There is a $2.00 off Wisk coupon coming out in this Sunday’s newspaper, plus there is a new $1.00 off printable coupon.  Use the coupons next week at CVS (beginning 1/2) and you can get laundry detergent for as low as $1.00 each!
$1.00/1 – Wisk Detergent – ( (out of prints)

Spend $25, on Select Products, Receive $10 Extra Buck, Limit 1

Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent 26-32 loads $5.00
$2.00/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent from RP 1/2/11
$1.00/1 – Wisk Detergent – (

Angel Soft Big Rolls Bath Tissue 24 pk $9.99
$0.50/1 – Angel Soft Toilet Paper – (
$0.50/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue from RP 11/14
$1.00/2 Angel Soft Bath Tissue from RP 11/14

Planters Mixed Nuts, Whole Cashews, Nut-rition 9.25-10 oz or Smoked Almonds 10.25 oz $3.50

Sparkle Paper Towels 8 pk $5.00

Quilted Northern Soft & Strong or Ultra Plush Bathroom Tissue 12 pk $7.00

Nabisco Chips Ahoy, Lorna Doone or Nilla Wafer’s 9.5-15.25oz $2.50

Buy 5 Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent 26-32 loads $5.00 [subtotal $25]
Use 5 $2.00/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent from RP 1/2/11
Pay: $15.00, Receive $10 Extra Buck
Final Price: $1.00 each!

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I just wanted to say that I went to my local Publix grocers tonight & the Wisk(32oz.) was on sale for $4.49…I was able to get one for .49cents.

Please, people, be respectful when buying. I checked back at my CVS today since I wasn’t able to get in Sun or Mon. The poor clerk said that they’d been wiped out within 2 hours of opening; one lady bought 60…yes SIXTY bottles.

Just remember, be considerate even when it’s a “stock up” price.

I just printed from the website. The Wisk coupons are available as of today (Jan. 5th).

I just printed the Wisk coupon and had no trouble (I was able to print two by using my back button and refreshing). They are still available.

If I am understanding correctly you can only buy 5 bottles of the wisk PER cvs card? So if I wanted 10 I would have to use a different card correct? even if i had 30 coupons right? and if I buy the 5 at a time it will give me the ECB’s? has more coupons I just print 5 on 1-4-11 @ 5pm.

Okay, I just realized that my question was answered on another thread. :)

what was the answer? i was thinking same thing and cant find answer!

I posted a question here and for some reason it never posted and I have gotten no response. I want to know how this works because you say that you can use the $2 off coupons, which makes them $3 – you buy 5 of those and that equals $15. Then you said you get $10 extra bucks – but you are only supposed to get extra bucks if you spend $25. Does CVS look at the price WITHOUT coupons, which would have been $25?? It doesn’t make sense to me unless they look at the pre-coupon price. Is this how it works? Please respond. Thanks.

The Wisk coupon has been reloaded, visit their Facebook page!!

Hi, don’t know if anyone will read this but on the there’s a $1.00 Angel Soft Coupon under zipcode 22222. Did not see it on the regular site. I will try to paste the link and see if it comes up. I went last night and bought (3)24packs+ (2)Listerine Zero’s= $40.00
Used -$5.00 off of $25.00 = $35.00
Used -$1.00×3 off AngelSoft=$32.00
Used -$2.00×2 Listerine Zero=$28.00
Got $15.00 in ECB
Then used the $15 ECB bought 2 more Angel Softs 24 packs! For me that’s a pretty good price for 5 packages of 24pack of TP and 2 Listerine’s. Also the $2.00 off Listerine Zero is in the same zipcode on

Coupon printed fine for me…they must have restocked???

ECB are only valid when used on the card they were earned from.

can you use a ECB that you get from one card and put toward the second group of Wisk? Will it still print out the $10 coupon? ( I know at walgreens if you use a catalina coupon to pay for same item it won’t print another one…)


I bought my 5 Wisks today (the last 5 on the shelf) and handed over my 5 coupons from the inserts and it beeped after the first one and thereafter. He overrode it and gave me the deal but still I was a little annoyed that it beeped. I asked why and he said it might be only one transaction but I pointed out to him that the coupon said one per purchase which I was purchasing 5. I would like to know if anyone else register beep when purchasing the 5? I am new to seriously couponing and have been doing this a little over a month and still learning the ropes.

I also got 3 coupon inserts in Sunday’s paper (southern CA) and there is not a WISK coupon in any of them! However, I was able to print the $1.00 off from the WISK site.

I got 5 coupon inserts in my paper this week, 2 RP, 2 SM, & GM but NO WISK COUPON! I’m so bummed. I am going to order from Ebay or I have never ordered from Ebay, do they get to you fast?

**2 Smart Source I mean. :)

I got 3 inserts in sundays paper, and not one of them had the 2.00 wisk coupon, did I miss something???

I did this Wisk deal yesterday, but guess what? CVS had emailed me a $5/$25 coupon so when I paired that with 5 $2/1 MQs and $10 ECBs it made my 5 bottles FREE!!!!!

no wisk in my paper darn it

I am a newbie to all of this. I bought a Sunday paper today to get the coupons and was so excited about this Wisk deal, but there is no Red Plum insert in my paper. :( I have two SmartSource ones (different coupons in each one, but no Red Plum. Bummer! :(

I got the wisk deal today. 5 wisk detergents for $25.00 used 5 $2 coupons from RP. I also got two revlon tools for 2.99 ea., used $1 manufacturer coupon from target last month, added the .99cent green bag tag for a total of $18.03 with tax. Received $17 in xtra care bucks for next purchase! All that for $1.03!!!

Sorry forgot to mention I also used $4 coupon from CVS for signing up online with my card.

I have 2 seperate $4 off $20 that printed at the register ( i assume its ECB’s). Can I do this:

buy 5 wisk use (5) $2/1, use (2) $4/20 and pay like $7 OOP?

or will they NOT allow me to use (2) $4/20 in the same transaction?

Where do I get the $4 off $20 that people are talking about?

Can I get the extra bucks on the Wisk and also on the Sparkle paper towels if i do two separate transactions?

the ad says “ECB offer limit of 1 per household” so the way I understand it is that you would have to use 2 different CVS cards in 2 seperate transactions.

I have been reading everyone’s comments on not getting the Wisk coupon in the Red Plum insert. I was nervous when my neighbor gave me his newspaper today, but it was in there. I am so excited! I have the sale price at CVS, the $2 coupon and $3 Extra Bucks so it will end up being FREE! I am just beginning and am SO EXCITED! I wish I had read the comment about trying the local hotels to see if they would let me have the inserts from the Sunday paper they give their patrons! I don’t live in town, but next week I will be ready!!! The Extreme Couponing show on TLC was a lifesaver because I am a single mom and NEED all the help I can get to make my dollar stretch!

I didn’t print the Wisk coupon b/c I was going to buy papers today. Now no $2 coupon and no more prints! ughh…

hi.why don’t u try ebay? I read another person’s posts that she had good luck with ebay on high volume coupons. I just bought 10 2 dollar off coupons for wisk on ebay for $3.00 including shipping(the buy it now). Am hoping i will get it by Thursday. Then I will buy five wisk for 25, minus 10 from coupons, which brings me down to 15 Out of Pocket…will receive 10.OO ECB for spending $25.00/ Will use husbands card to get the same deal. Hoping I like the whole ebay coupon deal!

:( There wasn’t a Wisk coupon in my paper.

I am having problems printing the coupons from Target. I have printed coupons from other sites; however, this site seems to go well until it says the coupon is printing. It never prints. Any suggestions?

Try switching to another browser. For most people, using Firefox is the most successful.

What does RP stand for?

It stands for Red Plum, which is one of the Sunday coupon inserts.

I get the coupon insert section of my Sunday paper on Saturday. I only had 3 coupon inserts, and I didn’t have the one with this Wisk coupon. Anyone else have the same problem?

Yes Exactly my problem.
I will just copy, what I wrote up.
Hi. I have RED PLUM from tomorrow newspaper (we are getting Sunday Newspaper on Saturday) and there were actually 2 different RED PLUM, none of them had a Wisk coupon on them. ;o(((
Can someone help me?

No luck here, either!! We get our RedPlum in the mail the Tuesday before and there isn’t a wisk coupon to be found! BUMMER!!

I didn’t get the Wisk coupon either here in New Mexico. Bumm bumm

Sorry wrong section. Please disregard the comment above.

I’m having trouble getting the coupon from the Special K website. Any suggestions?

I was able to print TWO coupons from Special K. After signing up, i selected print coupon, but then waited to print. Then clicked the print coupon button again, which opened a new tab. I was able to print from each tab, hence TWO B1G1 coupons! :)

So – tried printing the coupon from the site, and it is telling me that there are no coupons available. What gives? Do they stop making them available when they’ve hit a certain number?

I am new to the Krazycouponlady site, and this is the third time I’ve gone to print a coupon and been told they aren’t available anymore. Any suggestions?

I know it can be frustrating when a coupon runs out of prints before you can print it! I’m emailing wisk now to ask that the either restock their coupon or take down the coupon page where it makes it look like the coupon is still available.

Remember, tomorrow’s newspaper is going to have a BETTER, higher value coupon.

Hi. I have RED PLUM from tomorrow newspaper (we are getting Sunday Newspaper on Saturday) and there were actually 2 different RED PLUM, none of them had a Wisk coupon on them. ;o(((
Can someone help me?

My wife and I have never used Wisk. Can anyone give me their opinion on this product? How does it compare to Tide. Well, we used to use Tide all the time then switched to Purex. Now that we coupon we have scored some really great deals on Tide, I mean really great. So, we have a small supply of Tide (about 500 ounces) but are willing to try this Wisk since it’s such a great deal. We just want to hear from others who use it. Testimonials speak volumes for us. Thanks.

I have used Wisk and would recommend it. I go back and forth with Tide (prefer Tide, but that is what I grew up with) whichever is on sale!

I just tried to print both coupons from each website and got a message on each that said “There are no prints available for this campaign”. Are they no longer available?

great deal on wisk
tried to print the coupon from their site, it took all the info and now says no coupons available. wonder if i need to put different zipcode. can anyone suggest how to get the coupon. thanks

I tried to print the wisk coupon on their site and evidently it is not current any longer. I joined a local coupon service called that compares local grocery stores weekly sales prices with insert coupons and matching them up to help people save money and get some items for free. But it has yet to show me how to get anything close to what you got for free on the show. I realize you go diving in the recycle bin which I am willing to do. I have been unemployed for over 6 mths and getting more desperate as time goes by. I have used a file system for my coupons and would like to learn the binder system that you use as well. I really need to learn to save more as quickly as possible. Thanks for being willing to be “Krazy” in front of the whole world. It encourages me to try to save even more.


have you tried going to your hotels in the area and asking if you can have the coupons from the sunday paper they provide for their customers? That might be a great way to get multiple copies without even breaking a sweat.

I’m HYPED for this deal! I have a $5/$25 coupon, 5 $2/1’s, and 8.50 ECB. 5 bottles for $1.50!

I am new at this, how do you print 5 copies of the coupon off the website? After 3 it says I have printed the maximum amount…

Use a different computer if you have access

I got e-mailed a CVS coupon! $4 off $20 ….. so I would actually pay $1 for 5 bottles!!!! Thanks!!

How did you do that? How can I get things sent to me from CVS?

Just sign up using your CVS Extra Care card at Then once your card number is attached to your email CVS will start sending you coupons.

How many cards for CVS does everyone else have? I have two personally (one for me and one for the hubster). Not many KCLs in my area, I’m afraid they’d yell at me if I got more :)

I have one card and my hubby has one card. I usually do the shopping without him and my CVS (in NM) has no problem at all. I do 2 seperate transactions one after another using mine and then my hubby’s. I can’t seem to find any KCL’s here either.

Are you able to do this deal more than once and get the ECB if you have enough coupons? Or will it max out your rewards when you do the deal?

you’ll only be able to do it once per extra care card #

so how do you stock up on this item then? I am new sorry 😉

You could sign up for another card

Figured this out last week and already have my coupons in hand from an eBay purchase! I am STOCKING UP! lol

I love shopping for coupons via Ebay..

Yep reworked it breaking up the Boost -1 in each transaction and come out with a total of 3.48 OOP even better.

Woohoo got an email from CVS today stating that I will get a $7.50 ECB from my fall rewards and was able to print a $5/25 coupon from their email. Gotta love CVS!
My scenario:
Trans. #1
(5) Wisk using (5) $2 off coupons minus $5/25 $7.5 in ECB OOP $2.50 plus tax (I have $3 ECB from Tone but total is too low to use!) Receive $10 in ECB
Trans. #2
(2) Revlon nail clippers 5.98 (2) Boost using 11.98 use (2) $3 off coupons (2) Listerine Zero $10 Use (2) $2 off coupons
Use $10 ECB from Wisk and $3 ECB from Tone
OOP 4.96 Receive $14 ECB!!! Can’t wait

Not sure if that is the best way to break up the 2 transactions may rework it but any way you slice it great deals !!!

What are the extra bucks? What do you use them for?

Extra Bucks print out after your receipt and they’re essentially like store credit off any future purchase. you can use them again that day or save them for the next week.

also- there is a printable coupon on the quilted northern website, you have to register to get it

deffinetely doing this deal…yay! thanks for the scenario

Out of all (and I mean ALL) the deals that were posted on KCL that started today (Sunday) that didn’t work for me… I’m happy to report that this Wisk deal actually worked!! :) Thanks KCLs!

Adding: And I even scanned my card at the Coupon Machine and out popped a $1 ECB coupon, good on anything. :)

I am new to drug store deals. Can I use the RP coupon for all 8 bottles of Wisk or would I have to have 8 coupons for 8 Wisks?

Manufactures coupon says per purchase, so can I use 1 Manufacturers coupon for all 8 bottles of Wisk?

Thanks so much,

Yes, you will need one manufacturer coupon for each bottle that you purchase. On high dollar coupons like this one I like to purchase thru eBay (usually in lots of 10-20) rather than purchase all the papers. The come all clipped and ready to use. There are other clipping services out there but I like eBay as there are no obligations.

Good luck!

Thanks Jennifer. I have checked E-bay….one more question. If the coupon says ‘per purchase’ doesn’t that mean I can use it for one purchase and if that purchased has 8 Wisk’s then I can use one for all eight……..

Hi, I was thinking about using ebay for clippings but I wondered how that worked for other people? Is there someone in particular you buy from? How long do they take to get to you and do they come from last weeks paper?

Per purchase means per item…each item bought is a purchase. So if you buy 8 you need 8 coupons, if you use only 1 coupon they’ll only take off the amount off one item. Hope that helps, sounds confusing but you’ll get it!! :)

I think at my CVS you can only 2 up to 2 coupons for an item per transaction?