a rain check instead of the actual product, especially if I want to stockpile the product and there doesn’t happen to be a high-value coupon available the week of the sale. Both CVS and Walgreens have no expiration on their rain checks so sometimes a product being OOS works out better for me.

I so don’t like to see when people clear the shelves just to get a good deal! We should always leave some for others, but also good to remember that “limit 4” may mean that a single person gets 4, while buying 4 items for a larger family may last them a very short period of time.

Thats awesome!!! Kudos to you for donating to family, friends, and food bank. It shows that you are doing your part to help out in your community. I wish I knew the how-to and step by step, so I could do it myself and make grocery donations to my church.

I will admit I’m one of the ones who has compared some extreme couponers to hoarders… however I’ve said it several times, there’s a fine line. I don’t think your stockpile crosses it (from the images shown), however I do think that the 40 year supply of toilet paper does cross the line a bit … as does saying that your stockpile makes you “feel safe”. Those are the things I see that cross into hoarding (or ocd) territory.

I haven’t’ seen the show yet, just the previews on GMA and elsewhere (hopefully tonight). I have my own growing stockpile, and have to constantly remind myself to keep it in check and not just buy things because they are free or a super cheap deal.

I think it’s also important for everyone to remember that this was a tv show and that they encouraged all of you to show just how extreme you could be. What you (and the others) displayed for the show isn’t necessarily what you do on a regular basis. You wouldn’t go in and clear a store out every time you shop… I’m fairly sure you all had to get permission from the individual stores and work with them to make sure they had enough stock to do the deals you planned to do (otherwise it wouldn’t have worked).

Your stockpile is fine. You should have the quantities you want, and don’t feel you have to defend it. I’ve seen bigger stockpiles from people who shop at Costco. I bet they don’t defend. We all pay what we are willing to pay. My husband has said for years that I’m the most frugal person he knows. He says it with pride because although we’re not rich, we always manage to have what we need. I’m fairly new to couponing, however I’ve caught on quickly. I just have a new resource in coupons now. I’ll keep stock piling. I just do it for much less with coupons. I don’t like paying full price for toothpast and deodorant or anything else I could have gotten earlier and less expensive.

This show is Ridiculous……..I am a “Coupon Clipper” myself, however, I do not Hoard useful Necessities in my house. There are people in this world that Need these items,,,,,, that are stacked in your house….. that you will not possibly use all of anytime soon, at least not before it goes back on sale. It is Heartbreaking and Sad to see people on the show have the knowledge, time, physical ability, and resources to get these useful items and the only thing they do with them is “Get excited to see them in their house.” Nathan was the only person that even mentioned donating any of the items, as well as, if he was going to buy a lot of one item call ahead to the store. It is people like you, that when I get to the store, there is nothing left on the shelf. Think of someone other than Yourself. By the way I did see your ad on you tube about Extreme Donating………really is that all you could aford to give away???

If you took the time to ready ANY of the great deal of information that I’ve posted on the topic, I believe you might think differently.

This is something to be proud of to have these items on hand and stocked up for use. Some people who wish they had this stuff don’t go through the hard word others do to get all of these things. It is just ridiculous that people are being negative about it. Yes, it is so very nice to donate things to people who need them, but it isn’t a requirement. Maybe Nathan just donated stuff for the show? Maybe he usually buys that much and doesn’t donate it? I really don’t care what he does, or anyone else. If I do the work, it should be nobodies business. You should be proud Joanie, and I LOVE your stockpile!! Thank you for your education and the hard work you put in for others on couponing!

@Oliva…….. you should know all the facts before you criticize. Nate was good enough to donate ‘for the show’ but HE along with many other extreme couponers actually buy in extreme most of the time to RESELL and make another profit. Go check out his site and see for yourself how many tag sales he has had with the stuff. There you may find out the truth. Or are you one of his followers?

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