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Quaker Quick Oats are on a Price Cut at Target- which means a KRAZY deal when you combine the Target Printable and the Manufacturer coupon from yesterday’s paper!

Quaker Oats Quick Oats, 42 oz $2.24
Use $1.00/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Oats from RP 1/2
And use $1.00/1 – Quaker Standard Oatmeal, 18oz or Larger, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.24!

Thanks Give Me Neither!

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53 thoughts on “Target: Quaker Oats Only $0.24 after coupons!”

i went to target tonight and my target store had them on sale for $2.14 so i was able to get it for 14 cents :) so happy woohoo!

yup, 3.99 at Target here in Tampa too. Still used my coupons and got smaller ones for next to nothing, but was hoping for the giant cans!!

they were still 3.99 at our target.

Ours were close to free (Brighton, MI store)….the Quick cooking ones were selling for $2.04, so we got 2 canisters for $.04 each. Score for us!!!

my target didnt have them on sale!! they were like 3.96! BOOO TARGET! i got my special k though 😉 lol

Okay, I am so new to this. I spent the last few days reading every blog I could and clipping, clipping, clipping. I wrote down this deal in a little notebook, took my 3 Target coupons and 3 manufacturers coupons to the store this morning with my oldest daughter.

We were so excited, thinking this would be our first time into this fun process of using coupons. Only the 42 oz Quaker Quick Oats and Old Fashioned Oats was $3.99 here in KC! Arrgh! Only the Market Pantry was $2.24. The 18 oz was $1.89, but I had my heart set on the bigger size!

Whats a girl to do? I can’t believe the prices would be that much higher in Kansas! I called my Mom in San Diego and made her go to Target to check the prices there and they had the correct prices! We are going to get in the car tomorrow and go over the state line to Missouri and check there!

I am kind of feeling deflated. I had such plans for this!

Good news! I decided to go to another Target that was just a little farther away and they had the Quaker Quick Oats 42 oz for only $2.04. I bought 3 for a whooping .12 cents!

That is my first official couponing excursion! I hope the rest are a little easier!

Got 2 free in MN. $1.89 each; used 2 manufacturer, 2 Target coupons.

cant find coupon

Target here in Mesa, AZ had these for $1.92 on a Price Cut! Got me 2 of these for free!!! =)

So at my Target this was $1.99. Combine the coupons and it was FREE!!!

i am in cincinnati,Ohio and we got 2 Red Plum inserts this past Sunday (1/2) and i didn’t get a quaker oatmeal coupon in either insert….that’s no fair!!

Here In Meadville we only get the Smart Source not even Red Plum and the only paper in our area that carries the Proctor and Gamble in the Youngstown paper out of Ohio No Pennsylvania papers carry it at all Why such a difference

I am noticing that coupons differ very much even in the local papers. I saw my mother-in-law’s paper before I bought mine and was really excited to see $.50 off 2 Prego. It is the only spaghetti sauce I use. I picked up my Flint Journal on Sunday and it didn’t have it. The Lapeer County Press did have it. The Detroit Free Press also had it. I’m thinking about buying 4 papers that are all different so I can get the variety of coupons.

Kelli – I did get the Quaker coupons in Michigan. I think it is one that was in some papers and not others.

No Red Plum Quaker Oats coupons in Michigan either; dang! Still, it seems like a good deal.


My target in the bay area had oatmeal for $1.92, so I received it for free. Also, Listerine is on Target online coupons for $3.00 off of two. I used it with 2 of the manufacturer coupons from that was for $2.00 off. The two Listerine came to $8.88-$3.00-$2.00-$2.00=$1.88 or 94 cents each!

Anyone know whether the regular old-fashioned oats are priced similarly or not?

The old fashioned oats are more.

At my local Target the 42 oz Quick 1 minute Quaker Oats were at $1.97…so FREE after both (Target & Mfr.) Q’s. I love oatmeal & oatmeal raisin cookies…and I love FREE!

The target in MD only had the 10 oz for 2.34! Bummer. I still saved $2 per box and did not have to do two transactions. I was really nervous about that.

its even better if anyone is near a Dollar General….$10/10, so with the coupon, its FREE!

No Red Plum oatmeal coupons in South Dakota!~ Would have been nice here! But no!

Traci,I will looking for the coupon you want and I will be happy to mail you if I see the coupons. I am not quiet sure why South Dakota do not have these coupon for you. Let me know… Here is my email is and I will send you a mail. Please send me your address if I find one somewhere. I mess up and will keep eye for you.


I had to get a bit creative with this deal. The oats were priced $1.92 here in Virginia. Cashier wouldn’t adjust the coupons down and also told me I couldn’t stack the coupons. I argued that point of course. By adding a third though, 3 $1.00 manufacturer’s coupons and 2 $1.00 Target coupons went through without problem (of course I had to insist on the cashier trying all 3 manufacturer’s). 3 for $0.87. I’m happy with that. I could have gone without the eye roll and hard time from the cashier though.

Amy, I love how you’re the one on the receiving end of that eye roll, when the cashier was the one who was doubly in the wrong re: Target’s Q policy (stacking and adjusting down). Sounds like you kept your patience and prevailed in the end, but I feel your pain!

In the area of Virginia that I live in , our Target had the 42 oz. container of the quick oats on Price Cut to $ I picked up 2 for FREE !!

If you don’t have the red plum one, take the target one to Walmart or Kroger.

Kroger is having them on sale for 1.99- coupon = $1.00
Walmart pricematch for 1.99 w/ kroger ad – coupon = $1.00

Awesome! Thank you so much! :)

Ah, looks like Quaker Hearty Medley hot cereal and the 12.4-oz Quaker kids mix-up creations (along with the $5 off Bob Harper workout DVD with purchase of 3 Quaker breakfast items) are the only Quaker coupons up as of right now for me.

When you get to the site, don’t sort by category. They won’t show up in the grocery category for some reason, so click Show All and that should bring them up :)

I printed off the Target web coupon and have the coupon for this from my RP newspaper coupon clippings, but noticed this on the Target coupon: “Limit one coupon or offer per transaction.” Doesn’t this mean that you can only use one coupon per item, so no stacking?

You can still stack but have to do multiple transactions.

Sorry, I’m new to this… how do I do it exactly?

Target takes 1 target coupon + 1 manufacturer coupon. The limit one coupon per tranx is only for either category. You can use both.

Thanks for the tip to go to Target’s home page and click the big ad for Quaker. Then I got the page to choose which coupons, I clicked $1 regular oats, took me to the coupon pages, no Quaker coupon in there still!! Any advice, or did they run out? (it’s 9:30 a.m. Monday morning)

when i go to the link, it sends me to the target q’s…and its not there :(

I got one better FREE is good. the Fred Meyer ad its 1.88 so u can ad match and its free with those coupons!

1.92 for quick oats in Katy, Tx = free after coupons

OOOOH I’m so excited!! I am pregnant and live off of oatmeal right now!!

where do you find the target printable? I couldn’t find it. What zip code should I be using?

when you go to it is on the home page, not under the coupons link. You’ll see a giant advertisement for the quaker oats just click and print

The Quaker coupon is no longer available on RedPlum. I learned today that they limit the amount that are available. Same goes for McCormick Spice coupons. It will still be cheap even without it and with just using the Target one. I am not a fan of RedPlum at all!

never mind.found it.thank you

cant find the target coupon here as well

got it here in western washington! Thanks for the heads up

I didn’t get the $1 coupon from my RP. I would’ve loved this deal too.

Was not able to find Quaker Oatmeal coupon on Targets coupon site…..

Never mind, I just saw the other post about them not being in the right categories. I was able to find it. Thank you

I cannot find the Target Quaker Oatmeal coupon. Anyone else get it?

No. I don’t see it on there, either.

no, have not been able to find it or print many of the the coupons that are listed, can anyone print a coupon from facebook for simply orange juice I cannot get it please let me know where to find one

I can’t find the Quaker Oats coupon on the Target website either. I’ve checked about 3 times in 3 days. What else?

I found the coupon but it didn’t add up in the end, it wasn’t on sale.