Here are three more HOT deals that run 1/2-1/8 at Rite Aid.

Aquafresh Toothpaste, or Actiflex Manual Toothbrush  2 for $5.00
Spend $12.00, Receive $2 +Up Reward   Spend $20.oo Receive $10 +Up Reward
$0.75/1 Aquafresh Premium Toothpastes, any 5.6 oz. or larger Advanced, Extreme Clean, White and Shine, or Sensitive from LOrealRP-1/2
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced Enamelock Formula – (
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening – (
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean, any – (
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Gel Flex or Deep Action Toothbrush – (
$1.50/1 – Aquafresh IsoActive Toothpaste 4.3oz or Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste 5.6-6oz – (

Buy (4) Aquafresh Extreme Clean $10.00
(2) Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening  $5.00
(2) Aquafresh Advanced Enamelock $5.00
Use (2) $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced Enamelock Formula – (
(2) $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening – (
(2) $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean, any – (
(2) $0.75/1 Aquafresh Premium Toothpastes, any 5.6 oz. or larger Advanced, Extreme Clean, White and Shine, or Sensitive from LOrealRP-1/2
$1.50/1 – Aquafresh IsoActive Toothpaste 4.3oz or Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste 5.6-6oz – (
Pay $11.00, Receive $10 +Up Reward
Final Price:  $1.00 or  $0.13 each

Gas X, $ 4.99
Buy 1, Receive a $2 Single Check Rebate #17

$4.00/1 – Gas-X Prevention Product – (
Pay $0.99, Receive a $2 SCR
Final Price: $1.00 Money Maker!

Airwick Mini, Ultra, iMotion, or Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Kits  Buy One Get One Free
Spend $10, Receive $3 +Up Reward
$1.00/2 – Air Wick Aerosol products, any- (
$2.00/1 – Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-motion Auto Spray starter kit – (
$2.00/1 – Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-motion Auto Spray Starter Kit – (
$4.00/1 – Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit – (
$4.00/1 – Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit – (
$3.00/1 – Air Wick i-motion starter kit – (
$4.00/1 – Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Air Treatment Product – (
Final Price:  Varies

Buy (2) Airwick Mini Freshmatic Kits $11.49 (online Price)
Use (2) $4.00/1 – Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit – (
Pay $3.49, Receive $3 +Up Reward
Final Price:  $0.49 or $0.25 each

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53 thoughts on “Rite Aid: Cheap Aquafresh & Airwick, Gas X Money Maker!”

I didn’t get the aquafresh coupon in my inserts =( so I came around to getting this deal..

8 aquafresh toothpaste= $20.00
2 $1/1 aquafresh advanced enamel
2 $1/1 aquafresh advanced whitening
2 $1/1 aquafresh extreme clean
1 $1.50/1 aquafresh advanced vv
1 $3/20 purchase vv
1 +UP reward

Received $10 +UP rewards
=1.50 money maker!

Is the $10 for the aquafresh deal in cash or up rewards?

+Up Rewards. The only cash you will ever get back is with the SCR’s (Single Check Rebates) that Rite-Aid offers. A great program! Sign up here, then get a monthly directory from RiteAid showing you all the rebates they are offering that month.

Thanks for the reply.

Up rewards – but same as cash at RiteAid

I forgot to add that I also used the 4/20$ beauty points coupon and the 1 wellness coupon for the videos. And someone rolled their eyes at me at the end.

Okay came back from RiteAid. I paid 6.05 with tax for 8 toothpastes and a 10$ coupon printed, so it was a 3.95 money maker. I did not have the RP coupon, i had my husband make accounts at and at rite aid, i had 3 1.50 off coupons, and 7 1 dollar coupons from aquafresh. This was my first major coupon-ing so i would consider this a great success. I was hoping to use my 10$ coupon for a binder but i didnt see any binder i liked.

I do NOT have this RedPlum coupon for the aquafresh. There is sensydyne and other toothpastes but not aquafresh. I am in Long Island NY. Is this normal? different couponsfor different areas/

It happens to me all the time. I live in Oregon-for instance we didn’t have the high value coupon for Nivea last week.

Maybe this was already covered but the Airwick was not BOGO but I got 2 compact and 1 ultra using (2) $3 off and (1) $4 off sunday paper coupons. Making a pre tax total 32.97 – 10 in man coupons. I got $3 up for each one and the $10 up. In the end they were $1 a peice not really anything I needed but I’m now only $4 from getting my $20 reward (airwick is included) Will go back for the Gas X and its mine, lol.

does anyone know how many times i can repeat the aquafresh scenario?

Just wanna say “oops” on my comment above…I meant NEUTRA not neuter…lol. So much for spell check on the iPhone!

To AMBER: Yes, you can! I actually ended up purchasing the 8 Aquafresh, 1 Gas Ex and 2 bottles of the Xtra laundry soap (on sale for $1.88) and you can find a $1.00 off coupon here:

I ended up spending a little over $8.00 for all of that because I used the (3) $1.00 video values coupon and the $4/20 beauty video value coupon. I got the $10 back on the toothpaste and can now submit for the rebate on the Gas-Ex making this a $4.00 profit shopping trip!!

(and yes, I am STILL going to complain about the Air-Wick! haha)
[img] Aid 01022011.jpg[/img]

Thanks for the tip on the Xtra coupon! I was just thinking yesterday about buying some because it’s so cheap this week, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the $1.88 for each…now I’m going to buy at least 2-4 thanks to this coupon!

Can you photo copy coupons? Instead of printing 4 Aquafresh coupons by revisiting the website 4 times, can I just print one and then photo copy it on my copier?

No, unfortunately this is considered coupon fraud. Each coupon you print has a unique set of numbers and the store will only get reimbursed for each unique code. Please do not photocopy coupons! :) One way to get extra coupons, is if you have more than one computer hooked up to your printer.

I’ve also heard that if you get caught coping coupons its 50kfine for each coupon copied.

Can we use the 4/20 beauty video values with the Aquafresh scenario? $20-4= 16, then minus the individual Aquafresh coupons resulting in $7 OOP?

Of course you can!

Did anyone get the Aquafresh coupon in the Seattle Times? I’m not seeing it in my paper.

I live in Seattle, the aquafresh coupons are in the paper, but it isn’t for all of them, you have to go the website and print off the $1 off ones and you can do 2 each.

it is the website :-)

I just finished Shopping at my local rite aid (so cal) and the Lysol neuter air and air wick kits are not buy 1 get 1! I had the cashier ring them up and they were $13.49 each. They were offering the $10 off $30 deal…kind of bummed! :(

My RiteAid ad clearly states that they are BI, G1. If yours does, too, i would show it to them and i’m sure they will honor it. The Airwick deal is a really good one!!

I just got home from shopping, I did the toothpaste deal and used all the right coupons, got the right toothpaste and it cost me 17.35. I don’t know what I did wrong. But here’s the good news…I used my up rewards towards the air wicks and with the coupons, also purchased a couple of other things and got them all for .31. So I am very happy!!

AIRWICK PRODUCTS! I just went to rite aid and bought:
4 airwick ultra kit($ 12.99) buy one get one free = $25.98
-used 2 $ 4 off coupon from today’s news paper ad
2 airwick compact kit ($ 9.99) buy one get one free = $ 9.99
-used 2 $ 3 off coupon from today’s news paper add
= $ 35.97 minus coupons $ 14 off (4 coupons total) = $ 16.97
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 10 purchase of $ 30
(I thought I was only getting $10 but I also got $3 for every purchase!!)

So you get all them free and money maker =)

Thanks for the heads up for double rewards!

sorry, i typed it all wrong…i used 6 coupons not 4 :)

airwick products! i just went to rite aid and bought:
4 airwick ultra kit($ 12.99) buy one get one free = $25.98
-used 4 $ 4 off coupon from today’s news paper ad
2 airwick compact kit ($ 9.99) buy one get one free = $ 9.99
-used 2 $ 3 off coupon from today’s news paper add
= $ 35.97 minus coupons $ 22 off (6 coupons total) = $ 13.97
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 3 purchase $10
$ 10 purchase of $ 30
(i thought i was only getting $10 but i also got $3 for every purchase!!)

so you get all them free and money maker =)

Thank you so much for this heads up, Leizel! Otherwise, i’m afraid i would’ve missed it. But i went today, bought the 4 Ultra, and the 2 Compact i-motion like you recommended. Used 6 coupons ($4 each off the Ultra, and 1 $2 off and 1 $3 off the Compact. They were Buy 1, Get 1, so my total cost was $38 ($14 each for 2 pair of Ultra, $10 for the pair of Compact), minus my $21 in coupons. I got 1 $10 Up, plus 3 $3 Up Rewards for a total of $19. $2 MM and my house gets to smell like springtime!! Thank you again! (Also scored on the Aquafresh deal in which i got 8 toothpastes for a total cost of $1.75…i was one coupon short, so mine were $.21 each instead of $.13 each.) Fabulous day today between Wags and RiteAid!

Where is the Gas-X coupon?

I found the Gas-X in the Smart Source 12/12 edition. My paper is the Oregonian in case it is a regional coupon.

The money doesn’t come off instantly at the register. Thats why you use coupons to make the total as low as possible and then use the rewards that print out at the end and roll them by using them to purchase items that will in return print more rewards.

I’m not new to coupon but new to rite aide….how does the Up+Reward program work…does the rewards come off the same order or do you use it in future orders. I’m asking because my funds are extremely limited and I would LOVE to do these deals if they come off instantly at the register.
Thank you and I’m so happy to have found this site and I LOVED the show on TLC…

I love couponing, but I will be passing on the Aquafresh toothpaste. Every time I’ve tried to use it, it causes sores in my mouth. It did that to my husband and daughter as well. I did well at Target tonight. I confirm that they are doing 75% off Christmas clearance. And I believe in a few days it will go to 90% off. In the dollar section, I found lots of stocking stuffers for next year, for .25 cents each. Any merchandise with a pink dot was 75% off. I found children’s books, games, lip gloss, magnetic note pads with reindeer on it, chirstmas socks, and more. All for .25 cents each. Also scored on 14 boxes for free of Wonka exceptionals candy, and my coupons paid overage. Somehow with all the sites that had the Wonda candy coupons, I had 14 coupons. I will be sharing them with all my family members. But so sorry guys, the coupons expired Dec. 31st!
I didn’t score on the Baby Alive doll. Price was $13.68 clearance at Wilsonville Target. Not the $4.99 some found. And only the black version of the Baby Alive doll was on clearance. Go figure!

Ok, I live in socal and did this deal today. So here is how it went. I purchased 2 extreme clean whitening for $5, 2 extreme clean deep action for $5, 2 advanced 2x whitening for $5, and 2 advanced 2x enamel for $5. These are all included in the deal. I also purchased 2 foamies kits @ $2.99 each. total was $25.98 and $2.14 tax. Total $28.12 I used the $1.50 off adperks coupon, I used 2 $1 off advance 2x whitening coupons, I used 2 $1 off 2x enamel coupons, I used 2 $1 off extreme clean, and the 2 .50 cents off extreme clean. Didn’t realize it was for a trial size but went through with no problems and didn’t beep. I also used the $5.00 off 2 foamies from adperks December. So minus $13.50 in coupons. Left me a balance of $14.62. I used $12 in up rewards I had. I paid $2.62 out of pocket which was mostly tax. I got back $15 in rewards. $10 from the toothpaste and $5 from the foamies. I then went and got a big box of huggies which was $19.99 – $2.50 adperks coupon and $2.00 coupon I had. Brought total to $15.49. I used the $15 in up rewards I had just received and paid only $2.24 which was mostly tax. And a heads up, look at your receipt, cause there is supposed to be a $2 up reward with the diapers but mine didn’t print out. I went back in and they just handed me $2 cash.

I’m confused because the Aquafresh scenario says to buy (2) Aquafresh Advanced Enamelock $5.00 and to use (2) $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced Enamelock Formula – ( But when I went to the Aquafresh website, there were no coupons for Advanced Enamelock. Only Aquafresh Advanced 2X Enamel Strengthening Action. Are these the same products? Otherwise, I don’t see how the scenario will work.

I can’t find the Gax X coupon

Thanks for the deal, I was in need of toothpaste. Do you know if the Iso-active is included in the deal? I love that kind.

Iso Active was not included :(

Okay never mind I’m just a little to excited for the deals this week:0

I have a question. When printing coupons on the Aquafresh sight I got on for Advanced 2x whitening. I’m hoping I can use that on the toothpaste. Does anyone know if this is a special paste Riteaid doesn’t have, because it isn’t listed in the senerio? If these two can be used the total should come out cheaper.

My Rite Aid coupon says manufacture coupon. That’s why I’m confused. Can it be stacked since it says mfg (since it is a Rite Aid). Thanks for your help.

I noticed that as well, but Rite Aid will allow you to stack, especially if the code starts with “RC.” If it is from AdPerks, you had to watch a promo to get it, so you earned that coupon anyway. I haven’t had any trouble stacking in-ad, ad-perks, and manufacturer coupons at my Rite Aid.

This is from the KCL Rite Aid 101 link:

The Rite Aid Coupons in my weekly ad say “manufacturer coupon” but they’re valid only at Rite Aid. Are these really manufacturer coupons?

Often times, these coupons say manufacturer but are coded as a store coupon (first two letters are RC) I am waiting on corporate for a confirmation on whether or not these are truly manufacturer or store coupons. Rite Aid is kind of a dying company–though I hope they pull through– and it’s hard to get definitive answers. If anyone else has info on this topic, I’d love to know.

Is this ‘$0.75/1 Aquafresh Premium Toothpastes, any 5.6 oz. or larger Advanced, Extreme Clean, White and Shine, or Sensitive from LOrealRP-1/2’ coming from this Sundays paper?

Thank you! A great deal!

Yes…the “RP 1/2” Means the Red Plum insert from January 2. She just missed a space after Loreal. My local paper has 2 RP inserts for 1/2!

I’m new to this couponing thing. I’m not understanding the toothpaste. I’m buying 8 but using 9 coupons? Are we only allowed to use 8? Either way, I think it’s a good deal for a trial run.

The 9th coupon is a store coupon so it can be stacked with manufactured coupon

if you print off the aquafresh extreme clean coupon from the website, you can also get the travel size version for free from Target travel section. I did it last nite! just an FYI cos we dont have rite aid out here! (on the coupon there are no size restrictions)

Sorry. By “this” deal I meant the Airwick deal….

From what I’ve read there will be coupons to match this deal in this Sunday’s paper! I sure hope so!

I looks to me like the airwick does not match up in the scenario, the $4 coupon is for Ultra Starter Kit not the mini the online price I found is $13.99.

I agree, I don’t think you can use the $4 off on the “Mini” I don’t see any coupons for the Mini.

You are correct, the coupon is for the Ultra..I still did the deal as they are a great deal anyway:
$13.99 for 2-$4 cpnx2=$5.99-$3+up=2.99 for 2 or $1.49 each