If you haven’t signed up for ebates yet, now is the time to do it!  When you sign up, you will receive a $10 gift card of your choice to one of the above retailers when you make a purchase using your new Ebates account within 30 days and earn at least $5.01 cash back within 6 months to get your card.

New to Ebates?  Here’s how it works: ebates is a shopping portal that awards you up to 25% cash back for your online purchases.  Before you make a purchase online, from Target.com to Gap.com and hundreds of other retailers, first stop over and sign in to your Ebates account, then type the retailer you wish to buy from into the search bar and it will show you what percent cash back you’re going to receive!

EbatesThanks Moms By Heart!

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7 thoughts on “Sign up for ebates; get a free $10 gift card!”

Hi Ebates is great!!! I check all the deal websites before I shop. Ebates, Upromise, and Add it up by Bank of America.
If you have a Bank of America debit/credit and credit card you can sign up for the add it up program (they are constantly running incentives to open new accounts).
The add it up program is the same as ebates, % back on purchases, but you will see your money quicker. (Monthly and deposited into your checking). The add it up program, in addition to online has in store % back (so you don’t always have to shop on line); CVS is one of the stores. The added it up program is in addition to the 5% match you get back yearly on your keep the change through your checking and the points program on both your check and credit BAC cards. Any penny saved is a penny earned!!!!!

Where or how do I choose the gift card after sign up? Didn’t see the option. Thanks.

I signed up, but didn’t choose a gift card first. Will I still be able to choose one? Thanks.

I’ve been a member of ebate for a LONG time and LOVE it!

You have to purchase something to get a rebate card

I signed up for ebates, now how do I receive the $10 gift card? thanks 😉

Is the ebates portal better to use than the shop at home portal?